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PDAM Tirtawening Bandung

Pay & Check PDAM Bandung bills anytime with Easy & Safe.

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PDAM Tirtawening Bandung

About Tirtawening Bandung

Tirtawening Bandung is the city-owned water utility company (PDAM) of Bandung, West Java. The operation of this company is based on the Bandung Regulation Number 15 of 2009 on Water Company, which was signed by the Bandung mayor. Prior to becoming Tirtawening Bandung, the company was initially known as PDAM Bandung. The name was changed on 7 November 2009.

With their motto ‘Tirta Daya Marta Utama’, Tirtawening Bandung has the main responsibility to manage the drinking water and water waste processing for the people living in Bandung. Since 2016, the highest management position has been held by H. Sonny Salimi, ST. MT., with the assistance of Dra. Rachmawati Rahman as the Drinking Water Director.

For the company to be able to provide clean water, Tirtawening Bandung takes their water from three sources: surface water, spring water, and groundwater. For the surface water, Tirtawening Bandung takes it from Cisangkuy, Cikapundung, Cibeureum, and Cipanjalu Rivers. Meanwhile, the spring water is sourced from the northern part of the city with 15 water points. For the groundwater, PDAM Bandung has 32 wells which have been managed and developed using sophisticated technology to make sure customers are receiving clean water.

In the distribution of clean water, PDAM Tirtawening Bandung has divided their service areas into three groups: West Bandung, North Bandung and East Bandung. The distribution system is done using water pipe network, water tanks and public water taps. In 2017, the number of PDAM Tirtawening Bandung customers had reached 157,392 people.

Check Your Tirtawening Bandung Bill on Traveloka

Similar to any other PDAM in general, the water bills for PDAM Tirtawening Bandung are sent to each house, once a month. The bills sent to customers detail the amount of water used, the total fee over the amount of used and the payment due date.

If customers are not receiving the bill due to certain reasons or circumstances, customers are still able to find out the amount of their bill by themselves. There are a number of ways to check Tirtawening Bandung water bill — one of them is to do it online on Traveloka.

To check your PDAM Tirtawening Bandung bill online using Traveloka, you will have to follow these steps:

1. Go to Traveloka website (desktop version) and choose the menu ‘Bills & Top-up’ and click ‘PDAM’

2. If you are not in front of your computer, you can also check your bill using the Traveloka App. Make sure to use the latest version, or at least version 2.19.

3. Please make sure to log in to your account before continuing the process

4. Once you are logged in, choose ‘Bills & Top-up’, and click ‘PDAM’. You will be asked to input your customer ID and to choose your water operator. Input your customer ID number and choose ‘Tirtawening Bandung’ as your water company.

5. After you click ‘Buy Now’, a new page will show your billing details, which include customer information and the total billing amount. The number shown will be your latest bill amount.

Pay Your Tirtawening Bandung Bill on Traveloka

PDAM Tirtawening Bandung provides 12 cash offices for customers to pay their monthly bill directly. The cash offices serve as the main facilities for payment.

As we enter an ever more advanced era, PDAM Tirtawening Bandung customers have a new way to pay their bills online on Traveloka. This new way is considered easy, quick and safe.

1. Visit Traveloka.com (desktop version) or download Traveloka mobile application from Play Store and App Store.

2. Log in to your Traveloka account or sign up and register if you don’t have any.

3. Choose the menu ‘Bills & Top-up’, and choose ‘PDAM’. For Traveloka App user, this menu is located right underneath your TravelokaPay account as ‘PDAM’

4. On the designated box, input your customer ID number and choose Tirtawening Bandung for ‘Water Company’. Continue by clicking ‘Buy Now’.

5. After this, there will be a pop-up page showing customer’s information and billing details. If you feel the information provided was correct, click ‘Continue’.

6. Choose your preferred payment method to pay your PDAM Tirtawening Bandung bill. PDAM bill payment in Traveloka can be done using various methods: UANGKU, ATM, bank transfer, credit card, BCA Klikpay and through Alfamart. Traveloka will charge IDR 1,500 for admin fee for a single transaction.

7. Finish your payment within the given time frame. Traveloka will verify your payment and send the successful transaction notification to your Traveloka account.