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XL Prioritas

Buy XL Postpaid in Traveloka

Tariff & XL Postpaid Pricing

XL Postpaid service offers a package called myPRIO Plan. This package focuses on big internet quota for all networks, as well as unlimited talks and SMS to other XL and AXIS users. Customers also able to enjoy unlimited chat on WhatsApp, Line Messenger, and Blackberry Messenger.

myPRIO Plan

Package NameInternet QuotaValid forPrice
PRIO SilverInternet 12GB, unlimited talk to XL and AXIS, unlimited SMS, 100 minutes talk to other providers, unlimited chat on WhatsApp, Line, and BBM.1 monthRp100,000
PRIO Gold Internet 20GB, unlimited talk to XL and AXIS, unlimited SMS, 150 minutes talk to other providers, unlimited chat on WhatsApp, Line, and BBM.1 monthRp150,000
PRIO Platinum Internet 30GB, unlimited talk to XL and AXIS, unlimited SMS, 250 minutes talk to other providers, unlimited chat on WhatsApp, Line, and BBM.1 monthRp250,000
PRIO Diamond Internet 50GB, unlimited talk to XL and AXIS, unlimited SMS, 450 minutes talk to other providers, unlimited chat on WhatsApp, Line, and BBM.1 monthRp450,000
PRIO Ultima Unlimited internet, phone calls to XL and AXIS, SMS, other providers, WhatsApp, Line, and BBM.1 monthRp888,000

XL also offers special packages for postpaid member who wish to have additional internet quota from 2 GB up to 35 GB, for all networks with Data Booster service.

Data Booster

Package NamePrice
Single BuyRepetitive Buys
Booster Prio 2 GBRp30,000Rp25,000
Booster Prio 4 GBRp50,000Rp45,000
Booster Prio 6 GBRp75,000Rp65,000
Booster Prio 10 GBRp100,000Rp80,000
Booster Prio 15 GBRp125,000Rp105,000
Booster Prio 20 GBRp150,000Rp125,000
Booster Prio 25 GBRp175,000Rp145,000
Booster Prio 30 GBRp225,000Rp185,000

Offnet Booster

Offnet Booster offers special packages for postpaid member who wish to have longer talks and more SMS quota to other providers.

Package NamePrice
Single BuyRepetitive Buys
OffNet 50 minutes talk and SMS to other providersRp30,000Rp25,000
OffNet 100 minutes talk and SMS to other providersRp50,000Rp45,000
OffNet 200 minutes talk and SMS to other providersRp75,000Rp65,000
OffNet 300 minutes talk and SMS to other providersRp100,000Rp80,000
OffNet 600 minutes talk and SMS to other providersRp125,000Rp105,000

About XL Postpaid Service

XL was established in 1996 and it is the first mobile service company in Indonesia. As an old player in the market, XL has launched several product innovation to ease and suit customers’ needs for telecommunication in the country.

Aside from its prepaid mobile service, XL offers a premium postpaid service called ‘XL Prioritas’. Similar to other mobile postpaid services, XL Prioritas offers mobile subscription that allows customers to pay monthly after usage. This exclusive product offers priority LTE network for customers and comes with various packages to suit the modern people needs. As of March 2018, XL has about 800,000 people registered as XL Prioritas member across Indonesia.

Benefit of XL Postpaid Service

XL Prioritas has more benefits when compared to other mobile providers, especially when it comes to competitive pricing, national network coverage, and high internet speed. XL Prioritas specifically uses the latest 4.5G network which enables customers to enjoy speedy internet access, which is claimed to be ten times faster than the 3G network. XL also place postpaid customers as their priority, meaning mobile postpaid user always get the best and stable connection, including convenient roaming services to over 300 operators in the world.

In terms of customer services, at every XL outlets, the company provides priority counter for postpaid customers. This way, registration is made easy and customers can easily control and set their monthly limit for their XL Prioritas number.

