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Simpati Loop Credit

Buy Simpati Loop Credit in Traveloka

How to Check Simpati Loop Credit Balance

There are several  ways to check Simpati Loop credit balance. You can choose based on your preference. Find the easiest ways to check your Simpati Loop credit balance, as follows: 

1. Code USSD *888#

This is the most common way for people to check their Simpati Loop credit balance. Go to call mode, type *888# and then press “call/ok/yes”.

In just a few seconds, your Simpati Loop credit balance will pop up on your screen. No need to worry about remembering this code since it  has already been saved to your Simpati Loop SIM card.

2.  Call 888

Another common way is to make a voice call to 888. Call 888 directly from your smartphone. After you get connected, the Telkomsel operator system voice will state your Simpati Loop remain credit balance, active period, and  grace period.

3. My Telkomsel Mobile Application

As part of a generation that needs to stay connected,  having this application on your smartphone is a must. My Telkomsel application provides complete information of your Simpati Loop number. You can login by using your mobile phone number, social media account, or email.

The application will show you the detail information of your Simpati Loop card, such as the remaining credit balance, your data plan credit balance and your remaining credit of call and text message bonus.

4. My Telkomsel Website

You can also check your Simpati Loop credit balance through My Telkomsel official website. Click the available link, then click login by using mobile phone number (this is the easiest and fastest method), social media account, or your email.

Then the page will show a registration form (if you have not registered as MyTelkomsel member yet). The registration process is simple, only by filling in your full name (if this is the first time you login using mobile phone number). If you are already a member, after logging in, the information of your Simpati Loop number will be shown on the main page of MyTelkomsel profile.

5. Call Telkomsel Call Center

This metode is usually used if you prefer voice call. Caroline Call Center (Customer Care On-Line) for Telkomsel post-paid customer is available on 155 (free of charge) and 188 for the customers who need to speak to Telkomsel customer care officer.

When you call 155, you will be connected to Telkomsel  customer service which will state your remaining credit balance through system operator voice. Follow the instructions to know how to check your credit balance. When you dial 188, you will be served by the Telkomsel customer care officer. Please ask the remaining credit balance to the officer. You will be charged IDR300 per call for checking credit balance through 188. 

How to Transfer Simpati Loop Credit

With Simpati Loop SIM card, you can share many things with your friends including mobile credit by using Simpati Loop credit transfer feature.

Simpati Loop credit transfer is available to share with Telkomsel users (not only with Simpati Loop users but also Simpati and Kartu As users). This feature allows you to share credit to your friends and family who use Telkomsel numbers, as a gift or as a favor during emergency situations. For example your friend ran out of mobile data and they’re unable to reload.

With credit transfer feature, you can transfer credit to other people from your credit balance. Your Simpati Loop credit balance will be debited according to the value you entered on the credit transfer menu. The same value will be added to the recipient’s Telkomsel number.

How To Transfer Simpati Loop Credit to Telkomsel Users

For those of you who want to share Simpati Loop credit to Telkomsel users, you can use one of these 3 methods:

1 Menu USSD 1

The most simple and fastest method is by using the USSD *858* menu. Type *858*recipient’s number*credit value# on your smartphone and then press: call/ok/yes”. For example you want to make IDR 5,000 credit transfer to 0822334496. Then, type *858*0822334496*5000#. Follow the instruction that pop up on your screen.

2. Menu USSD2

Type *858# on call mode and then press “Call/Ok/Yes”. The pop up menu will show a few options. Press 1 on “credit transfer”. You will be asked to enter the recipient’s number and credit value. Make a confirmation when the transfer notification pops up on your screen. Credit transfer is done when you receive an SMS notification from 858.

3. SMS

On the SMS menu, type this format: TPULSA(space)CREDIT VALUE. Enter the recipient’s number as destination number. After you receive confirmation and notification, credit transfer is done. For example: TPULSA 10000. Send the text message to 08222334496 (as illustrated before).

Simpati Loop Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions of Simpati Loop credit transfer are:

  1. Credit recipient has to be Telkomsel user.
  2. Minimum credit value to be transferred is IDR 5,000/transaction. Transfer format is numbers only without punctuations. For example: 5 or 5000, not IDR 5,000 or IDR 5,000,000.
  3. The maximum credit transfer transaction is 100 times/day, the maximum value is IDR 1,000,000.
  4. Both the recipient and sender’s SIM cards have to be on active period or grace period.  Recipient has to activate the number by reloading before being able to receive and use the transferred credit.
  5. Credit transfer transaction does not extend the receiver or sender active period.
  6. Each credit transfer transaction will charge IDR 15,000 to the recipient.
  7. Sender’s credit balance should have not less than IDR 5,000 after the credit transfer.

