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Simpati Loop Data Package

Buy Simpati Loop Data Package in Traveloka

Simpati Loop Data Package

Product NamePrice
Loop Data - 25.000 270MB to 750MB data + 1GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 25.000
Loop Data - 50.000 800MB to 1.5GB data + 1GB midnight data bonus + 3GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 50.000
Loop Data - 100.000 2.5GB to 4.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 5GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 100.000
Loop Data - 150.000 4.5GB to 6.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 150.000
Loop Data - 200.000 7GB to 9GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 200.000
Loop Data - 300.000 11GB to 14GB data (based on zone info) + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus. Rp 300.000

Simpati Loop Data Package

Simpati Loop is a prepaid GSM mobile phone service from Telkomsel which is aimed especially at young people.  Telkomsel Loop has been around since 2014, offering a variety of interesting packages to meet the lifestyles of young people. Particularly when it comes to online services, Loop packages are very diverse and alluring.  

For trend-conscious young people, starting now, by using Telkomsel Loop, you no longer have to worry about running out of internet bandwidth quota. Especially considering that Traveloka acts as an authorized seller of Simpati Loop data packages; with choices that are simple practical, but still highly effective at satisfying the needs of those who wish to be up to date with the latest news.

How to Buy Simpati Loop Packages from Traveloka

Purchasing Simpati Loop data packages at Traveloka is undoubtedly a good fit for the lifestyles of people nowadays. Traveloka provides the best Loop packages via its mobile app. You can carry out purchases quickly; using Traveloka App (Android/iOS). 

In order to enjoy the ease with which you can make a purchase, don’t neglect to install Traveloka App on your phone. For those who have yet to do so, you can quickly download the app free of charge from Google Play Store and  Apple App Store. 

After the Traveloka App has completed its installation, all you need to do is open it on your phone every time you wish to buy a Simpati Loop data package. Go to the ‘Paket Internet’ menu, then enter your Loop number and choose the data package that suits you best. After you have paid, you will then be able to enjoy a fast, unrestricted Loop package, which will have immediately become active on your phone.

A Variety of Inexpensive Simpati Loop Data Packages

In order to answer the needs of young people looking for a datapackage which is easier to use andwill better facilitate their mobile internet activity, Traveloka provides three Simpati Internet Loop packages. The choices available are as follows: 

- Loop Data 25.000 = main internet quota of 300 – 800 MB available (quota size will vary in accordance with zone info, as set by Telkomsel). This package gives you a bonus 4G quota of 1 GB. 

- Loop Data 50.000 = main internet quota of 800 – 1.5 GB (quota size will vary in accordance with zone info, as set by Telkomsel). This package gives you a bonus 4G quota of 5 GB, as well as an MDS (Mobile Data Service) quota of 1 GB. 

- Loop Data 100.000 = main internet quota of 2.5 – 4.5 GB (quota size will vary in accordance with zone info, as set by Telkomsel). This package gives you a bonus 4G quota of 10 GB, as well as an MDS  quota of 3 GB. 

*The Bonus 4G quota is only available for customers using Loop LTE/4G SIM cards, who are currently within Telkomsel’s 4G internet coverage area. This bonus 4G quota is also only available for purchases within urban areas that are covered by Telkomsel’s super fast 4G network, in accordance with valid zones. 

*For MDS quotas, bonuses are available to purchase in urban areas that are not covered by Telkomsel’s super fast 4G coverage. This quota is for late night use, and is only available between 12:00 am and 7:00 am, in accordance with valid regional zones. 

*It should be noted that the terms and conditions of internet quotas and bonus Loop Data packages may change from time to time, in accordance with prevailing Telkomsel policies. 

At a glance, this package is simpler than comprehensive package choices which are officially available from Telkomsel. Naturally, this simpler option makes it easier for you to make a decision without the need to feel confused when comparing specifications of the vast number of packages on offer. 

How to Check Your Remaining Simpati Loop Quota

Quotas are like fuel which allow people to access the internet. To avoid your fuel from becoming depleted when you are in the middle of a browsing session, you should check your quota from time to time. For Simpati Loop, it is possible to check your quota using the following access codes.

1. 3636

Checking quota using the code 3636 has to be done via SMS. Key in an SMS that reads FLASH(space)INFO and send it to 3636. The SMS which you receive in reply will contain information regarding your remaining Loop internet quota, including bonus quota, and activation period.

2. *889#

This code can be accessed via the dial pad. Access your dial pad and key in the number, followed by call/OK. Wait for a few seconds, until you see a pop-up message detailing your remaining main quota, and your Loop internet bonus package quota.

3. *363#

This number will connect you to a command menu. Dial the number from your mobile phone. You will then see a menu which giving you a range of command options, with command number 9 being “Cek Status/Berhenti”. After you have selected this command, follow up by clicking on the number 1 on your phone to “Cek Status”. Later, Telkomsel will send you an SMS from 3636 containing information about your quota and the activation period of your Loop data package.

Another way of checking your quota is by using the MyTelkomsel app. This app is available free of charge in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Install the app on your phone, then register your name and number to become a MyTelkomsel member (you can also complete this part of the process using Facebook, Twitter or e-mail). Upon completion, all you need to do is log in to the app in order to check your Simpati Loop data package quota.

For those among you who do not wish to install this app on your phone, checking your quota can also be done by visiting the MyTelkomsel web page, to check your quota using a website. The method of access is the same. All you need to do is enter your Loop number and verification. You can also use an email or social media account. You will immediately be directed to your MyTelkomsel profile page, which will show information about about your remaining Loop internet quota.

Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Simpati Loop Internet Quota

As a service which is aimed at young people, Simpati Loop provides economical internet packages. When using this economical package, you can in fact still save further on your quota. The main way of saving quota is in fact provided directly by Telkomsel within a mobile phone app.

Named LoopKita, this mobile phone app, is a tool whose usage should be considered mandatory by Simpati Loop users who wish to extend the life of their internet quota, by economizing greatly when it comes to data consumption. This app has a feature which displays your Simpati Loop data package usage, and can also help you to monitor your usage. At the moment, this app is only available on mobile phones using the Android operating system.   

Using this method, you can always monitor the data usage on each application on your mobile using LoopKita. Furthermore, you can control the app connections within your mobile phone. Using a direct menu in LoopKita, you can choose exactly which apps are able to access the internet. In this way you can make sure that only apps frequently in use, and approved by you are connected to the internet. Also, don’t forget to activate the Data Saving Mode in LoopKita. This function automatically makes your mobile phone choose to save on data usage where possible. 

To be even more comprehensive, get into the habit of activating the Data Saver feature on your browser whenever you begin a browsing session. This feature is available in Google Chrome. You may also try out the popular mobile phone browser, Opera Mini, known to be the most economical in its data consumption. 

Apart from the above, for those of you who frequently watch videos on YouTube, activate the Save Offline mode for the video you are watching. This feature allows you to watch the same video again, as often as you need to, without having to use up any more of your Loop internet package quota. 

There is one other way which is not to be missed out on, which is part of the facilities within your Loop package. To further economize on your Simpati Loop internet package quota, you can also use free Wi-Fi at Wi-Fi Zone Loop Stations. Find out on your own, whether there is a Loop station available in your town, as well as its exact location. Once there, you will be given unlimited internet access on a high-speed Wi-Fi connection from Telkomsel. You will even be able to relax and play some games while enjoying a snack and a beverage at a Loop Station cafe. Don’t forget to invite your friends to come with you, as well as your fellow Simpati Loop users.