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Telkomsel Postpaid kartuHalo

Buy Telkomsel Postpaid in Traveloka

kartuHalo Package - All Tariff & Pricing

KartuHalo offers 3 main packages, they are Halo.Kick! (also available for Double Quota), HaloFit, and Halo Hybrid. Each package comes with quota for internet service, phone calls, and SMS as detailed in the tables below:

PACKAGE 1 (A) - Halo.Kick!

Package NameInternet QuotaPhone and SMS (to other Telkomsel users)Valid forPrice
Halo.Kick! 100,000Internet 2GB + Internet Promo 8GB + Double Internet Quota of 2GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 10GB + VIU, 30 days of Langit Musik100 minutes talk + 200 SMS1 monthRp100,000
Halo.Kick! 150,000 Internet 4GB + Internet Promo 12GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 16GB + VIU, 30 days of Langit Musik200 minutes talk + 400 SMS1 monthRp150,000
Halo.Kick! 300,000 Internet 10GB + Internet Promo 25GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 35GB + VIU, 30 days of Langit Musik500 minutes talk + 1.000 SMS1 monthRp300,000
Halo.Kick! 550,000 Internet 20GB + Internet Promo 50GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 70GB + VIU, 30 days of Langit Musik1.000 minutes talk + 2.000 SMS1 monthRp550,000

Halo. Kick! also comes with the Halo. Kick! Double Kuota, which offers a double amount of internet quota.

PACKAGE 1 (B) - Halo.Kick! Double Quota

Package NameInternet QuotaPhone and SMS (to other Telkomsel users)Valid forPrice
Halo.Kick! 120,000Internet 2GB + Double Internet Quota of 2GB + Internet Promo 8GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 10GB100 minutes talk + 200 SMS300 pointsRp120,000
Halo.Kick! 170,000 Internet 4GB + Double Internet Quota of 4GB + Internet Promo 12GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 16GB200 minutes talk + 400 SMS500 pointsRp170,000
Halo.Kick! 320,000 Internet 10GB + Double Internet Quota of 10GB + Internet Promo 25GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 35GB500 minutes talk + 1.000 SMS1.200 pointsRp320,000
Halo.Kick! 570,000 Internet 20GB + Double Internet Quota of 20GB + Internet Promo 50GB + HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX 70GB1.000 minutes talk + 2.000 SMS2.500 pointsRp570,000

PACKAGE 2 - HaloFit

Package NameInternet QuotaPhone and SMS (to other Telkomsel users)Valid forPrice
HaloFit 100,0002 GB200 minutes talk + 200 SMS1 monthRp100,000
HaloFit 200,000 5 GB150 minutes talk + 150 SMS1 monthRp200,000
HaloFit 350,000 10 GB300 minutes talk + 300 SMS1 monthRp350,000

PACKAGE 3 - Halo Hybrid

Package NameInternet QuotaPhone and SMS (to other Telkomsel users)Valid forPrice
Hybrid Voice & SMS 50,00020 MB300 minutes talk + 300 SMS1 monthRp50,000
Hybrid Data 60,0002.5 GB50 minutes talk + 100 SMS1 monthRp60,000
Hybrid Data 80,000 3.5 GB50 minutes talk + 100 SMS1 monthRp80,000

1. Telkomsel Postpaid Service

Telkomsel by PT Telkom is one of Indonesia’s major mobile service providers. Today, Telkomsel dominates Indonesian mobile market due to its high availability across the archipelago. One of Telkomsel’s superiority is its mobile postpaid service called Kartu Halo. Kartu Halo is highly popular among business people.

Telkomsel mobile postpaid service allows customer to use unlimited service, without the need to worry about running out of credits. The postpaid system allows customers to pay their bill after usage at the end of every month. To ensure customers’ satisfaction, Kartu Halo comes with several packages.

2. Benefits of using Kartu Halo

One of the benefit of using Kartu Halo is its high speed and stable internet service. Telkomsel prioritises its services for postpaid customers, which allows customer to use both mobile and internet services even at the most remote areas in the country.

Besides, Telkomsel also provides various data packages as well as exclusive rewards to customer to suit customers’ needs and flexibility. These packages include Halo.Kick!, HaloFit, and Halo Hybrid.

Halo.Kick! provides the most comprehensive services with affordable price, which includes quota for phone calls, SMS, internet services, and bonus services such as video and music streaming. HaloFit prioritises high speed internet service with bonus quota for phone calls and SMS. Halo Hybrid combines both prepaid and postpaid functions in one card to allow customer to switch to mobile prepaid service when they reach the postpaid service limit.

3. How to Pay Kartu Halo Bill

In order to be able to use Kartu Halo service continuously, customers will need to pay their bill regularly. There are a few ways to pay your bill:

Via MyTelkomsel Mobile App

  1. Make sure to install MyTelkomsel mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Once you’re in the app, choose ‘Bayar Tagihan’ on the menu on page ‘Akun Saya’.

Via MyTelkomsel website

Customers are able to pay through MyTelkomsel website (my.telkomsel.com):

  1. Signing in by input their Kartu Halo number and their T-Care PIN.
  2. Choose ‘Bayar Tagihan Kartu Halo’ on the menu to proceed with the billing payment.

Via banking services

  1. Customers are able to pay their billing through common banking transactions such as at the ATM, internet- or mobile-banking, and SMS banking.
  2. Before you use this, make sure the bank you’re using is listed as one of Kartu Halo’s partners. 

