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Cheap flights to Perth (PER)

Flights to Perth, Australia

Perth is one of the cities located in Australia. It is the capital of the country and also the largest city. Therefore, the state's Parliament, Supreme Court, Government House and even the residence of Governor of Western Australia are located here. The city of Perth, Australia is named after Perth in Scotland. Perth is the fourth most populated city in Australia with 2.04 million people living there. The city is located on Swan River. Perth is surrounded by Australian nature making it famous for being the most isolated city in the world. The Australian nature surrounding Perth is the Indian Ocean and the Australian outback.

Airports in Perth1. Perth Airport (PER)Perth Airport serves for domestic as well as international flights. This airport is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. The airport initially started as a military base then it was a hangar terminal. In 1962, the airport began opening flights domestically and internationally. The airport has 4 terminals and 1 minor terminal. Some of the airlines that operate here are AirAsia X, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines and many more. Every year the number of passengers that come through the airport increases.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Perth?The best way to get cheap flight tickets to Perth is by using Traveloka. It is a search engine that will be able to pull out some of the best deals. Travelers will need to key in the desired destination and the site will pull out the information from known airlines and compare the prices. Travelers will be able to see the best deals and make their way to Perth. Travelers who feel the rate are slightly higher may use the price alert feature where travelers will be notified if there is a better deal for flights to Perth. So Traveloka is the right website to go to.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Perth?Perth has a warm, dry climate all year long even during the winter season. However, the best time to visit the city would be during September, October and also November. It would be the spring season during these months. During these months, the city would not have a temperature that is too high, so it is suitable for walking around the city. There is also lesser rain compared to the autumn season. Not to mention there will be a lot of flowers blooming making the city very colorful.

June to August would be the low peak season for Perth. This is because of the city experiences winter. It is cooler and experiences more rain during the day. Hence not many people visit the city as the rain may get in the way of them trying to explore the city.

Every year, Perth will hold the Perth International Arts Festival. This festival has been ongoing since 1953 where people would be showing their arts and sculptures. There is also a Winter Arts Festival, Perth Fringe Festival, and the Perth Writers Festival. Other than that, there is the Perth International Comedy Festival where comedic talents from the local scene and international would gather to showcase their materials.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Perth?Perth is one of the largest and famous cities in the world. Many come here and enjoy the attractions that they have to offer there.

1. Perth Zoo – Perth Zoo was opened in 1898 and is located 3 kilometers away from the city center. The zoo showcases the place as though it is the Australian Bushwalk and Wetlands. Many local and international visitors come here to see the unique wildlife such as the koala, wallabies, wombats, kangaroos and also Tasmanian devils.

2. Kings Park and Botanic Garden – Kings Park and Botanic Garden are the largest inner – city parks in the world. It is 1000 acre that has many natural bushes and also plenty of native plants and birds. It is also located on top of Mount Eliza where visitors will be able to see an aerial view of the city.

3. The Perth Mint – The Perth Mint is where people may go to learn more about the history of Western Australia. Some of the items displayed there are the largest coin, gold nuggets and bullion. There are guided walks where visitors may join to learn about the background of the city.

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