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Mentari Data Package

Buy Mentari Data Package in Traveloka

Mentari Data Package

Product NamePrice
Yellow 1GB 1GB data, 15-day active period. Rp 12.000
Internet Unlimited + 1GB 1GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access tp social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 25.500
Internet Unlimited + 2GB 2GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 35,000
Freedom Internet Plus 1GB 1GB + 1GB bonus (4G) + 5GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 36.000
Paket Extra 2GB Extra 2GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 39.000
Internet Unliimited + 3GB 3GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 45.500
Freedom Internet Plus 2GB 2GB + 2GB bonus (4G) + 14GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 51.000
Freedom Combo M 12GB 2GB + 3GB (4G) + 5GB unlimited + 2GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooreedoo numbers. Rp 53.900
Paket Extra 4GB Extra 4GB data (non-4g) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus Package. Rp 59.000
Internet Unlimited + 7GB 7GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 62.142
Freedom Internet Plus 4GB 4GB + 4GB bonus (4G) + 19GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 73.000
Paket Extra 6GB Extra 6GB data (non-4G) to be added on top of your existing Freedom Combo/Internet Plus package. Rp 79.000
Internet Unlimited + 10GB 10GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 88.200
Freedom Combo L 26GB 4GB + 8GB (4G) + 10GB midnight + 4GB Apps On + unlimited calls to indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 91.000
Internet Unlimited + 15GB 15GB data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 105.840
Freedom Internet Plus 5GB 5GB + 5GB bonus (4G) + 21GB midnight data + 1GB Apps On, 30-day active period. Rp 112.000
Freedom Combo XL 41GB 8GB + 12GB (4G) + 15GB midnight + 6GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 137.000
Internet Unlimited + Jumbo Unlimited data, active for 30 days. Unlimited access to social apps and unlimited streaming. Rp 149.000
Freedom Combo XXL 65GB 12GB + 25GB (4G) + 20GB midnight + 8GB Apps On + unlimited calls to Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Rp 185.000

Mentari Package Internet

The rapid growth of the digital world is definitely demanding you to keep connected to the Internet.

For Mentari users, Mentari data plan has become one of the major needs in order to keep in touch with friends or browsing the internet.

This is also why some people are being more concerned about leaving without their gadget than without their wallet. The reason is indeed because they need their smartphone to do various things through the internet.  And for that reason you need to keep reloading the data plan credit so you can stay online and keep communicating with others. Instead of having to look for counters that sometimes are hard to find, now you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing Mentari data plan on Traveloka. Yes, the biggest online travel agent in Indonesia has now provided another service that is Top-Up & Data Packages, giving you a much simpler way to buy Mentari credit or data plan. 

How to Buy Mentari Internet Package at Traveloka

You can find various mobile providers on Traveloka.
So, no need to worry about what provider you use, because Traveloka has it all. But, unlike  booking flight tickets or hotel rooms, purchasing Mentari data plan is only available on Traveloka App. 

Therefore, in order to purchase Mentari data plan, the first step is to download Traveloka App to your smartphone. After that you can log in and click on the Top-Up & Data Packages menu. Here, you can choose the data package plan according to your need. 

Various Options for Mentari Data Plan Economic Deals

Just like the other Indosat products, you can find various super economic data plans on Traveloka App.

Mentari Data - Freedom Combo M 12 GB

On Traveloka App, you can easily purchase Mentari Data - M Freedom Combo 12GB  for only Rp59.000.
This data plan gives you 1 GB main credit plus 1 GB bonus at certain times. Not only that, you will also receive 10 GB data plan when you access the internet through 4G network. Plus, you can enjoy a bonus of 500 MB to stream on Spotify or iFlix.

Mentari Data - Freedom Combo L 24 GB

If you need a bigger quota, then you can opt for the Mentari Data Freedom Combo L 24 GB. It only costs you Rp99.000 if you buy it through Traveloka App, and you can instantly enjoy a total of 24 GB data plan. With this Mentari data plan you will receive 2 GB main quota and 2 GB at certain times. You will also receive a special data plan of up to 20 GB for 4G network. There’s more: this data plan gives you up to 1 GB for Spotify and iFlix access, also  free SMS!

Mentari Data - Freedom Combo XL 38 GB

If you feel 24 GB data plan is not enough for your internet need, no need to worry as you can go for Mentari Freedom Combo XL, which provides you with a total of 38 GB quota. The data plan consists of 4 GB main data credit + 4 GB for 2G/3G/4G network, and up to 30 GB quota for 4G. You will love this plan even more as it gives you extra 2 GB for Spotify or iFlix.

Mentari Data - Freedom Combo XXL Unlimited

Still look for bigger data plans?  The Mentari Data - Freedom Combo XXL Unlimited allows you to enjoy unlimited data plan with 6 GB main quota plus another 6 GB on certain times.  And only with this plan, you are given the unlimited access to the Internet with 4G network. In addition to that, you can also stream up to 5 GB on Spotify or iFlix. The fun part, you can also get bonus talk time and SMS for free by using this combo pack.

Mentari Data – Stand Alone

Other than Freedom Combo package that gives large amount of data bonus, you can find another data plan that is a stand-alone data plan. This basic data plan allows you to enjoy Mentari data plan at pocket-friendly prices yet large quota.

The Mentari Data - Stand Alone offers four options of plans, which can be selected according to your needs. One thing for sure is you won’t regret buying it through Traveloka App due to its competitive prices! 

