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Top-Up Garena Shell/Cash 2019

Buy game voucher for Garena Indonesia with Traveloka and get additonal discount price, special in 2019.

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Garena Indonesia

To gamers, Point Blank, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor must be names they can easily recall. Garena, a digital content platform who owns major portion of Southeast Asia and Taiwan game-market is the platform which also owns those mentioned games. Those popular games have brought Garena raise onto its popularity.

Specifically, in Indonesia, Garena has secured their place to be one of the top 3 game platforms in this country.In this platform, players can extend their gaming experience using Garena Shell. Garena Shell is the online currency or cash in game that applied to buy contents or items in the platform.

When the players win a match or complete a mission, gold or diamonds will be earned. This gold or diamond can be exchanged into cash on game. This cash or shell can be utilized to buy secret weapons, heroes with special abilities, upgrading level and other accessories. Purchasing Garena shell will be the easiest and quickest shortcut to get the shell as the players don’t have to win or complete a mission before earning the cash.

Now, Garena Shell can be purchased in Traveloka. Game voucher purchase can be done through mobile phone or computer (PC). Via Traveloka, shell can be earned anytime, anywhere. As one of the most trusted e-commerce platform in Indonesia, all game voucher game transactions through Traveloka is guaranteed for its safety and security.

More About Game Voucher

Get update and find all information about Garena Indonesia and you can also get complete guidelines about how to buy and Top-Up Shell/Cash in 2019 at Traveloka.

Top Up Garena Shell Price and Nominal

In Traveloka, Indonesia gamers have a range of options on price and nominal of Garena Shell?Cash according to their needs.

Price (Rupiah)CashShell
Rp10.00010 Cash33 Shell
Rp20.00020 Cash66 Shell
Rp50.00050 Cash165 Shell
Rp100.000100 Cash330 Shell

Garena Game List in Indonesia

Garena provides two varieties of game, which depend on device the player use. Several games that can be played on PC, while others can be played through mobile phones. Those popular games are included:


Point Blank

As a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, Point Blank can be played by single or multi-player. Background of the game is the battle between a terrorist group called Free Rebels and government body named Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). The players choose to become part of one of those groups, to win each mission and earn points to get higher level. Point Blank is supported by many modes or missions such as Dead Match, Bomb Mission, Madness, Eliminate and so on.

League of Legends

League of Legends is Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS) game as one of the subgenres of strategic/tactical game. This game has several modes, such as Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss. The players are supposed to win the battle by destroying the main structure of their enemy called Nexus, after passing challenges coming from the enemy defense tower (turrets). Players earn gold in every match. The gold is important to get more power or to upgrade their skills and special abilities. In this game, players compete to get a higher rank by winning battles or missions.

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. In this game, players are grouped into two teams, those are Legiun and Hellbourne. Each team combat each other to destroy the enemy structure. In this game, players will be able to arrange various roles to complete their team, such as tower destroyer, defense, battle trigger, enemy revealer and so on. A player can play several roles at one time.

FIFA Online 3

For gamers who love football, FIFA could probably a game that is close to heart. In this game, players can arrange their own team using options from 30 league and 15 thousand actual footballers that exist in the real life. In single player mode, the player can play through the season of going head to head against another online player. In multiplayer mode, the players are also allowed to choose the match they want to play, such as going against their own friends (vs custom), against random people (vs random) and joining a friendly match. In every match, the players will earn points that can be used to buy new players or other items.

Other than the PC games, Arena of Valor and Free Fire Battleground are Garena games that can be played on mobile phones. For its size and its mobility, those games can be a perfect companion while traveling or commuting.


Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor (AoV) is one of the Garena’s leading products. The genre of AoV identified as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with 3 kinds of modes, such as Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish and Abyssal Clash whereas all player is joining battle to destroy the structure or tower of their enemies. In AoV, players compete to upgrade their level or rank in any battle possible. The battle or mission that should be conquered in this game is defeating their enemy by killing monsters and their minions, destroying tower and structure and so on by their own ability or upgraded skill that can be purchased by shells.

Free Fire- Battlegrounds

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a survival shooting game. While shooting the enemies, players shall collect weapons and other items during the game to shield themselves from the enemy attacks. The last players who survive will get 1000 diamonds.

Garena Game Franchise

Ranked as the 17th country with the most mobile-gamers, game developers spoil Indonesian game-market with various kinds of genres. As for Garena, Free Fire Battleground itself has been downloaded by more than 100 million users that made it as the most downloaded game on the last quarter of 2018. In addition, League of Legends is actively played by around 80 million people in the world.

