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Cara Cek Pulsa Axis, Cara Transfer, dan Isi Pulsa

Check Your Axis Credit Balance

What is worse than having your important conversation on the phone being cut off due to insufficient credit in your number? What happen if you’re on an emergency situation? This can happen to anyone, including you. 

To prevent such unwanted things, it is better for you to regularly check your phone credit balance, especially before and after doing a few phone calls just to make sure you still have sufficient credits

There are a few easy ways to check your credit balance. First, you can dial *123# and click OK. You will then receive information about your end balance right on your mobile screen. This will also inform you the validity period of your number. 

If your number is about to expire, you should top up your credit straight away. Topping up your credit will save your number to stay active. You surely don’t want to lose your number, not only that number is known and familiar to your families and friends, buying a new one also means that you will have to re-inform everyone in the first place.

That is why checking your balance and your card validity period is truly important. Just dial *123# to do that, or send an SMS containing “CEK” and send it to 123. Once the text was sent, you will receive a reply containing the details of your credit balance and your phone number.

Credit Transfer to Fellow Axis Users and other providers

Today, mobile credit transfer has become a common thing among people. Most of mobile providers offer credit transfer feature, including Axis. However, instead of “Transfer”, Axis uses a different term for this feature, that is “Share”.

With this credit sharing feature, Axis users can share credits to each other. For example, when one user is running out of credit during emergency situation, he/she can ask any friends who uses Axis to share their phone credit. This way, the user in need can receive a free credit without having to go out and buy top up. 

Another example is, when you don’t have enough cash to buy phone credits, Axis users can ask their fellow Axis users for help. Another advantage of this feature is to help Axis users who travel to far places, or live far from the city center. Even at the city center these days, it’s difficult to find street sellers or shops that sells credit top up. In cases like this, Axis credit sharing or credit transfer will come in handy. 

For Axis user who wants to share their credit with fellow Axis users, you can simply do this through SMS. All you have to do is to send a text with message format as follows: BAGI(space)RECIPIENT NUMBER(space)CREDIT AMOUNT, and send to 168. After sending the message, you will receive a reply confirming your request. If you agree to share your credit, you can reply to this text with the letter ‘Y’, then the credit will be sent to the recipient’s number immediately.

The amount of Axis credit available for credit sharing starts from Rp1.000 to Rp1.000.000. Besides sharing credit to fellow Axis users, you can also share credit with XL users. 

Terms and Condition for Axis Credit Sharing

With this credit sharing service, your life would definitely get easier because not only you can help the others in need, you can also receive help from other people. However, several terms and conditions follow. First requirement would be, the credit sender must keep a minimum balance of Rp5.000. It means that, no matter how much amount you send, you must ensure that you’ll still have a minimum of Rp5.000 credit left. Second, your Axis number has to be within its active period. 

Another thing to note is, the credit receiver will be charged a small amount of fee. In this case, the receiver will not receive the exact amount being transferred. For example, when someone sends you Rp10.000, Axis will deduct Rp1.000 for service charge, so you will only receive Rp9.000. 

Axis really understands its customer by allowing users to share credits from Rp1.000 to Rp1.000.000. This is surely much better compared to other providers who normally only allow transfer with a minimum amount of Rp5.000. 

Regarding the service charge, when other users ask you to give them Rp10.000 of credit, you are advised to send Rp11.000 for deduction allowance. This way, even with the service charge, the receiver will still receive a full amount of Rp10.000 as needed. 

How to Buy Credit on Traveloka App

To be able to top up your phone through Traveloka App, you have to download and install the application on your phone. Make sure to download and install the latest version of the app (ver. 2.10) for Android and iOS. Once the application is installed on your smartphone, simply choose the Top-up & Data Packages from the menu. 

The purchasing process on the app is relatively easy: you only need to fill in their mobile number, choose the amount of credit needed, and complete the transaction according to the instructions. After the transaction is complete, you will soon receive the credit on your phone. 

