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Mentari Credit

Buy Mentari Credit in Traveloka

Check Your Mentari Ooredoo Balance

Although buying phone credit has become easier through online services, you cannot underestimate the regular check on your phone credit balance. This might seem unimportant, but it might cause you unpleasant experience, especially when the phone credit runs out during emergency situation.   

As an illustration, you are in the middle of conversation with a potential business client and suddenly the connection is cut off caused by insufficient phone credit. Not only you probably lose the chance for a future partnership, but it also leaves bad impression in the eyes of the client.

In order to avoid such disaster, customers are advised to check their phone credit balance regularly, especially before making a phone call. For Mentari users, there are a few ways to check your phone credit balance, from dial up to Mentari's official website. First, dial 555 from your mobile, then follow the instructions from the operator to check your balance and your card active period.

Other way to check your balance is by pressing *123# on your phone , then follow the instructions on the menu shown on your screen. Select the option to check your credit balance, then your end balance and card active period will appear on screen. 

You can also check your phone credit balance through text messages. . All you need to do is to send an SMS with 'USAGE' to 363 and within seconds you will receive a reply informing  your credit balance and card active period. 

Another easy way to check your credit balance is by visiting Indosat Ooredoo website. Open your browser on your mobile or desktop and go to indosatooredo.com and create an account using your mobile phone number. After that, you can find  any information related to your number, including your credit balance.

Credit Transfers with Mentari Ooredoo

Have you ever heard the term 'credit transfer'? In a similar way of receiving money into your bank account, this feature enables you transfer phone credit to another user’s number. Generally, users can only transfer credit between the same operator. So, if you are a Mentari user, you can only send and receive to and from other Mentari users. With credit transfer feature, you can receive phone credit without having to reload your phone credit. This is of course would be very helpful during emergency situation when you need to make important calls.

Credit Transfer feature provides  options for you to receive phone credit promptly. For example, when you have no cash  and no internet connection due to a remote location, credit transfer can  be a solution. It only takes minutes, doesn't require internet connection, and free of admin fees. You will then be connected back to people you love and important business clients. Credit transfer also comes in very handy during your stay in remote cities or villages where phone credit counters are difficult to find.

You can also use this facility to send phone credit to friends and family. There are many good reasons to do this, for example, you can transfer phone credit to help others in an urgent situation or simply as a nice present. Believe it or not, this will ease the communication between you and the receiver.

Credit Transfer sounds very interesting, but actually, how does it work? It's not complicated at all. For Mentari users, follow these steps to share credit with your fellow Mentari users. First, make sure you have a number operated by  Mentari. After that, you only need to send an SMS to 151 with format TP(space)RECIPIENT MOBILE NUMBER(space)AMOUNT OF CREDIT you wish to transfer. For example, if you want to transfer Rp.10.000 credit to 0815111122xxx, write TP 081511122xxx 10000 and send to 151. Within seconds, you will get a reply from 151, containing a token for credit transfer. Confirm your token by replying OK(space)TOKEN NUMBER to proceed with the transfer process.

Terms and Conditions for Credit Transfer by Mentari Ooredoo

Even though it sounds so easy to do, there are a few terms and conditions you should know before beingable to use the Credit Transfer feature. If you are a sender, you have at least three requirements to meet. The first one is, you will have to make sure that your end balance will be Rp5.000 at the minimum, after the transfer. Please also note that an administration fee of Rp600 applies. So, for example, before you transfer credit of Rp10.000, you should at least have Rp16.000 credit of balance.

Next the minimum credit transfer amount is Rp5.000 and the maximum is Rp100.000. If you try to transfer an amount that is below or above the specified limit, your transaction will not be approved by the operator's system. 

Another one is still related to the credit amount transfer limit. Even though the maximum amount for credit transfer is Rp100.000, it doesn't mean you can't transfer more. You can only transfer a maximum of Rp100.000 credit at one time, but you can do the transfer several times a day as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum of Rp200.000 total credit in one day. The providers set the credit transfer amount for one day to avoid any misuse of the service, such as unauthorized credit reselling.

