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IM3 Data Package

Buy Im3 Data Package in Traveloka

IM3 Data Package

Product NamePrice
Yellow 1GB 1GB data, 15-day active period. Rp 12.000
Internet Unlimited + 1GB 1GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access tp social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 25.500
Internet Unlimited + 2GB 2GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 35,000
Freedom Internet Plus 1GB 1GB + 1GB bonus (4G) + 5GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 36.000
Paket Extra 2GB Extra 2GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 39.000
Internet Unliimited + 3GB 3GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 45.500
Freedom Internet Plus 2GB 2GB + 2GB bonus (4G) + 14GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 51.000
Freedom Combo M 12GB 2GB + 3GB (4G) + 5GB unlimited + 2GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooreedoo numbers. Rp 53.900
Paket Extra 4GB Extra 4GB data (non-4g) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 59.000
Internet Unlimited + 7GB 7GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 62.142
Freedom Internet Plus 4GB 4GB + 4GB bonus (4G) + 19GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 73.000
Paket Extra 6GB Extra 6GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus package. Rp 79.000
Internet Unlimited + 10GB 10GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 88.200
Freedom Combo L 26GB 4GB + 8GB (4G) + 10GB midnight + 4GB Apps On + unlimited calls to indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 91.000
Internet Unlimited + 15GB 15GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 105.840
Freedom Internet Plus 5GB 5GB + 5GB bonus (4G) + 21GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 112.000
Freedom Combo XL 41GB 8GB + 12GB (4G) + 15GB midnight + 6GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 137.000
Internet Unlimited + Jumbo Unlimited data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 149.000
Freedom Combo XXL 65GB 12GB + 25GB (4G) + 20GB midnight + 8GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 185.000

Im3 Internet Package

With the massive development of digital technology, people’s lives today are centered around the internet. It’s difficult to imagine life before internet. You must use the internet for various activities from communicating with people, ordering  your mode of transportation, and receiving information. This is why having IM3 mobile data on your phone is a must to prevent any disruptions or interruptions in your daily routine. 

In this day and age, almost everything you need is available through several  clicks on your phone. Today, purchasing or reloading your mobile data package has turned into a simple click, for example simply by using Traveloka mobile app. Through Traveloka App, you can buy any data package you want from every internet provider available, namely: IM3, Telkomsel, XL, 3, and others. Mobile data purchasing is available on the latest Traveloka App (Android/iOS) .

How to Buy IM3 Mobile Data Packages on Traveloka

One of the mobile internet providers on Traveloka App is Indosat. The method of buying the package is as easy as flicking your fingers. You don’t believe this? Just imagine: you don’t have to waste your time and energy by going outside to top up your phone, instead you can just open Traveloka App and get the data package you need. I Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Traveloka App from Google Play Store and App Store.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can log in  and choose ‘Pulsa & Paket Internet’ menu. Click ‘Paket Internet’ and choose your desired internet provider followed by your IM3 number. Proceed to payment, and voila! You’re instantly back online again.

IM3 Mobile Data Packages

There are a few IM3 mobile data packages for you to choose through Traveloka App: 

IM3 Data - Freedom Combo M 12GB

For customers who do not spend a lot of time on the internet, the Freedom M package will be the most suitable. By paying Rp59.000, you will get 1 GB of quota with a bonus of 1 GB. The extra 1 GB is available for use at a certain time. If your phone is compatible with 4G services, you will automatically have a bonus of 10 GB quota. Sounds great, doesn't it? Wait, there's more. The Freedom M Package also comes with an additional 500 MB for STREAM ON iFlix and Spotify, to ensure customers' enjoyable experience of watching movies and listening to their favorite music.

IM3 Data - Freedom Combo L 24 GB

For customers who need a bigger quota, IM3 has the Freedom L package with quota of 2 GB plus 2 GB at Rp99.000. Similar to the Freedom M package, this package offers a bigger bonus quota for customers with 4G smartphone at 20 GB. Your internet usage will become more enjoyable with additional 1 GB for STREAM ON on Spotify and iFlix. The Freedom L package also gives free text messages and phone calls. Sweet!

