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Indosat Data Package

Buy Indosat Data Package in Traveloka

Indosat Data Package

Product NamePrice
Yellow 1GB 1GB data, 15-day active period. Rp 12.000
Internet Unlimited + 1GB 1GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access tp social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 25.500
Internet Unlimited + 2GB 2GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 35,000
Freedom Internet Plus 1GB 1GB + 1GB bonus (4G) + 5GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 36.000
Paket Extra 2GB Extra 2GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 39.000
Internet Unliimited + 3GB 3GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 45.500
Freedom Internet Plus 2GB 2GB + 2GB bonus (4G) + 14GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 51.000
Freedom Combo M 12GB 2GB + 3GB (4G) + 5GB unlimited + 2GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooreedoo numbers. Rp 53.900
Paket Extra 4GB Extra 4GB data (non-4g) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 59.000
Internet Unlimited + 7GB 7GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 62.142
Freedom Internet Plus 4GB 4GB + 4GB bonus (4G) + 19GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 73.000
Paket Extra 6GB Extra 6GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus package. Rp 79.000
Internet Unlimited + 10GB 10GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 88.200
Freedom Combo L 26GB 4GB + 8GB (4G) + 10GB midnight + 4GB Apps On + unlimited calls to indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 91.000
Internet Unlimited + 15GB 15GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 105.840
Freedom Internet Plus 5GB 5GB + 5GB bonus (4G) + 21GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 112.000
Freedom Combo XL 41GB 8GB + 12GB (4G) + 15GB midnight + 6GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 137.000
Internet Unlimited + Jumbo Unlimited data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 149.000
Freedom Combo XXL 65GB 12GB + 25GB (4G) + 20GB midnight + 8GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 185.000

Indosat Ooredoo Internet Packages

Have you ever been so annoyed when you found out the internet package on your smartphone has just gone? This gets even worse if it happens during emergency online situation such as needing internet access for sending important business emails or to contact important people abroad. In between the hectic working days, it is kind of difficult to steal time off from work to get out and actually find phone credit seller to top up your mobile. 

However, worry less because buying and topping up your internet package has become super easy and stress-free. Thanks to Traveloka, customers are now able to buy internet and phone credit Traveloka mobile application — Traveloka App — at anytime from anywhere. Traveloka App offers various internet package from Indosat to BOLT!. This service is available on the latest Traveloka App for Android (ver. 2.9.2). 

How to buy Indosat Internet Packages on Traveloka

An mentioned earlier, customers can find a wide range of internet providers on Traveloka App. One thing to note here is, you can only buy the packages through Traveloka mobile application the Traveloka App for Android users (soon to be available on iOS).

This means, to enjoy this convenience the first thing you need to do is to download and install Traveloka App from your Play Store. Once the app is installed, all you need is to open the app and choose the ‘Pulsa & Paket’ menu on the homepage, input your mobile number, choose the amount of data or credit you wish to purchase, and lastly, complete the payment to finish your transaction. Traveloka App is also equipped with various payment options to add to customers’ convenience. 

Cheap Internet Packages from Indosat Ooredoo

Every mobile providers available on Traveloka App offers attractive internet packages. For Indosat Ooredoo, there are a few internet packages available to suit different customers’ needs. The great thing about Indosat Ooredoo’s packages is, they do not only offer you certain quota, but each package comes with added bonus features that is incredibly useful for customers.

Freedom M Package

The first one, please take a look at Indosat Freedom M. This package is valued at IDR 59,000,- but you can buy it through Traveloka App for IDR 53,119,-. Freedom M package offers 1 GB of mobile data plus an added bonus another 1 GB (10 GB for 4G smartphones). Apart from this sweet deal customers will also receive a bonus of 500 MB under their STREAM ON programme. This 500 MB is intended for online streaming on music app Spotify and movie provider iFlix.

Freedom L Package

For customers with a larger need for mobile data, you can try the Freedom L package from Indosat Ooredoo. The package is valued at IDR 99,000,- but you will only have to pay ID 90,461,-. By buying the Freedom L package, customer will receive 2 GB of data, plus an added bonus of 2 GB (20 GB for 4G smartphones). Similarly to Freedom M, customers will also receive an extra quota for STREAM ON for Spotify and iFlix and this one is 1 GB for longer streaming. Need more? Freedom L package also offers free phone calls and SMS. 

Freedom XL Package

Customers who uses internet more frequently and in need for larger data should take a look at the Freedom XL package. The package is available to purchase for IDr 136,149,-. The Freedom XL offers a 4 GB data access, plus an added bonus of 4 GB. For customers whose smartphones are compatible with 4G services, they will receive a massive bonus of 30 GB with free phone calls and SMS quota. The Freedom XL also comes with STREAM ON quota of 2 GB for enjoyable music and movie streaming through iFLix and Spotify.

Freedom XXL Package

Speaking of Freedom Packages an Indosat Ooredoo’s top internet programmes, customers who uses internet constantly for both business and pleasures should take a look at the Freedom XXL packages. As the name goes, this Freedom package comes with the extra-extra-large offers of 6 GB, plus an added bonus of 6 GB. The Freedom XXL is valued at IDR 199,000,- and is available for purchase on Traveloka App for only IDR 181,836,-.  Fortunately, customers with 4G smartphone will receive limitless internet access as bonus. The Freedom XXL also comes with a massive 5 GB STREAM ON quota for endless streaming on Spotify and iFlix.

