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Smartfren Credit

Buy Smartfren Credit in Traveloka

Several Ways To Check Smartfren Credits Balance

Smartphone allows you to communicate easily anywhere and anytime. You can stay in touch at any time without worrying about the distance. Through telephone, you can stay connected.

Other than calling, you can do many things with your smartphone. You can chat, send SMS, browse the internet, or stay up to date on  social media. Those things make smartphone an important object for anyone in this day and age..

However, smartphones will naturally be useless if you are running out of credit, since you can’t do activities as mentioned above. 

In order to make your life less boring, don’t let your smartphone run out of credits. It also applies to Smartfren users. Actually, you can anticipate it. 

How? You can check your phone credits routinely. It can warn you if your credits are going to run out. So, you can top up your credit balance immediately using Traveloka App.

There are many ways to check your Smarfren credits. First you can type *999# on your smartphone calling menu then press OK. Then, your remaining credits will be informed on your smartphone screen.

On the other hand, you can also know how much credits you have left by using Short Message Service (SMS). You just have to type a SMS with format “CEK” then send it to 999. After that you will get a reply of your credit balance information.

The last option is to check your credit balance through voice service. Call 999 then press OK or Call. Later on, you just need to follow the instruction on how to check your credit balance. 

How to Transfer the Smartfren Credits

When you have no money to top up your credits, it doesn’t mean you have to give up immediately. You still can get Smartfren credits with alternative way without pay. The way is by utilizing Smartfren credit transfer feature.

Smartfren serves Smartfren credit transfer service for their user. This certainly provides convenience and advantages for Smartfren customers.

With credit transfer service, users can share their credits. For example, you can transfer credits to other Smartfren users who need it. If you don’t have any credit left, you can ask for credits to other Smartfren users.

By providing Smartfren credit transfer service, users can share credits to each other. You can transfer some Smartfren credits to those who need it.

Without credits, smartphone users will not be able to use call or SMS services. You also cannot explore the virtual world to browse the internet, access social media, chat with your family and friends, or play games . 

Of course, you only have to transfer some Smartfren credits  to anyone who might need it. You will make them happier because they can access their smartphone optimally. The advantage for you is you’re doing something good for other people by transfer some Smartfren credits.

Other than that, if you are in the same situation, you might need help from other people to transfer you some Smartfren credits. Then, the people you helped before might help you in return.

How to Transfer Smartfren Credits Among Users or Other Operators

There are many ways on how to make credit transfer easily. First, you can transfer some Smartfren credits by using SMS service. You just have to create a SMS with format: KIRIM (space) destination number (space) nominal. Then send the SMS to 879.

Second, you can use uangku application to transfer some Smartfren credits. You can choose Send Credits menu. Enter your destination number and how much credit you want to transfer. Later on, the credits will be transferred.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available among Smartfren users. You cannot transfer the credits to other operators.

Smartfren Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

The presence of credit transfer service provided by Smartfren clearly makes the users’ lives much easier. Those who need credits urgently but do not have any money to top up their own credit balance can get the credits for free. How? Of course with the help of other users to send them some credits.

The credit transfer feature is useful for Smartfren users. But, there are some terms and conditions applied to all Smartfren users before doing credit transfer transaction.

First term is the minimum nominal to be transferred is IDR 1,000 and maximum is IDR 100,000. Each transfer  must be the multiple of IDR 1,000. So you cannot do the transfer if the nominal you enter is IDR 11,500 because it’s not the multiple of IDR 1,000.

Another term is after doing transfer to other users, the sender must have IDR 5,000 credit balance left. So, before doing credit transfer transaction, you have to check your credit balance. You have to make sure that is enough, if the credit balance is less than IDR 5,.000 then the transaction will fail.

For every credit transfer, the sender has to pay IDR 5,000. However, the fee is not applied for credit transfer using UTK Smart Access.

The last term is the credit transfer service is only available to Smartfren users. You cannot transfer the credits to other operators. 

How to Top Up Smartfren Credits in Traveloka

Topping up your Smartfren credits in Traveloka App is easy. Of course, you need to download the application to your smartphone. Top-up and data packages services are available both on Android and iOS.. After downloading the app, you can top up your Smartfren credits anytime and anywhere.

By serving top-up transactions online, Smartfren users do not have to do much effort. Even when you are in remote areas, you still can top up the credit. Meanwhile, top-up counters can be difficult to find in remote areas. Besides, Traveloka App is available for 24 hours, so you can top up easily anytime.  

Smartfren Emergency Credits

Running out of Smartfren credit in an emergency situation is a common thing. The good news is , you can get Smartfren credit without even purchasing it.

Smartfren provides emergency credits feature. With this feature, Smartfren users can get credit loan in certain amount. You will be able to enjoy Smartfren services such as SMS or call service.

The existence of Emergency Credits feature becomes users’ savior. Especially for those who need to top up their credit balance but don’t have any money or did not find any top-up counter.

To enjoy the Emergency Credits service from Smartfren, there is an easy way. You just have to send an SMS with format of “PINJAM” and send it to 99119. Then, follow the remaining instructions.

If you have met the qualifications to get Emergency Credit service, there will be an emergency credit offering for you. If you agree with the terms that Smartfren offers, you can reply the message through SMS service by typing 1 to confirm then afterwards you can get a certain amount of credits. .

To enjoy Smartfren Emergency Credits, there are some terms and conditions applied to all users. First, you have to be a prepaid customer. Postpaid customer might not be able to get this service.

Second, you  have to be an active Smartfren user for at least 90 days. 

Those who want  to get emergency credits must be using Smartfren credits with certain amount. You have to use an average of IDR 10,000 – IDR 30,000 credits in the last 6 months.

On the other hand, you should not be in a state of grace period of more than three times within a year period. If you have exceeded the specified grace period, you cannot enjoy the Emergency Credits service.

Last one, make sure you have no emergency credits that need to be paid. If you want to enjoy the emergency credits feature again, you have to pay the previous credits bill. 

Brief Information about Smartfren

Smartfren is a merger telecommunication company from 2 different operators which are Smart and Fren. By the merger of those operator, Smartfren started to operate in 2011.

As a merger operator, Smartfren already have a strong users basis. Slowly, Smartfren attracts lot of smartphone users.

Smartfren became the only company that still operates their CDMA services, while also competing with other GSM operators. 

Smartfren offers many interesting features to enjoy. You can use credit transfer features among Smartfren users or enjoy emergency credit feature. Besides, Smartfren provides a friendly data package to all users. Smartfren also provides fast internet connection.

In 2015, Smartfren provided 4G LTE Advanced connection. This allows customers to enjoy the fast internet service. By doing so, customers will feel satisfied and comfortable using Smartfren.

4G LTE Advanced service is the innovation and further development from 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) technology. 4G LTE Advanced service is faster than the previous product. It is because of the consolidation of two or more radio network (spectrum). 

In serving its customers, this operator is always innovating. In 2016, Smartfren became the first operator to provide the services of Voiceover LTE (VoLTE). With this service, customers can make voice calls with 4G LTE connection. VoLTE can create and adjust the sound in a high speed. 

Smartfren Credits

Nowadays, Smartphone became the most reliable thing for the users. The existence of smartphone allows users to do many activities in your hand such as phone calls, SMS, chatting, video calls, etc.

However, you cannot do those activities when you run out of credits. You cannot do anything without credits, that includes for  Smartfren users. When running out of credits, people usually go to top up counters to top up their phone credits. Now, there is a simpler way to top up your credit balance with Traveloka mobile application, Traveloka App.