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Pay PLN Bills with Traveloka

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Need to Pay PLN Bills?

The tariff of electricity, known as TTL (Tarif Tenaga Listrik) is the tariff charged by the government to PLN customers. The electricity tariff as set by PT. PLN (Persero) is regulated in the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministerial Regulation Number 28 of 2016. The tariff for postpaid and prepaid services are the same.

According to the circular letter on Tariff Adjustment in January – March 2018, below is a list of the valid electricity tariffs.

No.Group of CustomersTariff per kWh
SubsidizedHousehold 450VARp 415
Poor Households 900VARp 586
Non-SubsidizedLow VoltageRp 1.467,28
Affluent Household (RTA) 900VARp 1.352
Medium Voltage (TM)Rp 1.114,74
High VoltageRp 996,74
Special ServiceRp 1.644,52

More About PLN Electricity

Find all information about PLN electricity at Traveloka. We have the latest information for price also everthing related with PLN and we will periodically make improvements.

About PT. PLN

PLN stands for Perusahaan Listrik Negara (State Electricity Company). As the name suggests, PLN is a state-owned enterprise responsible for electricity distribution and control for general electricity use in Indonesia. Since 1994, the government has changed PLN’s status from a Public Company into a Limited Liability Company to allow shares ownership by private sectors.

The history behind the establishment of PLN started in the late 19th century, when the Dutch colonial government built their own power plant for tea and sugar factories. Entering the World War II era, the young people and electricity workers initiated for the management of this electricity company to be handed to the government of Indonesia.

Eventually, on the 27 October 1945, President Soekarno of Indonesia formed the Electricity and Gas Bureau under the Ministry of Energy and Public Works. That date is now commemorated as the PLN anniversary. After experiencing two changes in status, PLN finally acquired the status as the State Electricity Company since 1972, following the Government Regulation Number 17.

Today, PT PLN (Persero) is headquartered at Jalan Trunojoyo Block M-1, No. 135, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Mr. Sofyan Basir, who previously served as the President Director of Bank Rakyat Indonesia, is now the Director of PLN, since 2014.

Pay and Check Your PLN Electricity Bills on Traveloka

In the past, electricity bill was sent to each customer’s house and had to be paid directly to PLN offices every month. Owing to new developments, checking and paying your electricity bill can now be done through your gadget. You can also check your current bill by contacting the PLN call center at 123, sending a text message to 8123, or directly going to PLN official website.

Today, checking and paying your PLN bill has been made easier by the new Bill Payment features from Traveloka. Since the end of 2017, Traveloka has introduced a new feature for checking and paying PLN electricity bills through its website and the latest Traveloka mobile app. This feature not only allows customers to check their bills, but also to pay the bill through a quick, easy and secure process. By using a single application, customers can both check and pay their bill, wherever, whenever.

The benefit of checking and paying your PLN bill on Traveloka is clear and obvious, owing to the admin fee being very low. It is a lot more affordable with Traveloka’s various monthly promotions.

Online PLN Service

PLN now spoils their customer by providing online services. This online service will save customers’ time, money and energy for using PLN service. Customer can now access the PLN official website, without having to travel to PLN offices or waste credit to call the contact center.

PLN online service offers almost all PLN main services, which include electricity installation, power upgrade, temporary power support, post-paid electricity service request, complaints filing, disruption complains, as well as complete information about PLN. You can easily access PLN online service by visiting PLN official website on your gadget.

Additionally, PT. PLN (Persero) has also created a mobile application for smartphone users. The mobile app, PLN Mobile, is available for free download in both Play Store and App Store. This 3.19MB-sized app is a synergy of all the old services which are the contact call center, website and PLN official social media accounts. By using this application, customers can run any electricity transaction at the push of a button.

Prepaid and Postpaid Electricity Services

In providing power for general use, PLN offers two types of products based on their payment system. These two products are the prepaid and postpaid services.

PLN’s main product is the postpaid electricity service. Postpaid electricity is PLN’s service for customers who use electricity as they go in one month, and pay their bill after use at the end of the month.

This service requires PLN office to record the meter, calculate the usage, and issue a monthly bill for customers. PLN will also have to issue a reminder for the customer who pays the bill late. PLN is also authorized to cut off their service to customers who are late on the bill payment when it has passed the due date.

However, this mechanism is not applied for prepaid service. Prepaid electricity service called Listrik Pintar (Smart Electricity) allows the customer to have full control in consuming their electricity. By using this service, customers will have to buy an advance electricity credit (in the form of voucher/token) to be used across until finished.

The prepaid service is similar to what you have on your mobile phone. Customers buy credit, receive a quota as they purchase, and are able to use up the quota.

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