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Need to check BPJS bills?

Learn how to check BPJS Healthcare bills online at Traveloka website below!

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Here "3 Ways" How to Check BPJS Bills Online


In a modern era like this, there is no more need to go to a place to check or pay your bills. As such, BPJS Health billing can now be accessed online. This way, you don’t have to waste your time going to the bank or somewhere else to check your bill. You can easily pay your bill by accessing these websites:

Option 1: The BPJS Official Website

BPJS has its official site for its member to check their bill. Simply (1) go to the BPJS official website and (2) choose on the menu ‘Cek Iuran’. (3) by clicking this menu, it will direct you to a page where you have to fill in your personal information such as ID card number, birth date, and a Captcha verification code. Once this have been completed, (4) click ‘Cek’. After that, you will be (5) shown your billing details, including your past payments.

Option 2: The JKN Mobile App

BPJS Healthcare has its own mobile application for smartphone users. The app is available for free download from both the Play Store and App Store. With this application, users are able to access their BPJS Healthcare status and related information using one application; this also includes checking your bill.

Before you’re able to check your bill, (1) make sure you are registered as a JKN Mobile user, and (2) have logged into your account. Once you’re logged in, (3) choose ‘Premi’ on the menu, which will show you your BPJS Healthcare bill.

Option 3: Third-party Websites

There are a lot of websites available, which provide the feature to pay your BPJS Healthcare bill. You only need (1) to go to a reliable website, click on the right menu, and (2) fill in your personal data to check your BPJS Healthcare bill.

The main data requested by the system would be the VA number and the total number of months to pay. Traveloka is one of the websites that provide the BPJS Healthcare payment feature.

Traveloka Contents

Find relevant information, guidelines, and procudures about BPJS Healthcare in Indonesia at Traveloka website. We have the latest information for price, registration procudure, how to check BPJS bills online, and paying BPJS bills online.

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Yeaa!!! Now you can check BPJS Bill on Traveloka

Traveloka recently added a new feature to help their customers perform transactions online. Now, you can check and pay your BPJS Health billcare through Traveloka in both platforms; desktop website and mobile app.

Before processing the payment, you can check your bill online by following these steps:

  1. Visit Traveloka website or open up the Traveloka App on your smartphone. To access this feature, make sure to use the latest version of Traveloka App; the minimum version is 2.19.
  2. To be able to check your bill, make sure you have a Traveloka account and log in to your account.
  3. In order to check your bill, you have to be registered as a Traveloka member and log into your account. Once you logged in, choose the menu ‘Bills & Top-Up’ or and click ‘BPJS Kesehatan’. This menu is available at the top right side of the Traveloka desktop website, and right underneath your Traveloka account on the mobile app.
  4. Input your virtual account number and the number of the months you would like to pay, you will then see your account and billing details on the pop-up page.

How to pay BPJS bills on Traveloka?

After you have properly checked your billing details, you can continue to process your BPJS payment. Paying your BPJS Healthcare bill on Traveloka is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit Traveloka.com on your desktop computer or go to Traveloka mobile App. Make sure you are registered as Traveloka member.
  2. Choose ‘Bills & Top-up’ on the menu, and click ‘BPJS Kesehatan’.
  3. Input your BPJS Health virtual account number on the designated box, and choose how many months you would like pay for. One user can pay up for up to a max of five months at a time. For one transaction, Traveloka will charge an admin fee of IDR 1,500 per transaction. Just click ‘Buy Now’ to continue.
  4. A pop-up page will appear with your billing details. Check and make sure the information stated is true, and click ‘Continue’.
  5. Continue your transaction by choosing one of the eight payment methods — choose the one you find most convenient. To pay your BPJS Healthcare bill, Traveloka offers many payment methods: UANGKU, bank transfer, credit card, ATM, BCA Klikpay, or Alfamart. Complete your payment within the given time limit.
  6. After the payment is received, you will receive a notification.
  7. Payment can’t be processed between the hours of 23:00 – 00:59.

Reasons: How Traveloka makes your day easier?

There are a number of ways to check your BPJS Healthcare. One of the easiest ways is through Traveloka, which comes with these benefits:

Fast and informative

By being a Traveloka member, you can now easily pay your BPJS Healthcare bill with just the push of a button. On Traveloka, you can check your bill and complete your payment fast and easy. You only need to choose it on the menu, input your information details and finish your payment process. All three can be done within minutes.

Pay your bill in time

With Traveloka in your hand, you are able to check your BPJS Healthcare and complete your payment right away, wherever, whenever. You don’t have to worry anymore about a late payment during the holidays, because all you need to do is open your Traveloka App and your BPJS Healthcare bill will be paid within minutes. It won’t distract you from your activity at all!

Various payment methods

Traveloka offers a comprehensive list of payment methods for you to pay your BPJS Healthcare bill. You can choose to pay using UANGKU, bank transfer, ATM, credit card, BCA Klikpay, and through convenient stores like Alfamart.

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