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3 Data Package

Buy 3 Data Package in Traveloka

3 Data Package

Product NamePrice
Mix Small 2.75GB 2.75GB data, unlimited access to social apps and streaming, 3-day active period./span> Rp 10.000
Mix Small 3GB 3GB data, unlimited access to social apps and streaming, 3-day active period. Rp 20.000
Mix Small 3.75GB 1.75GB data (2G/3G/4G) + 2GB bonus (4G), active for 14 days. For prepaid users only. Rp 25.000
Mix Quota++1.25GB 1.25GB data, active period never expires. Rp 33.000
Mix Combo 3GB + 20 Minutes 2GB data + 20 minutes of calls to all operators. Rp 35.000
Mix Quota++2.25GB 2.25GB data, active period never expires. Rp 48.800
Mix Super 10GB 2GB all networks + 8GB 4G network, 30-day active period. Rp 50.000
Mix Combo 32 GB + 30-minute Call 2GB all networks + 30GB 4G network (FUP 1GB/day) + 30-minute call to all operators, 30-day active period. Rp 60.000
Mix Super 24GB 24GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 90.000
Mix Super 30GB 30GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 100.000
Mix Combo 38GB + 30-Minute Call 8GB all networks + 30GB 4G network + 30-minute call to all operators, 30-day active period. Rp 125.000

3 Internet Package

On this day and age, it seems like a must for us to always be connected. The internet allows you to be connected to the cyber world. You can spend hours through the internet, you can search any information you want, check through your social media accounts, talk to your friends, and even make a video call. 

With today’s technology, people can stay connected whenever and wherever through their smartphone. Now, what to do when you’re running out of data package? It will definitely feel as if there’s something missing. However, worry less because today, buying top-ups for your mobile has never been this easy. By using Traveloka mobile app on Android and iOS, you will get your internet back quickly with only a few clicks. 

How to Buy 3 Data Package on Traveloka

The possibility of buying 3 mobile package on Traveloka mobile app gives customers certainty and provides practicality. No matter when or where, as long as you have the Traveloka mobile app, you can always reload your mobile phone 24/7.

Traveloka mobile app is availablethrough Google Play Store and App Store.  Once the app is installed on your phone, it only takes minutes, even seconds, to purchase. Follow these instructions to purchase 3 mobile data:

  • Open Traveloka App
  • Log in or Sign up
  • Choose menu “Pulsa & Paket Internet”/ “Top-up & Data Packages”
  • Input your phone number
  • Choose the product/package desired
  • Process payment

Once you’ve completed these easy steps, you will be instantly connected and the world is bright again. 

3 Mobile Data Packages

When your 3 data package has reached its due, you can top it up online through Traveloka App (available on Android and iOS)). There are a few reasons for you to purchase your data packageusing Traveloka App, namely: Traveloka offers cheaper price than anywhere else, you can also choose any package you want in one click, and a wide variety of data quotas are available from the small and economy saver package to bigger ones.

For customers who want to buy the cheaper option, you can buy the 3 data package Kuota++ 80 megabytes (MB). This data package is available for use whenever, with no expiry date as long as you still have an active SIM number. This package can be purchased with incredibly cheap price, for only IDR 7,000 you are instantly connected.

For customers who want a little bigger quota, you can buy the Kuota++ 300 MB. This data package is available for IDR 12,000, which is still reasonable when you compare it to the 80 MB one. With a bigger amount of data available, you will be able browse further, and chat longer. This package is available to use as long as you still have an active 3 SIM card.

Another data package available to purchase through Traveloka Appis 3 data package of 1.25 gigabytes (GB). This package is created for customers in need of large internet access. You can surf the internet longer, postsas many photos on your social media accounts as you want, chat longer, and even download your favorite music or play your favorite online games. This Kuota++ 1.25 GB is available on Traveloka App for IDR 34.000. 

If you feel 1.25 GB is not big enough for you, 3 data package is also available with 2.25 GB quota. You can surf the world forever, binge-watch YouTube videos, and download as many music as you like without worry. This package is available for IDR 51,000. You will not get any cheaper price out there, because there is no doubt that Traveloka always gives the best price.

