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Cheap flights to Vinh (VII)

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Flights to Vinh, Vietnam

Vinh is a city in Vietnam. It is located in a location that links Vietnam to Myanmar, Thailand and also Laos. This city also happens to be the biggest city and also the economic and cultural centre of central Vietnam. Vinh is known to have beautiful beaches. The water is blue and the sand is smooth and white. Many visits to this city while travelling between Hanoi and Hue.

Airports in Vinh

Vinh International Airport

The Vinh International Airport is an airport that serves the Vinh area. It is located in Vinh city towards the northern part of Vietnam. It is both a public airport as well as a military airport. The airport was built in 1937 and was only opened to the public for domestic flights in 2015. Then in 2019 only was the airport equipped to accommodate international flights. There is only a handful of airlines that operates here and they are Bamboo Airways, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, VietJet Air and also Vietnam Airlines. So far the only international flights available are to Laos. Therefore people from Singapore will need to fly to either Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or other parts of Vietnam before taking a domestic flight to Vinh.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Vinh?

Traveloka is a comprehensive search engine that helps travellers to book the best and cheapest flights to Vinh. The website is very user-friendly whereby travellers only need to key in the destination information in the search box and the website will auto-populate the best trip based on the budget placed. The website also compares multiple trusted airlines to get the best deals possible. There is also a feature in Traveloka that shows price alert to the passengers if the flight reaches their desired price ranges to get to Vinh.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Vinh?

Vinh like any other Asian country has a tropical climate. Therefore it does not have 4 seasons but it has a dry season and also wet season. June happens to be the driest and hottest month while January is the wet season with low-temperature average. Vinh experiences rain almost throughout the year but more during the end and early of the year.

June and July happen to be a high peak season to visit Vinh. This is due to the fact that it is mainly visited by local families and it is the time when school children have their school holidays. March and May, on the other hand, is a peak period for tourists. This is because it is not very hot and not many locals visiting the city hence it is quieter.

Vinh has many festivals that go on throughout the year however there only several festivals that are visited by tourists. Many of the festivals are to give thanks to the gods for their harvests. For example, the Bo Sao Village Festival, Vinh Phuc and also the Duc Bac Festival. The locals would be using the harvests to either give back to the gods or have it blessed to be used for future usage.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Vinh?

Vinh is one of the most visited cities in the world. Many attractions can be found in Vinh.

Đảo Chè – Đảo Chè green tea islands us located 50 kilometres away from the city centre of Vinh and is even closer to the border of Laos. The teas are planted on small rounded hill islands around the area. Tourists may also walk through the plantations on some of the islands. The teas are also sold to the public.

Ho Chi Minh’s hometown – Vinh happens to be the hometown of the leader named Ho Chi Minh. It is located 16 kilometres west of Vinh. The house with all the belongings as well as artefacts inside has been preserved and kept in its original place. The house is a traditional Vietnamese house and is a great education for tourists to learn.

Cua Lo beach – Cua Lo beach is located around 15 kilometres away from Vinch city centre. It is not a busy beach, therefore, is a nice place to enjoy nature and relax. The scenery includes ships far off in the sea and also many hotels and restaurants available for tourists. The sand is smooth and water is clean too.

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