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Enjoy a simple way to pay your PDAM / Water bills at Traveloka

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Pay PDAM Bills

About PDAM

State-owned water utility company PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum) provides clean tap water supplies across Indonesia. As a state-owned operator, PDAM runs its own branches in each province, municipality and city in Indonesia. PDAM’s operations are fully monitored by local officials.

Looking through its history, state-owned water utility company has existed since the Dutch colonial era; to be exact, from the year 1920. It was originally known as Gemeentestraat-waterleidingen van Batavia. The establishment of the water company was based on the discovery of water springs of Ciburial in Ciomas, Bogor. By 23 December 1922, water from Ciburial was diverted and directed to Batavia (now Jakarta). The date was established as PAM Jaya day.

PDAM, as the main water utility company in Indonesia, has three missions: to provide clean drinking water at an affordable price, to achieve balance while prioritizing customer needs, and to increase the efficiency and service of water supply coverage in all regions of Indonesia.

To date, there are 391 PDAM sites operating in 33 provinces. The government of Indonesia has created a target to achieve full coverage of Indonesia by 2019. One of PDAM’s best achievements (based on the survey done in 2017) was the PDAM office in the Buleleng municipality in Bali. All PDAM offices in Indonesia are headquartered at PT PAM Jaya, on Jalan Penjernihan II – Pejompongan, Central Jakarta.

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Check Your PDAM Bill on Traveloka

The tariff rates for water usage are categorized based on a customer’s group. PDAM differentiates the water tariff into 55 distinct customer groups. The water usage tariff is progressive, which means, it adds up as it is used (in one meter cubic). The water tariff at this point is ranged from IDR1,050 – 14,650 per meter cubic.

Today, customers are able to use Traveloka to check the water bill from PDAM. Follow these following steps to check your bill:

  1. Open up Traveloka website at traveloka.com and look for the menu “Bill Payment”on the top right, right underneath your Traveloka account’s name. Prior to using this service, make sure you are registered as a Traveloka member and have logged in to your account.
  2. Input your PDAM/water ID in the provided box. Please choose/tick the water utility company that you use.
  3. After entering your ID number and choosing the operator, click “Buy Now”. Your screen will show the billing detail. Please check the customer’s name, ID number and the billed amount.

This feature is not only available through the Traveloka website but also on the latest version of Traveloka App. Using the same method as the one on the desktop website, find the menu to pay your water bill underneath your travelokaPay account.

Pay Your PDAM Bills on Traveloka

Once you have determined the amount of your PDAM bill, you can directly proceed to payment, using both Traveloka desktop website and Traveloka mobile app. In the confirmation page on the bill, click “Continue”. Either method, the Traveloka website or the Traveloka App, will direct you to the payment page. As of now, Traveloka provides eight payment methods:

  2. Bank transfer
  3. ATM
  4. BCA Klikpay
  5. Credit card
  6. Alfamart

Once you click “Continue”, choose the most convenient payment method for you and your payment will be processed within the time limit given by Traveloka. When you’ve finished your payment, please wait for Traveloka to verify it and a transaction notification to be sent to your Traveloka account.

For every PDAM bill payment, Traveloka will charge an administration fee of IDR1,500 per transaction. Customer should also note that, payment cannot be processed between the hours of 23:00 and 00:59.

Water Saving Tips by PDAM

Water is one of the basic human needs. The availability of clean water is considered limited, thus there is a need for water utility companies to ensure enough water supply. The distribution of drinking water in each region is managed by PDAM and users are charged with a water fee/bill for their monthly usage.

Considering the amount needed to pay for the operation, we need to always remember to save water. Below are a few tips to save water from PDAM that you might find useful:

  1. To save water while washing (clothes washing, dishwashing,etc.), use a bucket to place your water instead of letting it run free through the water hose.
  2. During shower/bath time, use a shower head instead of bucket and water ladle and only open the tap very little. Research found that, taking a bath using bucket and water ladle can consume up to 15 liters of water, while using shower head only consume 9 liters of water for one time.
  3. Swap your old water tap with the flower-shaped tap that is designed to save more water. This specially made tap can save up to 30 – 50% of water usage.
  4. Make a habit of using one glass to drink in one day. By the end of the day, there will be less water to wash the dishes instead of washing one glass per use.
  5. Do not let the water from the tap run when you are doing other activities. Turn your water tap off when you are using soap, shampoo or while brushing your teeth. Only turn the water on when you need to clean/rinse yourself. This principle also works when you are doing the dishes.
  6. If you use a washing machine at home, swap your old washing machine with the one that comes with the latest water saving technology. Besides this, you can wash in one big load instead of multiple smaller loads.
  7. During the rainy seasons, take advantage of the rain water. Place a bucket outside of the house to save some of the rain that can be used to water your plants or wash your clothing. By doing this, you can use less water from the tap for your daily activities.
  8. If you have small children, it is better to use/install a water tap that is hard to twist/open so it is difficult for children to open it. Also try to buy children’s toys that will not require water.
  9. Check your water pipe regularly. Fix any leaks as soon as possible, because water leaks can cause a big difference to your water bill.

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