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Pay Your Mobile Postpaid Bill with Traveloka

As the need for communication increases, so does the need for internet data. This is where a postpaid system can help you to use telecommunication service without having to worry about running out of internet data. Not to mention that you can pay the bills very easily using the Traveloka App or Traveloka’s website.

Why should you pay the postpaid bill using Traveloka?

Paying your postpaid payment bill is now easier with Travelola. No matter what operator you use, you can make a bill payment in such an easy way. Here are the benefits you will get if you use Traveloka to pay your postpaid bills

No hassle

Open the Traveloka App on your smartphone, then go to the Bills and Top-up option. Input your postpaid phone number and choose a payment method out of various options available.

Reliable service

Working together with various payment services and banks, Traveloka ensures your security in making payment for your postpaid bills. Traveloka is a trusted online platform for OTA and bill payment.

What is postpaid?

Postpaid is a system that allows you to use a service without having to make a payment beforehand. The term “postpaid” is usually used by SIM card providers to offer their telecommunication service.

If you use a postpaid system, you can enjoy various telecommunication services without having to worry about running out of phone credit. You will receive the postpaid payment bill at the end or the beginning of the month. There’s also this term called “billing cycle”, which refers to the period of usage that usually lasts for 30 days. 

Furthermore, most of the operators also provide a feature to help track the credit usage. This allows you to minimize the risk of an unexpected bill increase. In addition to that, you’re also allowed to ask for your billing detail to the operator to find out more about your transaction in the last 30 days. This way you will know which transaction has the most spending.

Since the system doesn’t limit your credit usage, the postpaid system is usually used by adults that already have fixed income. Also, if you have higher communication needs, the postpaid system is capable to fulfill your need without having to worry about running out of credit or internet data. 

Benefits of using the postpaid system

Compared to a prepaid system, the postpaid system comes with its own benefits. Here is some of them:

You don’t have to worry about running out of credit

The main benefit of using postpaid service is it allows you to enjoy various telecommunication services more freely. You don’t have to worry about running out of credit since the postpaid system will send you a payment bill after the billing cycle ends. With unlimited usage, you can satisfy your communication needs optimally.

Priority service

Telecommunication operators usually provide a priority service to postpaid users. This service may include a priority in a call center, operator outlets, to a faster complaint-handling. With a priority service, as a customer, you will feel more special.

Usually comes with more promos and points

Another priority service from the operator can also come in the forms of promos and points. For instance, if you make a phone call for a few minutes, you will get more points than prepaid service users. These points can be redeemed with many interesting offers such as shopping vouchers or discounts.

It’s easier to replace your lost SIM card

If you lose your postpaid SIM card, no need to panic because your contact list will not vanish. Your identity has been saved in the operator’s database so that you can replace your SIM card easily. You can even get a new SIM card with the same number as your old one.

Postpaid operators in Indonesia

There are quite many postpaid operators you can choose in Indonesia. Each operator offers a different postpaid service. However, Telkomsel offers the most postpaid service packages through kartuHALO. You can choose between Halo Hybrid, Halo Family, Halo Bundling, to Telkomsel Flash kartuHALO.

There’s also XL with its Xl Priority that offers Paket Prio Plan and Prio Plan Combo. In addition to that, Indosat Oreedo also provides a Matrix Ooredo Max package for its postpaid service. You can also choose Tri operator with its Goban and Data Plan packages or Smartfren that offer Super Pro, Super Advance, and Super Basic packages.

How to start using a postpaid service

Interested in using a postpaid service? You can sign up right away to the operator of your choice. Each operator usually applies different terms and conditions regarding the postpaid registration. However, usually, you will be asked to come to the nearest operator’s branch office and bring your ID card. You also have to fill out a subscription form so that your application can be processed as soon as possible.

But, if you previously use a prepaid SIM card and want to switch to the postpaid one from the same operator, you will also need to bring your prepaid SIM card. You can ask the operator to use the same postpaid SIM card number as your prepaid one.

If you have higher communication needs, using a postpaid service is the right thing to do. You don’t have to worry about running out of credit or internet data, especially if you’re currently in an emergency situation. Not to mention that the payment method is very easy since you can do it via Traveloka. With postpaid service, now you can have a much-improved communication. Traveloka first, paying bills afterward!

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