IM3 Data - Freedom Combo XL 38GB

You don't think 2 GB is big enough? IM3 offers the Freedom XL package with 4 GB of data access, and additional 4 GB to be used at a certain time. Fortunately, for customers whose smartphone is compatible with 4G services, the additional bonus will reach up to 30 GB. This Freedom XL package is available for purchase on Traveloka App for Rp149.000. This package also comes with free phone calls and text messages services. What about entertainment? By purchasing the Freedom XL, you can enjoy endless streaming on Spotify and iFlix with 2 GB STREAM ON bonus. 

IM3 Data - Freedom Combo XXL Unlimited

The bigger, the better. IM3 offers the biggest package on Freedom XXL, this package is available for purchase at Rp199.000, with quota of 6 GB. There is also 6 GB bonus quota. What about 4G smartphones? Luckily, for customers with 4G-compatible mobile phones will receive a bonus of unlimited internet access. For easy entertainment access, keep your music library up to date through Spotify streaming and watch your favorite movies on iFlix through the STREAM ON bonus quota of 5 GB. Customers purchasing this package will also receive free phone calls and text messages. 

IM3 Data – Stand Alone

If you don't think any of the Freedom data packages from IM3 are suitable for your needs, IM3 offers a non-combo package. IM3 Data Internet Stand Alone offers a basic data package  suitable for people who use mobile data for communication and receiving information. The amount of mobile data available is variable and is adjustable to your internet needs. On Traveloka App, there are four IM3 Data Stand Alone packages to choose from in accordance to your needs and daily activities.

One of the IM3 Data Internet Stand Alone packages is the 1 GB one which is suitable for customers who use mobile data only for communication through chatting platforms like WhatsApp or LINE. The IM3 Data Internet Stand Alone 1 GB is available on Traveloka App at Rp38.000. 

For customers who use internet more frequently, from chatting to ordering online transportation, IM3 offers the IM3 Data Internet Stand Alone 2 GB. This package is also very reasonably priced at Rp57.000.

For customers with a larger need of internet access, you can purchase the IM3 Data Stand Alone 3 GB. This package is great for users who like to use social media, browsing online, and update your mobile applications. The 3 GB quota is available for purchase on Traveloka App at Rp76.000. 

Last but not least, IM3 Data Stand Alone 5 GB. The massive quota offered is intended for smartphone users who use their phones as an all-in-one device where work and play come together. You will always be online whenever and wherever you are, using the internet to check work emails up to  binge-watching YouTube videos and streaming music on Spotify. Traveloka also offers a way cheaper price than the normal market price. By purchasing through Traveloka App, the IM3 Data Stand Alone 5 GB only costs Rp117.000.

IM3 Mobile Data Coverage

Facing a problem in accessing your favorite content online? Aside from not having enough quota on your mobile, bad signal coverage can also disrupt your online activities. Hence, when your phone is occupied with a strong data signal, your work and social media activities will become much easier.

Mobile internet coverage comes from a transmitter, and by far, Indonesia has discovered 3 types of internet network: 2G, 3G, and 4G. The higher the number, the quicker the connection. This is why internet providers in Indonesia are providing 4G access services, including IM3.  

Regarding the mobile data coverage of IM3, it is no doubt that this provider by Indosat Ooredoo which has been around since 2001 has got hundreds of transmitters spread across Indonesia. Their transmitters are available even in farther  islands like Celebes and Papua New Guinea. This way, customers can always rely on IM3 by Indosat Ooredoo. 

IM3 transmitters are not only reachable in many areas, but also very strong. In most cases, IM3's network are mostly 4G which is very convenient for mobile data access. With 4G services available from IM3, you can easily upload and download whatever pictures or songs or even movies you like straight from your smartphone.

