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Axis Data Package

Buy Axis Data Package in Traveloka

Axis Data Package

Product NamePrice
BRONET 2GB 2GB data, 24-hour internet access, 60-day active period. Not valid for XL customers. Rp 28.000
BRONET 3GB 3GB data, 24-hour internet access, 60-day active period. Not valid for XL customers. Rp 39.500
Blackberry Irit Fun 30-day BBM Chat, Social Networking, Browsing, BB Mail, 24-hour internet access, 30-day active period. Rp 50.000
BRONET 5GB 5GB data, 24-hour internet access, 60-day active period. Not valid for XL customers. Rp 59.600
AXIS Data - Blackberry Irit Fun 90-Day BBM Chat, Social Networking, Browsing, BB Mail, 24-hour internet access, 90-day active period. Rp 70.000

Axis Internet Package

It has happened again; you’re surfing the internet, and suddenly your connection is gone, disconnected. You check it, and your Axis internet package has run out. You’re not even able to maximise the power of your smartphone when running the internet package.

But you know, whilst running an internet package, life is simple and there is no headache. After being so successful in managing the affairs of air tickets, and hotel rooms, Traveloka now helps you to buy credit, and packages. You’re now able to buy Axis internet packages in the Traveloka mobile application. Easy, and practical, this new service is now available in the Traveloka App minimum version 2.10 for Android and iOS.

The Way to Buy Discounted Axis Internet Through Traveloka

By buying your packages online, through the Traveloka App, you’re definitely not going to be confused. You’re able to get the internet packages via your smartphone. It goes without saying, that this is easier and more practical than going to the counter to buy Internet packages.

Before you can buy an Internet package through the application, naturally, you must download the application first. This can be done via the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Once the application is on your phone, you’ll be able to make purchases via the Top-up & Internet Packages menu shown on the app home page. This application is a solution for customers who need quick and practical Credit. 

Various Options of Axis Internet Packages

Experience the advantages when buying Axis internet packages through Traveloka. For example, Traveloka offers internet packages at bargain prices. You’re really able to make Traveloka a mainstay. Not just that, through Traveloka, you can purchase packages for multiple operators.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find cheap prices in the Traveloka App. Let’s have a look at the Axis Bronet, 2 gigabytes (GB) internet data package, Which you can get for only Rp28.000. You definitely won’t find a cheaper price elsewhere.

With a 2 GB quota, you’ll be able to continue your social media activities, browsing the web, and chatting with friends. You’re able to access the internet for a complete 24 hours, there is no set hours of usage. This really makes customers feel comfortable while using Axis Bronet. The validity period of the package is long at 60 days.

If 2 GB of Axis internet is not enough, you can buy the Bronet 3 GB package. The larger quota would only increase your satisfaction. To get this package, you’d just need to pay Rp39.800.

Just as with the Bronet 2 GB, you can take full advantage of the internet service for 24 hours a day. There are no set hours of usage. And just like the 2 GB package, the active period is a substantial 60 days. If you’re economical with your internet package, you won’t have to buy a package every month. This is, naturally, in accordance with Axis’ slogan of ‘iritology’.

If you’re in need of a seriously large quota, then of course you should buy a 5 GB internet package. You’ll be content browsing the web with this larger quota. Browsing, chatting, video calls or interacting over social media, you’ll certainly be satisfied.

Moreover, this package can be used for the entire day. You’ll sleep easily knowing you can enjoy internet access 24 hours a day. There is also the long active period of 60 days. The Bronet 5GB package can be found in the Traveloka App, for just Rp59.800. This is much cheaper than prices offered in other places.

In the modern day, most smartphone users are addicted to chatting. Morning, noon, and night, we could be chatting with our fun friends. Other than chatting, the other main addiction for smartphone users is social media.

With this in mind, Axis also provides special packages. Operators are familiar with this economical concept and have the economical Blackberry 30 day Fun package. You’ll be able to chat via Blackberry Messenger to satisfaction. You’re able to talk as much as desired with your friends via BBM with this package.

Additionally, in its accommodation of free chat, the economical Blackberry 30 day fun package helps to facilitate the user’s access to Axis social media. This is extraordinary, as most netizens can not be torn away from social media. The package is available for 30 days and through Traveloka App, it only costs Rp49.900.

If this doesn’t quench your need for thirst for social media, then you can buy a 90 day economical Blackberry Fun package. There are additional benefits here, because the 90 day package is cheaper than simply buying three 30 day packages.

