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PDAM Aetra Jakarta

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PDAM Aetra Jakarta

About Aetra Jakarta

PT Aetra Air Jakarta is a water supply company, officially appointed by PAM Jaya, with whom they are set to work in partnership for 25 years. Having begun their cooperation on 1 February 1998, they will continue their work together until 31 January 2023.

Aetra Jakarta is fully responsible for the management, operation, maintenance, investment and optimization of clean water services within their operational area. PT Aetra Jakarta’s operational area includes the eastern side of the Ciliwung River, parts of North, and Central Jakarta, as well as the entire East Jakarta area.

To ensure the continued availability of clean water for the communities within its area, Aetra Jakarta harnesses the Jatiluhur Reservoir as its clean water source. Aetra pumps the water to its catchment areas through the open channel of West Tarum Kantal, in Kalimalang. This is managed by Perum Jasa Tirta II. Aetra Jakarta’s water purification process is performed across three water treatment plants. There are two in Buaran and an additional one in Pulo Gadung.

Originally known as PT Thames PAM JAYA (TPJ), the company changed its decades-old name to PT Aetra Air Jakarta on 15 April 2008. Acuatio Pte. is the largest shareholder of Aetra Jakarta, owning 95% of the company. To date, Aetra Jakarta has more than 435,000 customers.

Check Your Aetra Jakarta Bill on Traveloka

Typically, Aetra Jakarta Customers will know their invoice amount for clean water services through the Aetra Seditik process. A member of Aetra Jakarta’s staff will visit their customer’s house every month, and take a reading of the water meter. Once the meter has been read, the Aetra Jakarta representative will give the water bill directly to the customer.

This method can present a challenge for customers who are not home when the representatives come to check the meter. Should this happen, there is also the online service, which helps you to check your Aetra Jakarta bill. This service is available through the official Aetra Jakarta website.

Another way to check your Aetra Jakarta bill is through Traveloka. The online travel booking website has recently provided a new feature to check your monthly clean water bill. Follow the steps below to check your Aetra Jakarta bill on Traveloka:

1. Open the Traveloka website or your Traveloka application on your hand phone. (Ensure that the application on your hand phone is at least version 2.19).

2. Then login to your Traveloka account. Register and become a member, if you have not done so yet.

3. Select the ‘Bills & Top-up’ option, then select PDAM. In the Traveloka App, you can directly select PDAM menu, which is located at the bottom of your Traveloka account name.

4. Now enter your customer number, and choose your provider’ Aetra Jakarta. Click ‘Buy now’.

5. A pop-up will then display your customer information details, and the relevant bill based on the information you entered.

Pay Your Aetra Jakarta Bill on Traveloka

Once the Aetra Jakarta Bill has been received, the customer has to wait 5 days before they can pay it. Aetra has 35 official payment locations for their customer’s water bills. These payment places can be found at the nearest Aetra branch, the Aetra Mobile Cash Car, Post Office, Indomaret or Alfamart, and a number of partner banks.

Thankfully, Traveloka has enabled its users to make direct water bill payments to Aetra Jakarta, through its website and mobile application. Once you’ve successfully checked your bill online on Traveloka, you can begin the payment process.

Start by checking that the billing details are correct, having already checked the bill as previously described in the section above. If the data is correct, click “Continue”.

This will direct you to the payment page. This shows your billing details and a choice of many payment methods. The methods currently available are UANGKU, ATM transfer, credit card, KlikPay BCA, and through Alfamart. Choose the most convenient method, and then process the payment within the allotted time frame. If the payment goes through, Traveloka will send a successful transaction notification directly to your Traveloka account.