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Price List for Cheap Internet Packages 2022

Buy Internet Packages and Data Packages More Practical and Cheap

Never miss out on anything — whether it’s your work emails, funny videos, or messages from your loved ones. Stay connected, wherever life takes you.

Why Buy Data Package on Traveloka?


Buying Internet packages from the comfort of your own home is really that easy.

The Price is Right

Find the most competitive prices and attractive offers. Packages that won’t break the bank!

Flexibility & Control

No more running out of data at the end of the month — you get to decide what works for you.

Data Packages

The growth of people need’s for internet access is increasing every day, we can even say that it has almost become a primary need. Nowadays, every gadget must be connected to the internet to help make our communication and other related purposes easier.

The existence of internet opens up information access like never before. With internet, you can do many things anywhere and whenever you want. Luckily, now there are a lot of data packages available which can be obtained easily and with cheaper prices. 

Why Should You Buy The Internet Packages Online?

These days, there a lot data package options to choose from, including the many ways to obtain it. The most efficient and effective way is to buy it online. 

The main reason to buy  data packages online is the simplicity of it all. You can buy them anywhere, you don’t have to go to a top-up counter or to the internet provider’s office. You can do it at home, in the bedroom, or even when you are on your way to the office. All you have to do is open up your computer or mobile phone, then go to the website or application that sells data packages online. Choose the  data package that suits your needs, confirm the purchase order, pay it off, then you will receive the data package directly on your phone.

Buying data packages online also saves you a lot of time. Whenever you run out of internet quota, you can purchase a new one immediately.

Why Should You Buy Data Packages on Traveloka?

Traveloka provides top-up and data package services with plenty of benefits. Aside from offering the simplicity and effectivity that you get when buying things online, Traveloka also gives benefits such as best price and all around convenience. Traveloka is known to be providing competitive prices for flight ticket and hotel bookings. This also applies to the top-up and data package services. Traveloka’s best price is guaranteed, not to mention the exciting daily promotions..

Besides best price benefit, Traveloka is ready to give a full convenience to every user who buy an internet package here. At this moment, the internet package only available in Traveloka App. It’s make sure that you can access your internet package top up in your own hand, whenever you’d like to. The available internet packages in Traveloka is the bestselling among all of the local operator. The application is easy to use. Its available for 24hours each day. There are various flexible  payment methods depends on your preference as a user.

Why Should You Buy Data Packages

These days, the presence of data packages makes things easier, especially for those who still use modem at home. When you purchase data packages, its value will be added instantly into your internet quota. This will ensure you are directly connected to the internet, which means you can access anything you like. 

Data packages also make it easier for users to control their quota usage, especially since there are various choices, such as daily, weekly, and monthly data packages. If you run out of quota, you will be disconnected from the internet. But do not worry, as you will be notified in advance. Otherwise, without the presence of data packages, you will probably not realize how much of the internet quota had been spent. You won’t notice it until you’ve already lost a lot of your credit balance in a day. 

One of the minor disadvantages of using top-up for data packages is the registration process. Package registration consists of several steps, and in some cases, it has the possibility to fail in the middle of the process while you’re still being charged for it. To solve this problem, buying data package directly is the solution. You can connect automatically without having to worry about the registration that you have to do over and over again. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money!

Various Mobile Network Operators

So far, there are 6 main mobile network operators in Indonesia. Here is a brief information of each internet provider with their best data packages:

1. Telkomsel

Currently, Telkomsel is still the biggest mobile network operator in Indonesia. Telkomsel has three GSM mobile network operator products that provide data packages: Simpati, Kartu As and Loop. As for its main data package service, it’s called Flash. Flash data package offers a stable connection with high speed up to 4G network. The package is available for those three operators, but with different price and quota specification. Price and quota selections are also different according to user location.

2. Indosat Ooredoo

Indosat Ooredoo has two main GSM prepaid operators,Mentari and IM3. The best data packages from Indosat Ooredoo are Monthly Regular Internet Package and Freedom Combo Package. With Monthly Regular Internet Package, you can choose the best-selling quota selection which are 1 GB (Rp40.000), 2 GB (Rp60.000), 3 GB (Rp80.000) and 5 GB (Rp130.000). 4G quota is included as a bonus in this package.