So if you really want to save money on internet packages, you should buy the 90 day package at only Rp60.900.

Axis Internet Signal Range

One of the major reasons behind a customer’s choice of provider is the extent of which, they can access the internet. If said provider has wide reaching range, and fast access, this means a customer will choose them. This is just one reason why Axis is chosen by consumers. 

In recognition of a customer’s need for internet, Axis provides both 2G and 3G networks, spread right across various regions. 

Many areas in Sumatra have access to 2G and 3G Axis internet, which includes: Bukit Tinggi, Padang Panjang, Pariaman, Medan, Binjai, Belawan, Pekanbaru, and Batam. Meanwhile the Axis users in the Greater Jakarta area can also enjoy the benefits of both 2G and 3G networks. 

In Java Island, there are multiple areas which can enjoy Axis 2G, and 3G networks, i.e. Banten, Pekalongan, Cirebon, Indramayu, Purwokerto, Garut, Yogyakarta, Salatiga, Semarang, Bojonegoro, Kediri, Blitar, Surabaya, Gresik or Mojokerto. Other areas like Denpasar, Kuta, Gianyar, and Mataram can also enjoy access to these networks.

As many as 87 places have also been able to feel the benefit of 4G network speeds. The 4G network is generally available in most big cities, such as Bandung, the Greater Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Medan, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Malang. City's 4G network is Mataram, Lombok, Banjarbaru, Purwakarta, Cilegon, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Solo, Sidoarjo, and Magelang.

How to Check Axis Quota Balance

There are a number of ways to check the balance of your Axis internet package. The first way is to dial 123, and then follow the instructions given. 

The second method is to figure out the balance of your Axis internet quota via a text message, or SMS. The trick to this, is to type QUOTAS and a message to 123. After that, you’ll get a reply which will tell you how much of your internet quota remains. 

Finally, you can even check on your remaining quota through their website. To do this, you’ll need to register and log in first. After this, it is easy to check on your balance online. 

While checking on your quota balance online may seem impractical, you do have access to a variety of additional information. This especially includes promos released by Axis. 

By keeping regular tabs on your internet usage, you can anticipate when your internet runs out. For example, on long distance traveling, you forget to renew your package and your quota is almost gone. This only means that you cannot stay connected due to no internet available.

Tips on Selecting Your Axis Internet Package

It is necessary to choose the right internet package as you need. Buying an internet package which does not comply your requirements can be a drain on your financial resources. Therefore, choose the Axis internet package that suits your needs. 

If your requirements are simply chatting, browsing or the occasional flick through social media, then you don’t need a large internet package. Axis even provides packages with quotas beginning at 300 MB through 1 GB and 2 GB.

However, should you be truly attached to the internet, and like watching YouTube videos, these quotas may not be enough for you. No need to worry, simply buy a larger Axis internet package quota. 

Through Axis, you can enjoy internet packages with quotas ranging from 5 GB up to 10 GB. These quotas enable you to do what you want online. Whether it be browsing the internet, downloading music or watching movie trailers on YouTube. 

Axis even provides the Torch internet package with an even larger quota: 15 GB. With such a large quota, all your interests and needs will be fulfilled, be it downloading movies or exploring a virtual world. 

Tips for Saving Your Axis Internet Quota

Internet access is now one of the most essential needs of modern day society. With internet access, your smartphone becomes alive with uses. You can see the person you call through video calls, access the latest information in the browser and mingle through the various chat applications. 

Being so engrossed in the aforementioned activities, you can quickly forget yourself. Your Axis internet package will quickly exhaust itself. To stop this, you must be wise when using the internet. There are a number of ways to help save your quota.

One option is to store videos offline. For many who like to watch YouTube, your hobby will quickly deplete your quota. You’ll be checking the website for a variety of videos, especially those that are well known. You’ll naturally be pulled in. 

In reality, you’ll rarely watch the same video repeatedly. This is only going to suck up your internet more. In order to save your internet quota, you can download these videos, so that you can watch them at any time, without worrying about quotas. This will naturally save your Axis Internet package quota. 

Another method would be turning off your data package when not using your phone. This will ensure that your phone isn’t sucking up your quota while you’re doing other things. As always, this will affect the usage of your Axis Internet package. 

The reasons behind this, are certain applications that download ads. This can unknowingly have impact on your quota. Therefore, when not using the internet, deactivate your data plan when you can. 

Don’t forget that you’ve turned the data package off, however. Especially if you’re prone to disabling it for hours. You’ll not want to miss an important message or call which needs a prompt reply.