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GUIDELINES: How to Increase Electricity Power (PLN)

Learn more about PLN, and how to increase electricity power whenever you needed!

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Learn How to Increase Electricity Power (PLN)

The development of technology makes everyday life easier. Nowadays people are very dependent on electricity. The number of electronic items used determines how much electricity is needed. The electricity itself in Indonesia provided by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), a form of government monopoly to support welfare to the community. For every request regarding the change in electric power must pass through the application under PLN’s consent.

Panduan - Alur Permohonan Tambah Daya PLN

Learn more, how to increase electricity power here.

Increase Electricity Power

Electric power shortages are caused by excessive use of electricity. To avoid this to happen, what we can do is increase our electrical power. Every request can be done through PLN official website or apps. The process of adding power will be processed within 7 working days, but it will take longer depending on your location.

PLN Migration

PLN Migration is a term used by PLN to change electrical power. You can decrease your electrical power or vice versa. But the majority of people use it to increase electrical power. As we mentioned before, you can request to increase your electrical power through PLN official website and apps.

Price of Adding Electric Power

Of course, there is a cost for those of you who want to use electricity in large quantities. The cost consists of the price of increasing power and taxes. The addition of kWh or electricity has been determined and renewed by PLN. Actually, we can say the price that they gave is still reasonable depending on your household needs.


How To Increase Electrical Power

There are two ways you can increase your electric power. You can file a request directly to the PLN office or online. Here’s how: 

A. PLN Office

  • Please note that you should contact the nearest PLN unit office first before coming to the office. 
  • Bring all the documents needed:
  • Photocopy of the last electricity account
  • Photocopy of the applicant's residence identification card (please provide also a power of attorney form, warrant, or other supporting documents.)
  • Your house site plan sheet
  • Anticipate the estimated cost include: 
  • Service Fee (Biaya Penanggungan / BP)
  • Customer Guarantee Money (Uang Jaminan Pelanggan / UJL)
  • Stamp Duty
  • Once everything is set up, do your payment at the nearest PLN Unit counter.

B. Official Website

  • Go to the PLN website (www.pln.co.id) and click on the power change section.
  • First, read the terms and conditions. If so, click Agree.
  • Fill in customer ID or meter ID, then click search and wait for your data to appear.
  • Click on the add power tab and fill in your identity.
  • Then, match the data you filled with the PLN database and if so, tick the copy customer data option.
  • Fill the desired electrical power you want to change
  • If you wish to increase power, there is a fee to pay. As for power reduction, it's free.
  • For those of you who are still using the old electricity meter and postpaid payment system, it will be replaced with a new meter and prepaid payment system.
  • After that, you will get an email from PLN and asked to confirm by clicking the link provided.
  • You will immediately be taken back to the PLN website and given a code along with the amount to be paid. The code will also be sent to your email.
  • You can make payments at a place supported by PLN such as a particular bank, PPOB Kiosk, or the Indonesian Post Office. (note: prepare the code for the payment)
  • After the payment is successful, you just need to wait for the PLN officer to come to your house to change your electricity. PLN officers usually arrive 10 days after payment.

C. PLN Mobile Apps

  • Download the PLN Mobile Apps on the Play Store or App Store
  • Login / Register for PLN Mobile account
  • On the Home page, select Request
  • After that, select Request for Tariff / Power Mutation
  • Enter your data in the fields provided;
  • Select service products: postpaid/prepaid, designation and needs and as well as new electrical power request
  • Click calculate the cost, then it will show the price information and estimated service fees;
  • Click the option for verifying data
  • Enter the Captcha code and click Save Application.

Conditions to Increase Electric Power

If you wish to increase your electrical power, there are certain conditions that you have to know and agreed upon on. Here are the conditions:

  • Approve the provisions on the placement of the Limiting and Measuring Tool (APP) owned by PLN in a safe and easy location for PLN officers to check,
  • Maintain PLN's APP and equipment,
  • Pay compensation for APP lost or damaged according to the regulations
  • Pay bills for electricity usage on time,
  • Pay additional bills due to violations, electricity usage that is not fully measured or equipment not working properly,
  • Provide location, paying the transfer and compensation fee of kWh that are not connected (if the Customer intends to move the electricity poles and other supporting equipment under PLN's consent)
  • Report to PLN within 7 days after the service to ensure compliance with procedures. If the report passed the deadline, all the actions considered to be in accordance with the provisions referred to in Article 8 Paragraph (1) letter b.

The Flow of Request for Change in Electric Power

  1. File a request to change electrical power online
  2. Receive a confirmation email as well as the code
  3. Enter the confirmation code on the PLN website
  4. The validity of the confirmation code will be checked and if there any unpaid bills
  5. If you have paid all the bills, the customer will receive an email in the form of an Installation Permit (SIP) containing the Agenda Number and Registration Number (for payment)
  6. Registration Number will be used for payments at the Bank / ATM / Counters
  7. After payment is successful, customers will be asked to sign a Power Purchase Agreement Letter (SJBTL)
  8. After receiving the PK and BA, the officer will come according to the customer's application
  9. After completion, the officer will confirm via data that the installation has been completed.

Other PLN online services

As mentioned earlier, PLN provides online services to make it easier for users to change electric power. This PLN Online service is available on websites and apps. You need to go to the official PLN website site or download the PLN Mobile Apps for free on Play Store and App Store. These are the services that users can do:

  1. Any electricity transactions
  2. Apply new electrical connection
  3. Changes in electric power or migration
  4. Apply a temporary electrical connection
  5. Postpaid payment system

Other than that, you can also pay your electricity bills easily through the Traveloka App or websites. Other than that, you can also check your electricity bills and set a reminder to avoid paying late fees and fines. So, don’t forget to visit Traveloka and check your bills right now!

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