Via Traveloka

Customers are able to pay Kartu Halo billing through Traveloka. They will only need to visit the Telkomsel Over The Air (OTA) on your gadget:

  1. Go into ‘Mobile Postpaid’ menu.
  2. Once you have input your mobile number.
  3. You can proceed the payment easily.

Via Indonesian Post Offices

Customers are able to pay Telkomsel billing directly in public post offices in Indonesia. Bill payment can be done at the respective counter in these offices.

Via GraPARI and MyGraPARI

Customers are able to pay their bill by visiting GraPARI outlets and pay through the staff at the counter. If you prefer to do it by yourself, you can use MyGraPARI automatic machine, which runs everyday for 24 hours in Indonesia. Customers can easily by:

  1. Input their Kartu Halo mobile number on the machine.
  2. Follow the given instructions to finish payment. Payment is considered done when you received the confirmation.

Via Telkomsel Virtual Assistant

Telkomsel also provides virtual assistants which are available through:

  1. Line messenger (ID: @Telkomsel)
  2. Facebook Messenger (ID: @Telkomsel)
  3. Telegram (ID: @telkomsel_official_bot).

You are also able to pay your bill by sending ‘Hi’ and ‘Bayar Tagihan Kartu Halo’, and user will be given instructions on how to pay the bill.

4. Checking your Kartu Halo Bill

There are a number of ways to find out the amount you have used so far on your postpaid number:

Via MyTelkomsel Mobile App

MyTelkomsel app not only allows user to proceed payment but also to check your bill by:

  1. Open up MyTelkomsel app on your mobile.
  2. Check your bill by going into your account.
  3. Choose ‘Tagihan’ on the menu.

Via MyTelkomsel website

  1. Visit MyTelkomsel website (my.telkomsel.com) on either desktop or mobile browser.
  2. Customers are able to login into their account.
  3. See their ‘Profile’ .
  4. Check their billing by choosing ‘Info Tagihan’ menu.

Via USSD *111#

  1. Dial the USSD code *111# on your mobile, a pop up menu will be shown on your screen.
  2. Choose and type ‘1’ to choose the ‘Status & Tagihan’ menu, and ‘4’ for ‘Info & Tagihan’.
  3. Choose ‘2’ to ‘Cek Tagihan’. You will then able to see the amount of billing on your screen, which will also be sent to you through SMS.

Via Customer Care Center

  1. Call 188 using your mobile and follow the instructions given by the operator on the phone until you are able to find ‘Informasi Pemakaian Sementara’.
  2. The operator will read out the amount of your current billing.

Via Telkomsel Virtual Assistants

  1. Contact Telkomsel virtual assistants using the messenger apps such as Line, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.
  2. Send a message saying ‘Hai’ and ‘Cek Tagihan Kartu Halo’.
  3. Once you have input your Kartu Halo number, choose ‘Penggunaan’ to get your bill information.

Via Traveloka

You are able to check your billing through Traveloka website or Traveloka mobile app by:

  1. Choose the ‘Mobile Postpaid’ menu.
  2. Input your Kartu Halo number on the menu.
  3. Choose the menu ‘Bayar’ to check your current billing.

5. How to Check your Kartu Halo Usage

As written in Telkomsel official website, there are a number of easy ways to check the current usage of your Kartu Halo:

1. To check your last use, dial USSD code *887# on your mobile phone.

2. To check the overall bill and your Kartu Halo bonuses, dial *888# on your mobile and type the suitable number as written on the pop up menu on your screen.

3. You can use MyTelkomsel mobile app directly from your phone. Open your app, input your mobile number and confirm your verification code. From the homepage, choose ‘Akun Saya’ and click ‘Pemakaian’. Then, your screen will show your overall bill for your Kartu Halo.

6. How to Become Kartu Halo Member

The first thing to do before you choose your package is to register yourself as a Kartu Halo user. To register, you can follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are aware of the nearest GraPARI or Mobile GraPARI (MoGI) outlets around you.You can find the complete list for these outlets on Telkomsel official website.

2. Pay a visit to GraPARI outlets and bring your official identification cards, such as e-KTP, family card, or passport (for foreigner).

3. Once you’re arrived at GraPARI or MoGi, you can see the staff and inform your intention to register yourself as a Kartu Halo member, if you have all the documents needed with you, the registration process shouldn’t take long, and you will soon become a Kartu Halo member.

7. Changing your Kartu Halo packages

There are a number of ways to change your Kartu Halo package to suit your needs:

1. MyTelkomsel Mobile App

Open up MyTelkomsel on your mobile and choose ‘Pilih Paket’ and once you have decided your picks, click ‘Berlangganan’.

2. Telkomsel Virtual Assistants

Contact Telkomsel Virtual Assistants through Line, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram apps. Send a ‘Hai’ and ‘Ganti Paket’, after this the virtual assistant will give you choices of package. Follow the given instruction until you get your desired package.

3. GraPARI

Visit the nearest GraPARI outlet and ask one of the staff to help you to change the package. Going to see the staff directly is considered the safest way, since customers will be assisted by Telkomsel official staff which guaranteed to have no mistakes, and even if there is, you can file your complaint immediately.

4. Customer Care Center Veronika

Call 188 from your mobile and press ‘1’ to choose ‘Melanjutkan dengan nomor yang sama’ and press ‘1’ again to choose ‘Pembelian Paket’. Follow the given instructions until the desired package is active.

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