Meanwhile, Freedom Combo offers a full monthly package with double quota, 4G quota bonus and Stream On (music and film streaming, along with unlimited SMS and call services to other Indosat users). The available quota selections are M (12 GB, Rp59.000), L (24 GB, Rp99.000), XL (38 GB, Rp149.000) and XXL (unlimited, Rp199.000).

3. XL

XL Axiata is the first private mobile network operator company in Indonesia. XL products consist of four types, which are XL, Bebas, Jempol and Jimat. There are two types of featured data packages from XL, which are Combo XTRA and Hotrod.

Combo XTRA Package offers monthly quota with the fastest connection in 4G network along with call and SMS bonuses among XL users. The quota selection starting from S 1 GB (Rp39.000), M 2 GB (Rp59.000), L 4 GB (Rp89.000), XL 6 GB (Rp129.000), 2XL 10 GB (Rp179.000), until 3XL 16 GB (Rp239.000).

On the other hand, Hotrod package is focusing on super fast internet connection speed up to 100 Mbps in all networks (monthly). The quota selections are 800 MB (Rp30.000), 1.5 GB (Rp50.000), 3 GB (Rp60.000), 6 GB (Rp100.000), 8 GB (Rp130.000), 12 GB (Rp180.000) and 16 GB (Rp220.000).

4. Axis

Axis is a GSM product service from XL Axiata focusing their segmentation on young people. This operator offers data packages that suits the youth lifestyle with affordable prices. The featured best-selling data packages are Bronet package and BB Irit Fun package.

The best-selling data packages from Bronet monthly package are 2 GB (Rp29.800), 3 GB (Rp39.800) and 5 GB (Rp59.800). The time limit of each package is 60 days. On the other hand, the best-selling data package from BB Irit Fun is the monthly package (30 – 90 days) with the price starting from Rp49.900. BB Irit Fun package gives you internet access for BBM, browsing, social media and BBMail.

5. Tri

Among all the existing operators, Tri is known  as one of the providers that offers the cheapest data packages, which are  Kuota++ and Netmax.

Kuota++ package will be accumulated every month with various quota selections. The best-selling packages are 80 MB quota (Rp5.000), 300 MB (Rp10.000), 1.25 GB (Rp33.000) and 2 GB (Rp45.000). In Netmax Package, the best-selling packages are Netmax Combo 5 GB only for Rp50.000 and Netmax Combo 8 GB only for Rp100.000. Netmax Combo 5 GB includes internet quota along with primary balance that you can use for calls and SMS all day long.

6. BOLT!

BOLT! is an internet service using the fastest 4G/LTE network Wi-Fi modem. The type of package that people use frequently  is the monthly Super Flex package. The quota selections are 1.5 GB (Rp29.000), 3 GB (Rp49.000), 8GB (Rp99.000), 13GB (Rp149.000) and 17GB (Rp199.000).

How to Control Your Internet Quota Usage

1. Turn Off Automatic Update (auto-sync)

Open the settings on your computer, laptop or mobile phone, then turn off the automatic update feature. Your device will no longer use your internet quota without your permission. Set the update setting in Wi-Fi only mode or just turn it off.

2. Use Browser That Can Compress Data

Currently, browsers are equipped with compress data features. You can activate it through browser setting. But not all of browsers can compress data effectively without decreasing its display. Opera Mini and Google Chrome are two browsers with the best capability to compress data, so it could save your internet quota usage.

3. Use Offline Mode

If you visit some websites frequently, you better use offline mode to save your internet quota. For example, YouTube. If you have a favorite video that you watch over and over again, just save the video by activating the save offline feature. Another application that could save your quota significantly by using offline mode is Google Maps.

4. Set Mobile Data Limit on Cellphone

By activating mobile data limit on your smartphone, you will get a notification when the internet usage is over limit. Find the feature in setting menu - data usage and tick or turn on Set Mobile Data Limit.

5. Turn Off Automatic Synchronization

The active synchronization for contact data, calendar, or e-mail will consume your quota. Turn off the automatic synchronization in the settings menu on your mobile phone, computer or laptop.

6. Check Applications for High Data Usage 

You can also watch your application data in the application settings on your mobile phone or computer/laptop. Find the applications that require a lot of quota then turn it off if you don’t need it. It is even better if you uninstall the rarely used application, especially online application that are always on even if you  don’t open the application.