Indosat Data Internet Stand Alone

Besides the four Freedom packages which come with attractive bonuses, Indosat also offers a basic internet package for their customers through its Stand Alone internet package. You can choose to buy internet package of 1 GB to 5 GB. If you buy it on Traveloka App though, you can buy a 1 GB package for IDR 34,770,-. On the other hand, for the 2 GB one for IDR 43,920,-. Indosat Stand Alone internet package of 3 GB is available to purchase on Traveloka App for IDR 69,540,-. Lastly, Indosat Stand Alone package of 5 GB can be purchased at IDR 107,055,- for limitless browsing experience throughout the month.

The wide range of internet packages available from Indosat might confuses you as customers. Which one to get? Even though really, Indosat provides a variety of package to accommodate different customers’ needs. If you are glued to your smart phone and regularly uses your social media, or use your smart phone for entertainment purposes like movie or music streaming,  the Indosat Freedom packages will surely suit you best. However, if you only uses internet for communication purposes on messengers such as Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, LINE, or other messenger platforms, you will probably be best to go with the Internet Stand Alone data package. 

Indosat Internet Coverage 

On most cases, people spend so much money on buying a new number with attractive internet credit to find out the house they live in does not have good signal for their particular provider. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, since having a great and strong mobile data signals is important to ease your online activities. There are three different network services available in Indonesia: 2G, 3G, and 4G. The bigger the number, the stronger coverage you get. 

Fortunately, Indosat Ooredoo’s users do not have to worry about signal coverage. The company was first established in 2001 and Indosat transmitters are available everywhere across Indonesia, even to the very east in the island of Papua. Hence, Indosat users do not have to worry about losing your internet at wherever you are in the country.

Today, most of Indosat transmitters provide 4G network services. This facility is surely make it easy for customers to download music, even movies quickly. Also, its availability across Indonesia, ensure your enjoyable online experience at anytime and anywhere. 

Checking Indosat Ooredoo Internet Balance

In order to have a smooth online activities that is free of interruption, it is wise to be aware of your internet balance. There are three simple ways to check your internet balance. 

First, using Indosat Ooredoo SMS service. Customers only need to send a message to 363 that says USAGE. This SMS service is available for Indosat providers, including Mentari. By sending this text, customer will receive a reply contains of their internet balance and activation period of their internet package.

Secondly, by using Indosat dial up service. You can type the USSD code *123# on your dial screen and click ‘OK/Yes/Call’. Once you are connected, a pop up page will show up on your screen with menu and options to check to your balance. Particularly for internet balance query, you only need to input the number as written on the menu and the screen will show all the information you need.

Lastly, you can also check your balance by going to Indosat Ooredoo official website. Register your phone number to create an account and provide your full name for confirmation. You can then go to your account page, which shows your phone number and all the details related to your mobile number including your end balance, as well as the activation and grace period of your number. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Indosat Package

Internet is no longer a lifestyle, it has become a basic need in modern life. This is why internet providers offer different packages intended for various users with different needs. Having the right package is key for a smooth and enjoyable online experiences. Here’s a few tips to choose the best internet package for you:

1. Check your data usage regularly

Basically, one user will spend more or less the same amount of data every month based on their daily activities and needs. This is why it’s good to check your data usage regularly, then see from there which activity or applications is used the most. You can do this check during any period of time, from one day to one month. Once you find out what you need the most, you will be able decide the package that is most suitable for your needs.

2. Be Realistic with Your Budget

Honestly, the phrase ‘spend more than you earn’ is possibly happen to most of everyone. This phrase also work for the amount of quota needed, and the amount of money you have. If you are one of them, try to be realistic with what you have and when you know that you can only afford to buy the Indosat Freedom M or Freedom L, be ready with the consequences of having limited ability to access content online. Only use them for main activity such as communication or receiving information, and not to try to download large-sized files like music album or movies.

3. Look for Indosat Package with Extras

When you are trying to choose the right Indosat package for you, make sure the package is beneficial for your usage. One of the indicator for these would be the extras or bonuses that comes with it. For example, the Freedom packages which come with additional quota and bonuses for streaming, as well as extra phone calls and texts. 

Tips on Using your Mobile Data Efficiently

Despite the number of quota you have, it is always better for you to use your mobile data efficiently to save you from keep on buying more and more internet packages. Here is a few tips on how to use your mobile data efficiently:

1. Switch off the ‘Automatic Download’ feature

Believe it or not, most of your internet data is used to download media files that were sent to you through messenger applications like Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, or Facebook Messenger. The number of messenger groups you have, or the more frequent chat you do, allow you to receive more media files such as pictures, audio recording, or even videos. By switching off the ‘automatic download’ feature so you can be more selective in choosing the files you receive.

2. Uses Data Saver feature for Browsing on Google Chrome

For customers who regularly uses Google Chrome for browsing, this browser comes with ‘Data Saver’ feature to save your Indosat internet data. You can go to your setting and turn on your data saver. This feature will compress your data and images into 50 per cent smaller than it is and uses less quota than normal browsing.

3. Switch off ‘Automatic Updates’ for Mobile App

Besides media download or constant browsing, without you realising, the automatic updates feature from your Play Store eats up a lot of data too. To prevent this, you turn off the automatic update on your phone, and only update your mobile app when you are on secured Wi-Fi. This way, your internet mobile package could last longer and be more efficiently used.

4. Take Advantage of the STREAM ON feature

When you are buying the Freedom Indosat package, customers will receive a certain amount of quota dedicated for media streaming on Spotify for music, or iFLix for movie watching. Uses this extra quota and uses these two applications for entertainment, to make sure the quota given is uses sufficiently. This way, you will keep most of your data to save a lot of data usage.