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Check monthly PLN Bill

Now you can enjoy the ease of checking and paying your Electricity bills by becoming a Traveloka member

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Online Electricity Bill

Checking your bill online with PLN Electricity Service is available for the postpaid electricity system. This system works by recording the amount of electricity used in a set period — typically a month — and then charging you for it in the following period. The bill is usually received when a recording has been made, house to house, or by a customer going to their closest PLN branch to check the bill.

Nowadays, checking your PLN electricity bill can be done in a more practical way — online. PLN Electricity customers no longer need to concern themselves with electricity bill checks. Everything can be done directly through their gadgets, wherever they are.

Customers can check their bills online in a number of ways. Typically, this would be done through the smartphone application PLN Mobile. This application is an innovative combination of a website service, contact center and official PLN social media. Through this application, current and prospective customers can obtain information on PLN services as well as check their bills and token purchase history.

Another method to check your electricity bills online is through a third-party provider. One such electricity payment service provider is Traveloka.

More About PLN Electricity Bills and Check

Find all information about PLN electricity at Traveloka. We have the latest information for price also everthing related with PLN and we will periodically make improvements.

Check Electricity Bill Online on Traveloka

Traveloka is one of the largest online travel agents in Indonesia, and it is currently expanding the types of services it offers, to provide one online platform to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, Traveloka now provides bill payment services.

This new bill payment feature can also be used to easily check your bill online. This is easy to do by following these steps:

  1. Access the Traveloka website on desktop, or the Traveloka Application on your smartphone. Ensure that the Traveloka app is up to date or at least version 2.19.
  2. First, log in to your account. Then select ‘Bills & Top-up’ which is located under your Traveloka account name on the right-hand side (desktop version), or choose ‘PLN Electricity’ located on the left hand side under your TravelokaPay account (application version)
  3. Enter your meter or customer ID number in the box provided. Then click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  4. A pop-up page should appear, providing the customer with bill information. This display will show customer data such as name, customer ID, billing period, kWh used, and total bill cost.
  5. Should you want to directly process payment of the bill; check the data, and click ‘Continue’, if all is correct.
  6. You will be directed to the payment processing page. Here you need to choose from the available payment methods, which include UANGKU, bank transfer, credit card, KlikPay BCA, ATM, or through Alfamart. Make sure to double check your purchase and payment details. If they are all correct, then make the payment within the allotted time stated.
  7. A notification will be sent to the ‘Purchase List’ menu in your account if payment is successful.

The Benefits of Checking Your Electricity Bill on Traveloka

You can now check and pay your electricity bill on Traveloka The service has been tailored to the needs of the consumers, and various benefits can be obtained. Should you choose Traveloka as a place to check and pay your bills, here are the advantages that you can enjoy.

Comfortable and reliable

Traveloka is utilizing advanced technology to allow their customers to do online transaction anywhere and anytime with no hassle. To pay your bill, you only need to open Traveloka App on your smartphone. With 5-years experience as a trusted online travel agent in Indonesia, customers can rest easily knowing that Traveloka will provide a secure yet convenient way to meet their online transactions.

One practical destination for all online transactions

Traveloka is no longer just a place for your travel and leisure needs. As you organize your trips, you can also pay for your everyday basic needs, such as electricity bills. Additionally, once you’ve completed the process once, your customer data will be securely stored with Traveloka. Therefore, you won’t need to remember your ID/meter number every time you pay for an electricity token or the bill itself.

Easy viewing of all transactions

All of your online purchases on Traveloka will be recorded and stored. This enables you to easily check your transaction history, allowing you to budget and effectively control your spending — allhassle-free. All order details are neatly stored within the application and in receipt form.

Tips on Saving Electricity

Nowadays, the demand for electricity is increasingly on the rise, especially as we’re constantly gaining more items which will require electric power. Therefore, the rate of energy consumption has gone up, and this has led to an increase in our electricity bills.

In spite of this, there are a number of ways to make savings on our electricity bills, even today, such as:

Energy-efficient products

In this day and age, many electronic products are made with energy-saving technology, or modes. You can begin by replacing the lights in your home with LED bulbs (light-emitting-diodes). You can even swap your LCD screen TV with an LED equivalent. Many leading manufacturers have even begun making sets with energy-saving features.

For those with ACs installed in their homes, ensure that you choose the one with inverter technology, and only use it as necessary. Just like TVs and ACs, there are even electric irons that can convert energy in a more efficient manner; setting the temperature automatically. Small changes at home can lead to big savings on your bill.

Minimize your use of drying machines during the dry season

Washing machines, and in particular their dryers, contain electronic devices which draw considerable power. It is highly recommended to reduce your use of dryers where possible. During the dry season, in particular, the heat of the sun is more than enough to dry even the wettest of clothing.

Unplug when not in use

The easiest yet the most overlooked method of money saving. When you’re not using your phone charger, or any other electronic device for that matter, be sure to unplug it, and you’ll start seeing some savings in your bill.

Turn off the lights during the day and night

During the day, minimize your use of artificial lighting, and make the most of the free natural light from the sun. Open doors and curtains to let more light in. It is both energy-efficient and good for your health and freshness of the room.

At night, before going to bed, go around your home and turn off all unnecessary lighting. Leave on just the lights needed for safety and security, such as kitchen and porch lights.

Change from postpaid electricity to a prepaid electricity service

Using prepaid electricity allows you to optimize your electricity usage. You’re able to more successfully budget yourself using a weekly or monthly quota. You’re also able to monitor the flow of electricity consumption, and therefore more in control of your electricity usage.

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