How To Purchase Simpati Loop credit on Traveloka

Purchasing Simpati Loop credit is now available on Traveloka through Traveloka App. This offers extra convenience that suits today’s hectic lifestyle. With Traveloka App, purchasing Simpati Loop credit has become very flexible since you can do it anywhere and anytime.

To enjoy the convenience of reloading Simpati Loop credit through Traveloka App, make sure this application has been installed to your smartphone. It is available on the latest version 2.9.2 both on Android and iOS, which you can download for free via Play Store and App Store.

You can purchase Simpati Loop credit right away after logging in on Traveloka App, click “Top-up & Data Packages”  menu, enter your Simpati Loop number and the credit value you want. Multiple options of credit value are available. Starting from the most friendly IDR 10,000  up to IDR 1,000,000 (which is not available as a voucher). 

After entering the correct data, you can directly settle the payment and Simpati Loop credit will be reloaded in instant. 

Simpati Loop Emergency Credit

Emergency credit is the reverse of credit transfer. This feature allows you to be the credit recipient. This feature allows you to request Simpati Loop credit transfer from other Telkomsel users. By all means this feature is very useful in emergency situations, especially when you run out credit and it is not possible for you to reloadright away.

Say you are doing outdoor activities in a remote location where there are no counters selling mobile phone credit vouchers. Simply type *858*2# on your call mode and then press call. Pop up menu will appear asking you to enter sender’s number and the credit value you need. After confirmation, Telkomsel system will send your request to the sender’s number.

After the sender receives your credit request, they will transfer the credit through Credit Transfer feature (check “How to Transfer Simpati Loop Credit).

This emergency credit feature has several terms and conditions:

  1. The person who requests emergency credit will be charged IDR 100/transaction.
  2. The credit value requested should be between IDR 5,000 – IDR 100,000. Request format is the same to credit transfer feature.
  3. Both the sender and recipient’s SIM cards have to be in active period or grace period. If not, you can still receive the emergency credit but will not be able to use it unlessyou have activated your SIM card first by reloading your credit.
  4. Emergency credit transaction does not extend the active period of the sender or the recipient.

Brief Information about Simpati Loop

Simpati Loop is the youngest product of Telkomsel, released in 2014. Telkomsel has designed Simpati Loop as an  answer to the younger generation’s for a cellular operator who can make their activities easier.

The display of the card reflects young soul by using colorful graffiti and Simpati Loop logo which also adopt the graffiti style with Telkomsel’s signature red color. This design is also used on the website and every element of Simpati Loop.

. This operator offers economic fare for phone calls, SMS and data packages. It’s perfectly suitable young people’s budgets with multiple and economic data packages options. 

As further proof that Simpati Loop truly understands today’s younger generations, it provides the sharing package, which is similar to credit transfer feature, but is especially for data packages called LOOP Sharing-an.  . This package is available for 3 to 5 registered members. The data plan credit available is 1.5 GB, 3 GB, 2.5 GB, to 5 GB.

Simpati Loop also offers Simpati Loop (package). This package allows the users to combine phone calls, SMS, data packages based on available fare. Not only that, there is a Hot Promo program that offers different promo every month. Hot Promo does not only provides communication-based promos, but also games packages and interesting information revolving around the world of younger generation. 

One more unique feature is Simpati Loop Station. Simpati Loop Station is a place for Simpati Loop users to hang around, available in big cities in Indonesia. Simpati Loop Station provides purchasing center and Telkomsel information center, as well as cafe, basketball fields, games room, WiFi Zone, and performance stage. 

Simpati Loop Credit

Simpati Loop is one of GSM Telkomsel prepaid product. Simpati Loop aims to fulfill the needs of the younger generations to stay connected and to adhere to their lifestyle. 

Good news for those who are part of the younger generation, Simpati Loop credit  is available on Traveloka mobile application, Traveloka App.

As today’s lifestyle has become more practical, Simpati Loop credit purchase through Traveloka App is indeed very convenient. Multiple options of Simpati Loop credit are available along with friendly price even for young people’s budget.

Not only economic, Simpati Loop purchase through Traveloka App can be done anytime. Anytime you run out credit, all you have to do is log in on Traveloka App and Simpati Loop credit will be reloaded in instant.