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Simpati Credit

Buy Simpati Credit in Traveloka

How To Transfer Simpati Credit

As part of Telkomsel, Simpati also provides credit transfer feature. With this feature, you will be able to share your credit with other Telkomsel users, including Simpati, Kartu As, and Loop.

Simpati credit transfer feature allows you to transfer credit to anyone who urgently needs credits but unable to purchase or reload. Other than that you can also use the feature to transfer the credit as a gift to your dearest one. For example to your spouse, parents, relatives, or friends.

The so-called Credit Transfer lets you share your phone credit to others. When you transfer the credit, your credit will be debited as much as the amount you enter in the system. The credit will be transferred right away and added to the receiver’s balance.

How to Transfer Simpati Credit to Telkomsel Users

If you are planning to use the feature, you can choose one of the following methods:

1. Using Text Messages

On text message screen, type TPULSA(space)credit value you wish to transfer. Send the text to the receiver number. For example: you want to transfer Rp15.000 credits to number 08522221342. Just type TPULSA 15000 and send to 085222213424.

2. Using USSD Code *858*

On call mode, type code USSD just like reloading with voucher. USSD code for credit transfer is *858*. The format is *858* destination number*credit value# then press the call button. Then, you can follow the instruction given in the popup messages on your screen. For example: to transfer credit of Rp25.000 to number 085222213424, type code *858*085222213424*25# on call mode, then press the call button.

3. Through USSD *858# menu

The other method is by using USSD menu, the same way to check credit balance. You can access Simpati credit transfer menu through dialling *858# that will show a pop-up menu with list of options. Type 1 to request “credit transfer”, then the menu screen will ask you to enter the destination number and the credit amount. On the confirmation screen, enter number 1 if you agree to proceed with the credit transfer. You will receive a notification text message stating “credit transfer successful” from number 858, which also means that the credit transfer is successful.

How to Transfer Simpati Credit to Other Operator Number

Currently, Simpati credit transfer feature is only available for the same operators (Telkomsel).

Simpati Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

Make sure you’ve read the following credit transfer terms and conditions before performing credit transfer:

1. Simpati credit transfer feature is only available for Telkomsel numbers, including Kartu As and Telkomsel Loop.

2. The minimum amount eligible for transfer is Rp5.000 with a multiplicity of 1000. Make sure to type these formats:

- credit amount Rp10.000, type 10 or 10000

- credit amount Rp100.000, type 100 or 100000

3. The maximum transfer amount per day is Rp1.000.000 or 100 times.

4. Your Simpati or the receiver’s Telkomsel card must be in its active or grace period.

5. If the receiver’s SIM card is in its grace period, the receiver must reload their number first to reactivate the number, and only by then the number is eligible to receive credit transfer.

6. The credit balance transfer transaction does not change the active period status of the sender or the receiver.

7. The credit balance transfer fee will be charged to the credit sender. The fee is Rp1.500 per transfer.

8. The sender’s remaining credit balance must not less than Rp5.000 to be able to perform credit transfer.

How to Check Simpati Credit Balance

There are several ways to check your remaining Simpati credit balance, as explained below:

1. Dial *888# 

This is probably the most popular way to check Simpati credit balances. After typing *888# and press call/dial, in a few seconds your phone screen will show a pop-up message with information of your Simpati credit balance and the active period.

2. Making a Voice Call to 888

Another way is to make a voice call by dialing 888 from your smartphone. Once you are connected, you will be informed on your remaining credit balance, the card’s active and grace period, by the automated attendant.

3. Making a Voice Call to Customer Info and Call Center

Telkomsel users can reach out to the customer service by calling Telkomsel’s customer information (at 115) and Call Center Caroline (at 188). You can call these numbers to get information of your remaining credit balance. The number 155 will connect you to the customer information center without charge. All you need to do is to follow the instructions. Meanwhile, the number 188 will let you talk to the customer service officer. You can directly ask for your remaining credit balance information to the officer. Every call to Call Center Caroline will be charged Rp300.

4. Visit MyTelkomsel Website

When you are online, you can check your credit balance through MyTelkomsel website (my.telkomsel.com). However, make sure you have been registered as MyTelkomsel member to enjoy the service. How to register is very simple: just enter your number and full name when you log in to the website for the first time. Once you have been registered and logged in, your remaining Simpati credit balance will appear on the screen.

