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Welcoming the industrial revolution 4.0, the Indonesian government through Bank Indonesia comes up with a national program called cashless society. Through this program, the government hopes that Indonesian people are willing to make financial transactions using cashless methods, one of which is the credit card. In 2018, the number of credit card transactions reached IDR71.13 trillion. This number is projected to increase this year as people are leaning towards the digital lifestyle with its cashless transaction.

When it comes to the credit card’s utilization, both offline and online shopping play significant roles regarding the number of transactions using a credit card. According to Bank Indonesia, in early 2019, about 97.1% of credit card transactions came from shopping activity. This number shows an improvement of about 5.6% compared to last year.

Credit Card for any Activities

A credit card can also support online shopping activities. Many people prefer a credit card as a payment method since it’s considered more effective and efficient. The cashless payment using credit card has improved the online transaction, which right now is experiencing rapid growth. Moreover, a credit card also helps users control their expenses when there are certain products that need to be purchased at a particular time.

Thanks to the credit card, overseas activities—whether it’s for business or holiday—can be performed more easily. It’s because credit card can be accepted anywhere in accordance with the prevailing currency in the destination country. Not to mention that credit card users will also get many benefits as there are promo and cashback in various merchants. That being said, a credit card allows its users to save more.

Of course, credit card users still need to pay their bills, but the process is quite flexible. There’s a minimum amount applied for the bill payment, which is 10% of the total bills or a minimum of IDR50,000. However, it’s better to pay the credit card bills in a full payment so that it won’t become a burden for the credit card user. Make sure to pay the credit card bills before due to avoid being charged an additional fee by the bank.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills

How to pay credit card on Traveloka App
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It’s important to pay the credit card bills on time every month. Thankfully, today it’s more convenient to check and pay credit card bills using Traveloka as it can save all of your bill accounts in one mobile app. This allows users to check any bills and choose which payment method to use in a more convenient way. 

Additionally, Traveloka also provides a Bill Reminder feature that helps users to always pay bills on time. This reminder will be sent through email and direct notification from the Traveloka app. The information sent will include the number of bills to pay and its due date. This feature clearly makes it easy for users to finish transaction of all bills, including the credit card bills.

No need to worry about the transaction method for the credit card bills since Traveloka provides various payment options. It ranges from ATM transfer, internet banking, to payment at the appointed minimarket. Just by using a smartphone and a decent internet connection, all Traveloka users can check and pay the credit card bills in one single app. Anytime and anywhere, users can easily pay their bills with Traveloka, which is guaranteed safe and free from transactional fee. 

Besides the credit card payment, Traveloka also provides payment service for other bills such as BPJS Kesehatan, electricity, PDAM, Telkom, post-paid credit, TV cable, internet, multi-finance, and voucher game. Not to mention there are also various promos for certain bill payments within an established period. Users can save a lot more using Traveloka mobile app.

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Now it’s more convenient to check and pay your credit card bills using Traveloka. Download the app on the Google PlayStore or AppStore. Before making any bills payment, make sure to make an account on the Traveloka app beforehand. With this one account, Traveloka will save all of your bill transactions, which you can print or send out through a registered email. Traveloka first, feel calm and comfortable afterward!

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