Buying phone credit through Traveloka App can also be done anytime and anwhere: day or night, at the office, mall, or at home. Just open the Traveloka App and your number will be topped up in a few clicks.

Emergency Credit from Axis

We all are often faced with emergency situation, in which we probably are running out of credit balance to make phone calls or sending texts. Be at ease with Axis as this operator offers Emergency Credit feature, which allows customers to use credit given by Axis. 

However, nothing comes for free. In order to be able to use this feature, customers must meet certain terms and conditions. Firstly, you have to be an active customer for over than 60 days. Secondly, you have to have topped up your phone credit for at least three times during your active period, with minimum top up of Rp5.000 in each transaction. 

Another requirement is, you have to be free of debt from the previous Emergency Credit charges. Once you have met all the requirements, the operator system will confirm your status before allowing you to use the Emergency Credit feature.

After receiving the confirmation and the rights to use this feature, you can obtain your Emergency Credit by sending an SMS to 911 containing text “ISTIMEWA” or “DARURAT”. Another way to obtain the Emergency Credit is to dial *123*9110# from your phone. 

After you have done one of the two steps, you will receive an information containing the amount of Emergency Credit available to use, as well as the admin fee charges. Whether or not a customer can get Emergency Credit entirely depends on the operator system. 

Once you have confirmed the amount, you will soon receive the Emergency Credit needed which allows you to continue using your phone to make phone calls, sending texts, or get back online. 

Customer should note that the Emergency Credit from Axis is not free. The amount you receive is not given to you, but instead, being lent to you by Axis. In the future, during your first top up after using the Emergency Credit, the credit you receive during the transaction will be deducted with the amount you borrowed for the Emergency Credit. However, if the amount of top up you buy is less than the amount of credit borrowed, Axis will deduct your credit until your remaining credit is Rp2.000. 

As an illustration, you were given Rp20.000 of Emergency Credit but you only buy top up of Rp10.000 on your next credit top up. Since the amount isn’t enough to pay back your emergency 'debt', Axis will deduct Rp8.000 from your total Rp10.000, leaving you with Rp2.000 credit balance. The rest of your 'debt' will be deducted in your next top ups.

About Axis

Axis has been known as a mobile provider that offers cheap services to its customers. Customers are generally attracted to use Axis for its low prices for internet, phone calls, and SMS. By using the cheap and economical concept for their programmes, Axis has continuously emerged into a well-known telco brand. This can be considered as an achievement, considering the fact that the brand is quite new in the market. Axis was established in 2008, offering mobile phone services throughout the country. 

The birth of Axis has attracted so many customers due to the high promotions of their cheap and economical services. The strong brand image and exposure of being an affordable operator has made them popular among young people and students, especially. Along the way, Axis has experienced some changes including a change of the company name. Axis was operated under PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler until 2011. In that year, the company name was changed into PT Axis Telekom Indonesia. In 2013, after acquired by XL, Axis was then operated under PT XL Axiata. This was seen very beneficial for the company since the two brands have different characteristics in services and aim at different market. 

As mentioned above, Axis focuses heavily on giving affordable and economical products. This was again emphasized during the brand relaunch in 2015. Axis started to offer phone services, SMS, and mobile internet at affordable rates for Axis customers throughout Indonesia. With Axis’ concept of ‘Iritology’ (from the word irit: economical in Indonesian), Axis has promoted economical concept to be adopted by their customers. 

Besides offering low prices, Axis also cares a lot about their customers' comfort and convenience. This is shown through Axis 4G network service that is available in several cities in the country. This has given assurance for people that they can enjoy good internet services that is not only affordable, but also reliable.

Axis Phone Credit

When you’re running out of your Axis phone credit, of course the first thing to do is to top up your mobile number to keep yourself stay in touch with your friends and families. Most people today are still using the conventional way of buying top-up through street sellers or convenience shops. The good news is here! Now you can top up your Axis number by using Traveloka App. 

With this service, all Axis users are able to buy phone credit at any time anywhere without even have to leave the couch, and not worried about whether the street sellers open or not.