5.Using MyTelkomsel Application

Besides website, MyTelkomsel is also available on smartphone application. You just need to open the application on your smartphone, enter your Simpati number, then the main page will show your remaining credit balance. Other info such as bonus, Telkomsel Poin, and the remaining data plan credit  (if you have one) will also appear on the page. To use the application, you need to download MyTelkomsel application for free on PlayStore and App Store.

How to Purchase Simpati Credits on Traveloka

Currently, Simpati credit purchase is only available through Traveloka App (Android/iOS). So be sure you have installed this application on your smartphone to enjoy the easiest way of purchasing Simpati credits. If you haven’t had the app, you can download Traveloka App for free on PlayStore (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

Here’s where the fun begins. Purchasing credits via Traveloka App is very easy! You just need to open the app, then click on the Top-Up & Data Packages menu. Choose Top-Up and enter your Simpati mobile number together with the credit amount you wish to buy. 

After that, you will get redirected to the payment page. Traveloka provides various payment methods, not only limited to credit cards. So you can choose from Transfer, ATM, Internet Banking, to pay Alfamart/Indomaret. Once you complete the transaction, the Simpati credits will be reloaded right away to your number.

Simpati Emergency Credit

Simpati emergency credit is a feature that provides credit in emergency situation. For example, you run out of phone credit while, at the same time, you are unable to reload your credit and in an urgent of making a call or doing other activities by using your smartphone. In this situation you can request other Telkomsel number to send you credit.

Another way to do this is by accessing the USSD code*858*2#.  The system will then ask you to enter the Telkomsel number (can be Simpati, Kartu As, or Loop) of a person you’d like to ask for credit transfer (donor), along with the credit value. Once done, the system will request you to confirm this request. If all data are correct, press 1 to confirm your request.

After completing the process, Telkomsel will pass your request to the donor mobile phone. The donor can continue to send you emergency credit by using the credit transfer feature.

However, there are certain things you must know before using the service. Find the Simpati emergency credit terms and conditions below:

1. Every emergency credit request will be charged Rp100. This fee will be debited from your credit balance as .

2. The requested credit value must range from Rp5.000 to Rp100.000 (in multiple of Rp1.000)

3. Make sure your card and the sender’s number are in active period. Especially yours, as the party who requests credit, your card should be in active period or at least in grace period. If your card is in grace period, you will need to activate your card first by reloading before you can use the credit from the donor.

4. Emergency credit transaction does not affect the status of your card, either the active period or the grace period.

5. When writing the credit amount, use the following format: type 10 or 10000 (to request credit amount of Rp10.000).

Brief Information about Simpati

Simpati is one of prepaid GSM cellular operators by Telkomsel. The brand Telkomsel itself has been widely known as a provider with the broadest network coverage and largest number of users all over Indonesia. Until 2015, Telkomsel has hit nearly 50% of market share in Indonesia. 

Telkomsel launched Simpati in 1997, which was noted as the first prepaid SIM card in Asia. With an excellent service and broad coverage reaching remote locations in Indonesia, Simpati has been successfully brought Telkomsel in becoming the leading telecommunications service provider (TSP) in the country since then.

In the beginning, Simpati users were mostly upper middle class businessmen. Over time, Simpati users have widened, reaching the younger generation, especially after affordable options of bundles and deals were rolled out to the market.

Now Simpati provides various SIM card options. Simpati Groovy is one of the best SIM cards in Indonesia for having many advantages, namely unlimited free voice call to other Telkomsel numbers, data plan bonus 1.2 GB, and other SMS and data hot deals.

Another option is Simpati Shuffle. This SIM card is specially designed for smartphone users with a guaranteed high quality network and super smooth internet technology. Those looking for the fastest 4G LTE connection can opt for Simpati Your Everyday Discoveries and New Simpati Discovery SIM cards. 

As for data plan, Simpati offers best-value package options. Simpati Social Max is recommended for social media active users, while Simpati Gigamax is the best choice for entertainment geeks who prefer fast connection to watch movies on their smartphone.

Simpati Credits

Simpati is one of the pre-paid GSM provider under Telkomsel management. Being part of the biggest cellular operators in the country, Simpati has a large number of users in Indonesia.

Now, all Simpati users can purchase credits in Traveloka. Purchasing Simpati credit through Traveloka gives you many advantages since it is so easy and simple. Various credit amounts offered can be found on Traveloka, from Rp10.000 to the maximum of Rp1.000.000, which is not available in the form of voucher. 

Additionally, purchasing Simpati credits through Traveloka can be done anywhere anytime since it is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.