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Cheap flights to Cheongju (CJJ)

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Flights to Cheongju, South Korea

Cheongju is the largest and most populous city in the Chungcheongbuk Province, located in the middle of South Korea. It has a total resident of 800,000 and is the home to six of the nation’s universities as well as the Air Force Academy and the president’s summer home.

Airports in Cheongju, South Korea

Cheongju International Airport

This international flight hub provides flight routes to all of its domestic destinations as well as to regions in China. If you are taking a flight from Changi International Airport, you would need to take a connecting flight to Incheon before proceeding towards Cheongju. Connected to the airport terminal is the main train station which is located on the Chungbuk Line. If you are taking a bus, then the Chengju Bus Terminal might be your option as it provides connecting routes to almost all of the bus terminals located in other cities as well as within Cheongju itself. You can purchase the tickets from 4 a.m to 11.40 p.m. The Cheongju Express Bus Terminal also provides routes to Seoul, stopping in Gangnam, Sangbong, southern Seoul, East Seoul, Busan, East Daegu and Gwangju.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Cheongju, South Korea?

Traveloka is a search engine catering for you’re all of your travel needs. It makes it easier for travelers to search for the cheapest and most affordable flight tickets to Cheongju. What you need to do is download the application into your smartphone and go to the search box. The application itself will provide recommendations and suggestions based on your preferences. Traveloka also has a price alert features in which you can enable it to be notified of the latest and cheapest price of flights to Cheongju.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Cheongju, South Korea?

If you aim for the best weather and temperature during your travel to Cheongju, you should definitely plan your travel between the end of April to mid-June as temperatures during that period would range from mild to warm. As South Korea experiences four distinctive seasons, you will witness spring from late February to early May, summer from late May to early September, autumn from late September to early November and winter from late November to early February. The average annual temperature can have a significant difference. The highest average temperature is 30.8 °C in August and the lowest average temperature is -6.8 °C in January. Usually, tourists who visit South Korea would come during its spring season where the weather is mild and not too cold or too hot. March until May is the country's busiest time in the tourism aspect, followed by the winter season. During this time, travel expenses, including accommodation and transport, will be priced lower than its usual rate. During other months, they will be priced slightly higher due to the less traffic of traveling tourists.

Highlights in Cheongju, South Korea

Sangdangsanseong (Sangdang Mountain Fortress) - As its name tell, this whole area is a stone fortress stretching 4 km. It was unknown of the year it was built, but it was mentioned in the history books on Three Kingdoms of ancient Korea. Its contemporary architecture was rebuilt in the year of King Sukjong (1716) after its destruction during the invasion of the Japanese in the 29th year of King Seonjo (1596). This historical monument has three main gates, all of which you can explore, including two other plain gates, three existing turrets and three waterways. The government of South Korea had carried out several maintenance construction works and the turrets of the East and the South Gates, as well as the Tower of the East Gate, were all rebuilt to its current preserved state. To visit here, you can ride public transportation from your accommodation in Cheongju City to this site. There is no entrance fee for visitors.

Munui Cultural Properties Site - Situated near Cheongju is a huge lake called Daecheongho Lake where this particular historical site is located. This location has been one of the city's main popular attractions for tourists from both local and international who intend to experience Korea's ancient history. This small village was reconstructed and rehabilitated to show visitors the life-related customs as well as educate the public on Korea's past lifestyle. Here, you can find a good number of upper-class residences, traditional restaurant, mud-walled huts, blacksmith's shop and many more.

Yeongdusaji Cheoldanggan (Iron Flagpole of Yongdu Buddist Temple Site) - The Iron Flagpole was built in the 13th year of King Gwangjong of the Goryeo Dynasty. It stands on 13.1 metre with 20 iron tubes. It is an iron flagpole set up in front of the temple to hang the flag called "Dang" on it. The flag is hanging for honoring the dignity and merits of Buddha and for realizing justice. Standing between two granite supports, the 13.1m-high flagpole, made of twenty iron cylinders, is one of precious relics. It is embossed with the word "Junpung," Goryeo Dynasty's unique title for the year and its construction year (the 13th year of Gwangjong of Goryeo Dynasty, 962) on its third cylinder. But the size of Yongdusa temple to which this flagpole used to belong remains unknown.

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