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PLN Electricity Token

Prepaid tokens are currently available in Traveloka

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About Prepaid Electricity Token

The consumption of electricity in Indonesia is increasing, thanks to the number of devices that require electrical power in our daily activities. In order to prepare for the swelling costs associated with higher electric consumption, the public must be intelligent in their use of electricity.

PT. PLN (Persero) supports the country to become wiser in its electricity consumption. To facilitate this, PLN has rolled out a prepaid electricity service, also known as “Smart Electricity”. Through a prepaid electricity system, consumers are enabled to be as intelligent as possible with their own energy consumption, enabling them to adjust it to their own needs and budget.

Prepaid electricity works in much the same way as credit (or ‘pulsa’) on your mobile phones. Customers are required to purchase credit (in the form of vouchers or tokens) at the stores. This credit provides a quota that customers can use until it has run out — there is no time limit added to it. Once the electricity quota has been used up, customers must buy more credit and refill the quota. Customer will be made aware of imminent quota exhaustion through an alarm sound emanating from their Prepaid Meter Machine (MPB).

By using prepaid electricity, customers can easily find out how much energy they have consumed, and how quickly. Therefore, customers are able to set their own schedules and quota, allowing them to adjust their budget and spending as necessary. This results in an optimization of energy usage by electricity customers in the country.

More About PLN Electricity

Find all information about PLN electricity at Traveloka. We have the latest information for price also everthing related with PLN and we will periodically make improvements.

Electricity Token Price

In prepaid electricity, consumers receive the electricity quota once they’ve bought credit, and received the token. This ‘token’ refers to the 20-digit number obtained after the initial purchase of credit, and is then entered into the MPB unit. Once the electricity token number has been entered into the MPB, the respective quota amount will be added to your existing quota. The quota received is relative to the amount of credit purchased.

Prepaid tokens are currently available in various amounts. The following amounts are officially available through PLN: IDR 20,000, IDR 50,000, IDR 100,000, IDR 200,000, IDR 500,000 and IDR 1,000,000. The increasing amounts result in proportional KWH quota, and also have PPJ (Street Lighting Tax), and stamp duty, within the cost.

If you’re looking for a more convenient and practical method of buying, the tokens are available at a number of online websites, such as Traveloka.

How to Buy Electricity Token on Traveloka

Traveloka is a website that you can rely on to buy PLN Electricity tokens. In December 2017, the online travel agent started to provide an online electricity token purchasing service, making it easier for users to meet their needs via online transactions.

Purchasing electricity tokens through Traveloka offers a number of benefits. It makes your life easier — the process is quick, there is a comprehensive choice of payment options, and it is secure. Finally, the administrative costs from Traveloka stands at just IDR 1,500 per transaction — cheaper than similar websites. In order to take advantage of this, users must first have a Traveloka account.

To buy electricity tokens are Traveloka, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Traveloka.com on your desktop, or open the Traveloka application on your smartphone. On the desktop website select ‘Bills & Top-up’ on the menu, then select ‘PLN Electricity’. This menu is located on the right side of the page, just below the name of your Traveloka account. If you’re using the Traveloka App, ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date version or at least version 2.19. The ‘PLN Electricity’menu can be found just underneath the name of your travelokaPay account.
  2. Type in your Prepaid Meter number, or customer ID, in the corresponding box. Select the amount of token that you wish to purchase, and check all the details. If they’re all correct, click ‘Buy Now’.
  3. Providing that the customer number and other details are correct, a pop-up page will appear. This will show your order details. Check all the information on this page: your name, meter number, customer ID, token amount and total price of the transaction. If all is correct, click ‘Continue’.
  4. This will direct you to the payment page. Now choose the most convenient payment method for you. The currently available payment methods on Traveloka are UANGKU, bank transfer, ATM, credit card, Klikpay BCA, and through Alfamart.
  5. Ensure that the payment is made within the allotted time given. Once the payment has been successful, you’ll receive a payment confirmation and then the token number.

How to Enter Your Electricity Token

Once you have received your token, steps must be undertaken to add the power quota to your prepaid meter machine (MPB). To do this, simply follow these steps:

1. Have at the ready the 20-digit electricity token that you’ve purchased from Traveloka

2. Using the keypad on the Prepaid Meter Unit, enter the 20-digit number. Ensure that the number appears correctly on the LCD screen. Should you enter the wrong number, press the backspace key to cancel, and then correct it. This key can be found to the left of the number ‘0’.

3. If the number has been entered correctly, hit the Enter Key to activate the electrical flow. The enter key can be found to the right of the number ‘0’.

4. If the refill token code entered was correct, the LCD screen will display ‘ACCEPT’, or ‘CORRECT’. This means that the token has been accepted by the machine, and it was a success.

5. Wait a moment until the amount of purchased power appears. This will be added to the previously remaining amount, and then the LCD screen will display the total electrical power amount, of the two, combined.

6. If the token code entered was incorrect, the LCD display screen will show ‘REJECT’, or ‘INCORRECT’. Should this happen, simply re-enter the code, and ensure it has been done accurately, before hitting the enter button again.

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