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Cheap flights to Kupang (KOE)

Flights to Kupang

Kupang is the capital of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This city is nestled at the shoreline of Timor island and facing the Sawu sea. Taking advantage of being at the shoreline, it operates a port since the early 20th century. Therefore, exports and imports of goods from the ports are part of the main regional economy, which employs a high number of locals.

Main airports available in KupangEl Tari International AirportEl Tari International Airport is a shared, public and military, airport. It serves the entire region of Kupang and it has a hangar as well as acts as the base camp for its military planes. It also serves 12 airlines companies that operate flights to various domestic destinations and only one international destination, which is Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste.

How to get cheap flights to Kupang?Traveloka is a search engine that makes it easy for travellers to find the cheapest flight to Kupang. All you need to do is key in the information in the search box, and the application will recommend the best trip according to your budget. It compares flight prices across some trusted airlines to help you to get the best possible deal. Use Traveloka’s price alert feature to be notified of flights in your desired price range to get the best flight price to Kupang.

What is the best time to fly to Kupang?Both Singapore and Kupang share the same climate pattern, which is a tropical climate. There is a slight difference between these two cities in term of Koppen’s classification scheme where Singapore is categorized as Af climate while Kupang is Aw climate. Af denotes the equatorial climate due to its close proximity to the equator line while Aw denotes the Savanna climate. This difference does not result in any significant characteristics. The average annual temperatures recorded for Singapore and Kupang are almost similar with 26.8 degrees Celcius and 26.9 degrees Celcius respectively. Whereas, there is a difference in the average annual precipitation recorded between Singapore and Kupang. Singapore records 2378 mm amount of rainfall per year while Kupang records 1311 mm.

May to October is the best period to travel and tour Kupang city. It is due to the less chance of precipitation predicted throughout these months where its driest is in August. It must be great for more comfortable outdoor activities. January and March are the months with the highest chance of precipitation. However, Kupang receives much lesser rainfall compared to Singapore. Thus, visiting Kupang at any time of the year should be worrisome.

Highlights attractions in KupangLasiana Beach – Kupang is a city famous for its beaches and one of them is Lasiana Beach. This beach is unpopular and not advised for swimming activities due to safety. However, it is visited as it offers fresh air with a picturesque view of the mother nature, especially during the sunset. It can be reached in a few minutes driving from the city centre.

Nostalgia Park – This park is located in the city centre, thus becoming one famous landmark for Kupang. It is a convenient place for relaxation with family and friends. Not only that, it is always picked as a venue for events such as a concert, yoga, markets and more.

Crystal Cave – This attraction spot is located about 45 minutes driving from Kupang city centre, but it is worth the journey. It is being called Crystal Cave due to its crystal clear water inside the cave. It is best to visit during the noon when the sunlight can penetrate through the gap of the cave and make the best scenic view from inside of the cave.

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