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Simpati Data Package

Top-Up & Buy Simpati Data Package 2019 in Traveloka


Check price info for Simpati data package for 2019 at Traveloka
Product NamePrice
Simpati Data - 25.000 270MB to 750MB data + 1GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 25.000
Simpati Data - 50.000 800MB to 1.5GB data + 1GB midnight data bonus + 3GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 50.000
Simpati Data - 100.000 2.5GB to 4.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 5GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 100.000
Simpati Data - 150.000 4.5GB to 6.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 150.000
Simpati Data - 200.000 7GB to 9GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 200.000
Simpati Data - 300.000 11GB to 14GB data (based on zone info) + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus. Rp 300.000

simPATI Internet Package

Simpati is one of the featured prepaid GSM operators from Telkomsel. Simpati is targeting businessmen, employees, and upper middle class as their segmentation. 

Traveloka provides the best choices of Simpati data packages. Traveloka ensures that you can buy Simpati data package quickly and easily. Now is the time where you buy Simpati data package straight through your phone without have to look for offline top-up counters.

How to buy simPATI data package on Traveloka

You can buy Simpati data package services on Traveloka by accessing the latest version of Traveloka App  for Android and iOS. It’s an easier way for you to carry your own “top-up and data packages” store everywhere. All you have to do is install Traveloka App on your mobile phone, then pick “Top-up and Data Packages”.

Input your Simpati number and pick the Simpati data package that suits you  most. If you’re still figuring out what package to choose, Traveloka is ready to give you the best recommendations.

Soon after the number and the package information needed is filled out, confirm your purchase. Then, make a payment using several payment methods available on Traveloka and the data package will be activated in your Simpati number.

Various affordable simPATI data package choices

At this time, Traveloka serves the best-selling Simpati data packages. It will make you easier to choose what package without having to think on it for so long. There are three choices of data packages with 30 days active period for each package:

  • Rp25.000 Simpati Data = 300 MB – 800 MB internet quota (depends on area zone applied in Telkomsel) + 1 GB bonus (4G quota)
  • Rp50.000 Simpati Data = 800 – 1,5 GB internet quota (depends on area zone applied in Telkomsel) + 1 GB Bonus (MDS quota)
  • Rp100.000 Simpati Data = 2,5 GB – 4,5 GB internet quota (depends on area zone applied in Telkomsel) + 10 GB bonus (4G quota)* + 3 GB bonus (MDS quota)**

Additional Information

4G quota can be used only if your Simpati card is LTE/4G and you are in the 4G Simpati signal area region. 4G bonus quota is only available for every package purchase in several cities that have 4G network as applied in Telkomsel zone information.

MDS (mobile data service) bonus is available for purchase in non-4G network cities (except for Papua and Maluku). The bonuses will be valid from 00:00 – 07:00 depending on each time zone.

The applicable internet quota and bonus quota can be changed anytime under the Telkomsel terms.

How to check your Simpati internet quota

In order to not run out of data package, you have to check your Simpati internet quota regularly. You can use one of the 4 available methods to check your balance, which are:

Send SMS to 3636

  • Type an SMS with a format of UL (space) INFO or FLASH(space)INFO in your mobile phone.
  • Send the SMS to 3636.
  • You will receive a reply informing you of your complete Simpati internet quota , especially for Simpati Flash data package user.

Call *889# or *363# USSD code

This is the most common way usually used by Simpati users.

  • Put *889# code on your call screen on your mobile phone
  • press “call/yes/ok/dial”.
  • A pop-up menu will show up along with your internet quota and its bonuses.

On the other hand, you can also call *363# using the same steps. A pop-up menu will show up with many choices.

  • Put number 9 to continue to the “Status Check/Stop” menu,
  • continuing by pressing number 1 to enter the “Status Check” menu.
  • After that, 3636 from Telkomsel will send you an SMS informing you of your remaining internet quota and its active period.

Visit MyTelkomsel website

  • Visit the MyTelkomsel website
  • then input your Simpati number in the available menu on the homepage.
  • the system will send you a verification code to your mobile phone.
  • Enter the verification number on the menu below.
  • You will be completing a profile page of MyTelkomsel immediately.
  • The page contains all information related to your Simpati number, starting from your balance, internet quota (including main quota and bonus), and even your Telkomsel points.

To use the service, you have to register to MyTelkomsel account first. It is very easy, you can use Simpati number, or Facebook/Twitter account and email. The registration can be done at the my.telkomsel.com website or through its mobile application called MyTelkomsel.

Use MyTelkomsel mobile App

Another more practical way is using MyTelkomsel application. Every time you want to check your quota, you just have to open up the application using your phone number or social media account. The application will show up the same detailed information as the website does, but in a more mobile-friendly display.

How to choose Simpati data package

There are a lot of Simpati data packages available, so you have to know which one is most suitable for your needs. Here are some tips to make it easier to choose:

  1. Learn all you can about the available Telkomsel data packages for Simpati. Find out which one interests and suits you the most and its key features.
  2. Before purchasing, calculate your internet usage. Count the average quota that you spend every day then accumulate for one month usage. Also, pay attention to quota usage type. What activity doyou usually do and which ones need internet quota the most? It will make choosing the Simpati data package that suits your needs easier. Choose data package that provides at least 1 GB more than you need in a month.
  3. If you’re using Simpati internet quota mostly for chatting purposes, then choose Rp25.000 Simpati Data package for one month. Meanwhile, if you’re using Simpati internet quota for browsing, chatting and emailing purposes, then consider the Rp50.000 Simpati Data package. For those who are always connected to the internet and frequently stream videos or music, then the Rp100.000 Simpati Data package serves you with the largest amount of quota that could fulfill your internet needs.

Tips to save Simpati internet quota

To make you enjoy Simpati internet connection a little longer, then you have to save your quota usage. The good news is there are some ways to save Simpati data package quota without reducing your fun.

Check your applications

The application settings in your mobile phone or Task Manager feature in your computer can inform you of the consumption tendency of each application. Turn off the applications that require a lot of data, especially for those you don’t use often. Then, clean up your device from unused applications.

Auto updates settings

Turn off auto updates or choose a Wi-Fi only setting. Auto updates settings can be set in each application, but you can also set it all in Play Store or App Store settings.

Deactivate auto synchronization

Data synchronization process (contact, calendar, email) in mobile phone and computer actually requires a lot of quota. If you want to save Simpati internet quota, it is better for you to non-activate the setting. The setting is located in Account settings, either on mobile phone or computer application. It is recommended for you to use the synchronization when connected to Wi-Fi only.

Use Google Chrome or Opera Mini for browsing

Data consumption activity is affected by the type of browser you use. To save internet quota, Opera Mini and Google Chrome are providing Data Saver feature or Best Compressor Data.

Use offline mode for YouTube and Google Maps

Both of these applications require a big amount of quota. It is recommended for you to activate the offline mode. With this feature, if you open up the same video or same route, you don’t even need internet connection.

Activate Mobile Data Limit feature on Android

Android has a special feature that could limit internet data usage. To save your Simpati internet package, activate the feature by entering the settings then choose Data Usage and activate “Set Mobile Data Limit” choice. The internet connection will be disconnected when your data consumption is exceeding a certain limit.