For customers in need of larger internet access, you can buy 3 data package with kuota++ 5 GB and 4 GB. For Paketan++ NetMax Combo 5 GB, you will receive internet package of 5 GB to be used for two period of time. You will get 1 GB for all day use, and the other 4 GB is available for use between 00:00 –12:00 o’clock. This way, you will be able to access the world all night long, a perfect pack for football enthusiasts since most of the international soccer matches are on at night time. Enjoy streaming your favorite soccer team without worry. Besides that, customers also receive a bonus of IDR 15,000 credit for texts and phone calls. This sweet package is available to purchase on Traveloka App for IDR 50,000.

For business people or university students doing their thesis, one might need a larger data package and 3 offers Kuota++ with 8 GB internet quota. You can enjoy downloading as many books, music, movies, and binge-watch your favorite TV shows whenever and wherever. This 8 GB is also divided into two period of time with 1.5 GB available all day, and 6.5 GB available between 00:00 –12:00 o’clock. This package is available to purchase on Traveloka App  for IDR 100,000.

3 Internet Coverage 

3 provides such a wide range data coverage. 3 internet access is widely available from Sumatra to Papua. Hence, to reward their customers, 3 has recently launched the 4G services which are available in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Pontianak, Makassar and Batam. Fortunately, people who live in those cities are blessed with 4G service provided by 3. 

Even though 3’s 4G services are not yet available in other cities, 3 makes sure to give out the best service to each of 3 customers. 3G services are available in big cities and its surrounding areas such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan, Malang, Yogyakarta, Palangkaraya, Makassar, Pontianak and Batam.

3 has an even bigger coverage for 2G service, which is available in small and big cities throughout Indonesian provinces such as Banda Aceh, Bireuen, Sibolga, Dumai, Padang Panjang, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Metro, Cilegon, Cirebon, Tasikmalaya, Cilacap, Brebes, Kebumen, Klaten, Kediri and Mojokerto. 

How to Check Your Quota

What is worse than having your internet connection gone while streaming your favorite TV show? Or a disconnected chat session when trying to persuade your crush to go on a date? To prevent such disasters, it’s better to monitor your data package. Thus, when you see that your data package has gone low, you can prepare yourself to purchase another one to stay connected. Another good thing you can do is to regularly check your quota when you still have a large amount of data left to spend, so you won’t need to worry about losing whatever you’re downloading or watching.

An easy way to check the amount of quota left on your phone is to dial *111#. Once you dial the number, your screen will show you menu related to your internet status, choose the one that says ‘Cek Kuota’ to find out your data package. 

There is another way to check your internet status, by sending a text message saying INFO(space)DATA  to 234. After you send your text, you will receive a reply containing information about your internet quota.

If by any chance, you haven’t got your phone with you, you can still check your internet quota by visiting 3 official website.  

Choosing Your Best Internet Package from 3

Different people have different needs. Some people use smartphone for chatting and browsing, but others use them for work and entertainment such as downloading media files, live streaming, or watching movies. The different needs will affect your choice of package.

3 comes with a wide options of package from 80 megabyte (MB) to a massive one of 8 gigabyte (GB). This way, customers can easily pick one that is suitable for their needs. 

For people who do not need a large internet access, or for people who own more than one phone, you can buy the 80 MB or 300 MB ones. These two packages are big enough for chatting purpose. Surely though, for people who spend most of their time browsing through the internet, or are actively involved in social media, the package of 1.25 GB and 2.5 GB are more than enough.

Now, if your phone or tab is used for entertainment like online games, movie streaming, or music downloads, the best package for you would be the large ones like the 5 GB and 8 GB options.  

Tips on Saving 3 Internet Data Usage

No matter the size of your data, it will stop working once it’s reached the expiry date. However, most customers are often left with empty quota before the due date. This is caused by excess use of data, and constant streaming like listening to music on YouTube or Spotify at all times. Here are some tips and tricks to use your 3 internet package wisely:

  1. Avoid downloading large-sized files using your mobile data. Download your favorite music or movies through desktop computer. When downloading large files, especially during unstable connection, it will eat up most of your internet and you will be buying them more often than you want. 
  2. Use public WiFi. These days, free WiFi access are available  almost everywhere like schools, offices, restaurants, and coffee shops. By using WiFi on your phone, you will save a lot of the mobile data you have. Besides, using public WiFi is a great way for customers who need to download large files. However, always remember to not download or open files containing private details using public WiFi for personal security. 
  3. Activate data usage saving feature on your browser. This way, any images will show up in low resolution and website interface will be shown at its minimum kilobytes for efficient data usage.