Garena is also actively held e-sports tournaments for their phenomenal games such as Free Fire Battleground, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor. In these tournaments, gamers compete to win the grand prize as an individual or a team. For the past recent years, Garena held Garena Premier League (GPL), 6 months long tournaments with more than 100 matches to win the grand prize.  

Garena Shell/Cash Top-Up

On upgrading skills of heroes played, the players are required to win a match or complete a mission. Nevertheless, upgrading skills by buying weapons or unlocking special skills also can be attained by Shell that can be purchased through Traveloka. Shell top up can be done by PC or mobile phone.

PC Top Up

  1. Go to Traveloka website, and Login. When ones do not have Traveloka account yet, they shall register themselves.
  2. Open menu ‘Bills & Top Up’ Choose ‘Game Voucher’
  3. Choose the game platform, click Garena icon on screen
  4. Choose the nominal of voucher, click ‘Buy Now’  
  5. Choose method of payment

Mobile Top Up

  1. Go to Traveloka application, choose ‘Bills & Top Up
  2. Voucher Click Game Voucher on the menu
  3. Choose the platform
  4. Choose the voucher nominal
  5. Choose payment method

Garena Game Voucher Redemtion

After the purchase, user should redeem the voucher into Garena shell on their account to convert the purchase into cash in game. Here is how:

  1. Choose Garena voucher through Traveloka
  2. Traveloka will notify the buyers regarding the voucher code
  3. Login to Garena payment page of www.pay.garena.co.id
  4. Choose ‘Prepaid Voucher Garena’ – again, click ‘Prepaid Voucher Garena’
  5. Click the icon for ‘Redeem Voucher Garena’

Traveloka 24 Hours Customer Service

Purchasing Garena game voucher through Traveloka allows user to get 24 hours of customer care service. Whereas problem occurred during transaction, such as the voucher code is not delivered or voucher can’t be redeemed, user can contact Traveloka help desk directly.

Traveloka helpdesk can be contacted by 4 channels, Live Chat, Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVAN), Call Center and email.

Through live chat, user can directly have an interactive connection to Traveloka staff by chat. Please go to Traveloka website and find ‘Contact Us’ menu. On the landing page, click the Live Chat menu by filling personal information as well as booking number.

Helpdesk service also provided by direct call to Traveloka call center to 0804-1500-308. Through email, user can also send the complaint email to Traveloka. Do not forget to attach the transaction ID or booking number so that Traveloka helpdesk can trace the problem occurred.

Currently, Traveloka is still developing Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVAN) service. In the future, problem in Traveloka transaction will be handled by machine service.

Payment Method for Garena Top Up

With the ease that transaction can be done anytime, anywhere for 24 hours, game voucher purchase through Traveloka is also supported by range of payment method options. This facility will allow user to choose the quickest or the easiest payment for their transaction. The methods are Saldo Balance, Instant Debit and My Card.

When user has balance in ‘Saldo Balance’ or ‘Saldo Uangku’ on their account, the purchase can be paid by deducting balance they owned. So, top up balance on ‘Saldo Uangku’ can be done by bank transfer or ATM in advance.

The user may also utilize ‘Instant Debit’ option as the payment method. User shall input 4 last digits of their debit card number and mobile phone number that is used for internet banking purposes. SMS will be delivered to user for verification to complete the payment.  

To user who use a credit card, the user may save the credit card information in ‘My Card’ account on Traveloka. When the information is saved, the user may only need a few clicks away for the transaction to succeed. 

In the future, Traveloka is developing ‘Pay Later’ as one of the payment methods. Pay Later allows user to postpone payment of their transaction to the other months.

Payment Security Guarantee

Security features in Traveloka guarantee each transaction is secured. The security system supports that every payment method chosen are safe and stay undisclosed. Security features that may be chosen by user are:  

Login Notification

Traveloka shares notification to user when somebody is trying to log in by their Traveloka account. The device and location information will also be given. This feature gives a warning to the account owner when somebody else is trying to log in by their account.

Two Factors Authentication

By two factors authentication, Traveloka will always ask the account owner to fill the password and verification code every time they try to log in to their Traveloka account.

Biometric Authentication

When biometric authentication is activated, user can only do the log in by their biometric information. Biometric information that can be utilized is fingerprints and face-recognition.

Deactivated Account

When user recognize a suspicious activity, they are allowed to temporarily deactivated their account. Email or password change that is not done by the account owner can be recognized as suspicious activity. To prevent the account or personal information stealing, user can click the link given through SMS notification that somebody is trying to log in. Calling the call center to deactivate account will be the next required step.

Traveloka Secret Code

When user is using Traveloka Pay Later, all transaction will have their own verification code that will be sent to registered mobile phone number. Do not give this number to anyone unless the transaction that can be recognized. Only by input the verification code, the transaction can be completed.

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