How to Pay XL Postpaid Bill

There are a number of ways for customers to pay for their XL postpaid bill. Some of the available methods are:

Auto debit on credit card

Auto debit facility on credit card ensure customers to always pay their bill on time since everything is bear by the credit card every month. To be able to use this method, you have to:

  1. Register your credit card at the nearest PRIORITAS Center/XPLOR/XL Center.
  2. Make sure your credit card is still on its active period (minimum of 3 months away of its expiry date) and has enough limit/balance for auto debit.

myXL Postpaid mobile app

To pay using the myXL Postpaid mobile app, member will only need to:

  1. Open up the app and choose ‘Tagihan’ on the menu
  2. Click ‘Bayar Sekarang’ to proceed to payment.
  3. Follow the given instructions to finish payment such as filling out your card details and lastly
  4. Verified your payment by inputting the OTP number that is sent to your mobile through SMS. Currently, this payment method is only available for VISA and Mastercard credit or debit card holders.

Partnered Banks

Customers are also able to pay XL postpaid bill through ATM, internet banking, and mobile banking services from any banks who are partnered with XL by going to the ‘Pembayaran’ menu during transactions. To see the complete list of banks who works together with XL go to XL Prioritas website (prioritas.xl.co.id).


You can visit XL official outlets nearby and ask the staff to assist you in processing your payment. Billing payment at the outlets can be done using credit cards, debit cards, and cash.


Traveloka provides convenient access for XL Prioritas member to pay their monthly bill using Traveloka website or mobile app.

  1. Go to menu ‘Kartu Pascabayar’ on the ‘Tagihan & Isi Ulang’ page
  2. Follow the given instructions and finish your payment with your easy method of choice.

Checking your XL Postpaid Bill

Normally, the XL Prioritas billing detail will be sent to customers’ email addresses on between the 6th and the 19th days every month. Make sure to write down your correct email address during registration. If you want to find out your monthly billing without having to wait for the email to come through, you can use one of the following ways:

Via myXL Postpaid app

  1. Download and install myXL Postpaid app on your mobile
  2. Open the app and find the ‘Billing/Tagihan’ menu.
  3. Choose the month you would like to check, your billing statement will be automatically downloaded on to your phone in a PDF format.

Via *123#

You can dial USSD code *123# on your phone or call 818. Follow the instructions given on the screen or by the operator until you find the menu to check your bill.

Via Traveloka

Other ways to check your bill is by using Traveloka website or mobile app. Customers only need to:

  1. Input their number on the ‘Kartu Pascabayar’ box on ‘Tagihan & Isi Ulang’ menu
  2. Click ‘Lanjutkan/Bayar’, then the bill will be shown on the screen.

Checking your XL Postpaid Usage

XL Prioritas users are able to check the amount of their current usage with these easy steps using myXL Postpaid mobile app.

1. As an XL Prioritas member, it is better for you to have myXL Postpaid app on your mobile, which can be found and downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. When you are in the app, you will be able to see your account detail, including your current mobile usage detail on the app’s homepage.

3. Click ‘Pemakaian Sementara’ menu to find your current mobile usage detail, including time of used for internet, call logs, and SMS. You will be able to use all these easily at one go, whenever, at wherever.

How to Become an XL Postpaid Member

For XL prepaid mobile customers do not need to register anymore since their data are already in the system. Registration for XL Postpaid user only valid for new members/customers, below are the requirements to get XL Postpaid number:

  1. Registration process can be done independently through the official website prioritas.xl.co.id
  2. Potential member can visit XL PRIORITAS Center/XPLOR/XL Center or other nearby XL outlets to ask for the assistance of XL staff to register.
  3. Other ways to register is by contacting XL telesales or XL Customer Care at 817 (for XL users) or to (021) 57959817 (for non-XL users).
  4. Upon registration process, bring along and enclose these following documents: e-KTP and family card (KK) for Indonesian citizen; and passport, KITAS or KITAP for foreigners.
  5. One user/member is only allowed to have three (3) XL PRIORITAS cards on 1 NIK. If they are willing to add a fourth card or more, they can only do this by submitting another registration at a different PRIORITAS Center/XPLOR/XL Center outlets to where they first registered.

Changing XL Postpaid Packages

When using XL Prioritas postpaid service, customers are given the possibility to change their packages. This can be done easily, but can only be done once in one month.

  1. To change your PRIO Plan, customers can go to their myXL Postpaid mobile app.
  2. Open up the app on your mobile, and choose your desired package.
  3. You can switch packages to a more expensive or cheaper one. However, for changes done toward a cheaper package, customers will be charged an extra Rp10,000.
  4. Aside from using the mobile app, customers are also able to request for a change by dialling USSD code *123# from your mobile or coming to PRIORITAS Center/XPLOR/XL Center outlet.
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