Buying Mentari Ooredoo Credit on Traveloka

Buying credit on Traveloka App takes only few minutes, easy and  convenient. Firstly,  install the latest version of Traveloka App for Android and iOS. Once you installed them, create an account and log in. Click the Top-Up & Data Packages menu and  follow the instructions: input phone number, choose the top up amount, and continue with payment to finish the transaction. Even better, Traveloka App offers competitive price that is relatively cheaper than the counters.  

Emergency Credit from Mentari Ooredoo

There are times when one might run out of phone credit during emergency situation. Imagine circumstances where you’re unable to top up your phone credit due to being in a remote location or other factors, but you need to make urgent phone calls. In such cases, you only have two options: ask for a friend’s help to transfer phone credit or use the Mentari Emergency Credit feature.

Compared to credit transfer which might take a while due to some requirements to meet, making a Mentari Emergency Credit request is easier. You don’t have to worry about the sender’s balance as you only need to have a number that is active for more than six months, so that you are able to receive Emergency Credit of Rp2.000. 

The Emergency Credit, even the Rp2.000 credit, is very useful to help you to communicate. At the very least, when you need a larger amount of credit, you can use the Rp2.000 to send a text to family or friends to explain your situation and ask for their help. The transferred credit balance from the Emergency Credit can be used at any time within the first 24 hours. After that, the credit will be withdrawn from your balance.

To be able to get Emergency Credit from Mentari, you only have to dial *505#. Then confirm your request to receive the credit by choosing the option ‘Yes’. Mentari will also offer the service when you have Rp0 end balance. Again, if you agree to receive the emergency credit, just reply with a ‘Yes’ and send to 505. Within seconds, you will receive the credit into your phone number. 

One thing to note is that Emergency Credit is not given for free but lent. User will have to pay it back the next time they top up their phone credit. That being said, kindly note that Mentari will automatically deduct your phone credit on your first top up after receiving Emergency Credit, plus an additional admin fee of Rp500.. Customers are only allowed to ask for emergency credit within one top up period.

About Mentari Ooredoo

Similar to its sister provider IM3 from Indosat Ooredo, Mentari’s market segment is similar to IM3’s, but  larger. IM3 focuses more on the younger market, while Mentari focuses on wider segment that also includes younger people.

A few things that make Mentari is still considered to be many people’s favourite choice are its affordable prices and various amount options of credit top-up. Moreover, Mentari’s mobile internet data and reliable network services have made them gain the customers’ loyalty. In addition to that, Mentari has always enhanced their features to make sure their customers can communicate in comfort, at the same time enjoy high quality service at affordable price.

Speaking of being affordable, it is not only valid to phone credit, but also the internet package they offer. However, the affordable internet packages also come with a high quality of network coverage and signal. 

Mentari has been established since 2001 under the brand Indosat Ooredoo, and has become Indosat’s top provider for internet surfing. It is through Mentari that Indosat introduced the company’s rebranding of adding Ooredoo in its name and as the initial introduction of its GPRS service and video streaming.

Talking about the brand name, there is a slight change in their name where every product under Indosat is now followed by “Ooredoo”. The adjustment was due to a change in the company’s management, since a Qatar-based technology firm called Qtel has acquired 65 per cent of Indosat’s shares. For this reason, Qtel is allowed to make any changes to the company, including to modify the name.

However, instead of changing the product name entirely, Qtel only asked for an additional last name in Indosat and its products. It was requested in 2013, and done with an aim to unify all Qtel company names across Southeast Asia. The word Ooredoo was officially added in November 2015 and has been used ever since.

Mentari Ooredoo Phone Credit

It is   annoying to  find  out that you don't have much credit left on your mobile phone. It's not the   credit reload  that  bothers you, but  the effort  to  get out and find a seller. With the fast growth  of digital technology, there is no need to worry, since topping up your credit has become easier  purchasing online through Traveloka App on your smartphone. 

Traveloka App offers  phone  credit from most operators with various amount available to purchase, including  Mentari with amount available from Rp.25,000 to Rp.1,000,000. With such a wide range of options , it surely is  easy to find one that suit your needs.