The first Mentari Data - Stand Alone data plan is suitable for you who uses data to communicate through WhatsApp, Blackberry, or Line. The data plan is 1 GB and only costs you Rp38.000.

If you need more than 1 GB, you might want to check Mentari Data - Stand Alone 2 GB. It allows you to communicate and doing standard browsing on the internet. This Mentari data plan only costs you Rp57.000.

There is also Mentari - Stand Alone 3 GB data plan. The data plan gives you more freedom to communicate and finding the most recent information update. If you purchase this data plan through Traveloka App, the price is only Rp76.000.

One more data plan from  Mentari Data - Stand Alone that you can purchase on the Traveloka  App is the one with 5 GB quota. With such big quote, the data plan allows you to have more freedom to watch YouTube or accessing all of your social media accounts. You’d be more at ease while browsing, plus it only costs you Rp117.000.

Mentari Internet Range Signal

Often feel annoyed by having a hard time trying accessing the internet, even though you still have a more than enough remaining quota? If so, your problem might be caused by your provider’s signal range. Obviously, the signal strength of your provider is one of the main factors that determines the speed of your browser. Unstable signal would surely give you difficulties accessing the internet. However, you won’t have to worry about signal strength when using Mentari..

It is undeniable that every mobile provider competes on giving the best prices and benefits to their users. This includes providing a good connection, which has been done by Mentari, who keeps upgrading the 2G, 3G, and 4G signal range to meet their users’ satisfaction.

Mentari, which has been operated under Indosat since 2001, has built their BTS towers all over Indonesia, from Sumatra to Papua.. This is to make sure that everyone in the country could enjoy a good quality of connectivity, including internet access.

That being said, you shouldn’t worry about the signal strength or network coverage of Mentari. Even in Papua, you can access the internet in some regions. Not only that, Mentari has also offered 4G network other than 2G and 3G.

How to Check the Mentari Credit Balance

Being unable to access the internet due to insufficient quote must be frustrating and could disturb your communication. You can, however, prevent running out of data in the middle of using your smartphone by regularly checking on your Mentari internet quota status every day, week, or whenever you feel need to. And how to do it? Check out below.

The first way is through dial up to Indosat USSD number *123#. A menu with some options will pop up on your screen, including the credit balance and information feature. Enter the specified number then press OK. In no time you will receive the detailed information about your active period, remaining credit balance and internet quota.

The second way is to through the official website of Mentari, indosatooredo.com. You can create an account on this website by using your mobile number, which will enable you to access any information on your Mentari card including your active period and remaining balance.

The third is by sending an SMS to 363. Type USAGE and send it to the number. You will then receive a reply with an information of your mobile number, including your remaining internet quote.

Tips to Choose Mentari Data Plan

To enjoy uninterrupted daily online activities, you need to pay attention to your internet needs. This is why you have to be selective when deciding on data plan that suits you. Still cannot make a decision? Here are some tips on choosing Mentari data plan for you:

1. Choose Based on Your Regular Usage 

When it comes to choosing the right data plan, you’d need to consider your regular usage. Therefore, it’d be better if you have calculated your usage before purchasing a data plan. Whether you only need quota to communicate through chat applications or more, such as streaming videos and enjoying other entertainment? If what you need is basic communication, you can choose the Mentari Data - Stand Alone. However, if you need internet for others like streaming, it is recommended to choose a combo package that allows you to stream on Spotify or iFlix with certain data plan credits.

2. Choose Based on Your Budget

Indeed, internet has become an important part of our life. However, do not let this lifestyle makes you suffer due to the expense for it. To avoid draining your wallet, choose the data plan with affordable prices and sufficient quota according to your need. For example, you can choose Mentari Data - Freedom Combo that is offered at affordable prices, and with large quota. 

3. Choose an Internet Package with Bonuses

Beside the main data plan, bonuses in a data plan is important and beneficial to you. Choose an internet package that has lots of bonuses, for example, if you are Mentari user, you can choose Mentari Data - Freedom Combo that gives additional bonus of up to 20 GB apart from the main quota.

Tips How to Saving Mentari Internet Quota

Large internet quota doesn’t mean to be spent without consideration. Use you Mentari data plan wisely so that you won’t spend more on buying another package. Here’s how you can save on your Mentari data plan:

1. Choose Spotify or iFlix to Stream

As have mentioned several times above, Mentari data plans offer bonuses for streaming on Spotify and iFlix. Meaning, it’s better for you to watch videos and movies on Spotify and iFlix instead of YouTube, for instance. This won’t drain your main quota and eventually, you’d save more on your internet usage.

2. Avoid Enabling Automatic Download Mode

Too many downloads will drain your phone memory as well as your internet quota. Enabling this feature also means that you might not notice any updates for many applications you use as it’d be downloaded automatically. Do not panic though, as this can be easily anticipated by turning off the automatic download mode on your smartphone so the images, video, or voice messages will be downloaded only after you give permission to it.

3. Surfing the Internet with Data Saver Feature

Everyone, including you, always wants to stay updated all the time. The more information you look for, the more quote you’ll spend. But isn’t it just natural for people nowadays? True. However, just in case you haven’t heard this one before, you can reduce the data usage if you browse on Chrome and enable the Chrome Data Saver feature. This trick will save 50% of your data usage, for real! Simply activate it by choosing “Settings” in Chrome browser and click on the Data Saver feature. Yes, you’re welcome!