Check Your Internet Balance with IM3

What is worse than running out of quota, when you need them the most? Online phone calls will be cut, important messages will be delayed, and the download process of your favorite content will  fail. To prevent yourself from such incidents, make sure to monitor and check your mobile data balance regularly. It is incredibly easy, here are three ways to check IM3 internet balance:

First, you can check them straight online through IM3 official website (www.indosatooredo.com). Create your personal account using your mobile phone number as username. Once registered, you can freely access all the information you need regarding your IM3 number, including your internet balance.

Secondly, you can use the SMS feature available from Indosat IM3 to check your internet balance. It's super simple, write a message that says USAGE and send to 363. Within seconds, you will receive a reply regarding the status of your number, your credit balance, your validation period, and the balance of your internet balance.

The third one is by dialling the number *123#, once connected, your screen will show a list of menu. Regarding your need to check the quota balance, just input the number according to the menu availables. Easy, isn't it?

Tips on Choosing the Best IM3 Package for You

Internet is no longer a lifestyle, it has become a basic need in modern life. This is why internet providers offer different packages intended for various users with different needs. Having the right package is key for a smooth and enjoyable online experiences. Here’s a few tips to choose the best internet package for you:

1. Check your data usage regularly

Basically, one user will spend more or less the same amount of data every month based on their daily activities and needs. This is why it’s good to check your data usage regularly, then see from there which activity or applications is used the most. You can do this check-up during any period of time, from one day to one month. Once you find out what you need the most, you will be able decide the package that is most suitable for your needs.

2. Be Realistic with Your Budget

Honestly, the phrase ‘spend more than you earn’ possibly happens to most people. This phrase also works for the amount of quota needed, and the amount of money you have. If you are one of them, try to be realistic with what you have and when you know that you can only afford to buy the IM3 Freedom M or Freedom L, be ready with the consequences of having limited ability to access content online. Only use them for main activities such as communication or receiving information, and not to try to download large-sized files like music album or movies.

3. Look for IM3 Package with Bonuses

When you are trying to choose the right IM3 package for you, make sure the package is beneficial for your usage. One of the indicator for these would be the extras or bonuses that come with it. For example, the Freedom packages which come with additional quota and bonuses for streaming, as well as extra phone calls and texts. 

How to Save Your IM3 Internet Quota

Sometimes it feels like a homework if you have go buy IM3 mobile data package again and again. Especially when you think your internet usage is still considered normal. Before you complain further, maybe you are missing out on these tips on how to use your data efficiently. Here are three tips to save your IM3 quota in an effective way:

1. Find Movies and Music Through STREAM ON feature for Free

IM3 realizes the importance of entertainment in life, especially for the younger generation and business professionals. This is why, through its cooperation with Spotify and iFlix, IM3 customers will be able to watch various movies and listen to the top songs using STREAM ON. For every purchase of a Freedom package, IM3 always gives extra quota for STREAM ON which allows you to watch movies and listen to music for free with those two applications.

2. Turn off ‘Automatic Download’ Mode on Your Smartphone

The amount of unnecessary pictures, applications, and files downloaded will not only fill up your smartphone with junk but also eats up your IM3 internet quota quickly. To minimize this, you can start by switching off the automatic download mode on your phone. This wise step will save you from complaining when every time any member from your group messengers sending you unnecessary photos, videos, or music. By switching this off, you will only get those content by your approval, so you can be selective when downloading, and your quota balance will stay on the safe line.

3. Activate ‘Data Saver’ Feature on Google Chrome 

It is so difficult to stop yourself from your curiosity on news and information that flows every day, and with Google, everything can be found through just a few words and a click. However, you have to realize that regular surfing through the internet eats up a massive amount of mobile data. You can save your data by activating the Data Saver feature on Google Chrome. This feature is only available on Chrome browser. The data saver will compress each data and information by up to 50%, by minimizing the website header, lowering the image resolution, and only shows you the most important text needed on the page.