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Check & Buy XL Credit

Buy XL Credit in Traveloka

How to Transfer your XL Balance

The balance transfer feature is not a new one. XL provides the feature under the name: “Bagi Pulsa”. The feature has been provided to allow customers who need credit, but interestingly, with this feature, the person who requires it doesn’t need to spend money for it. 

This feature allows XL users to provide their own credit easily to other users. The process of transfer is also very fast. Once the credit has gone, it will quickly arrive at the destination number. This feature” also fosters a sense of helping one another, especially fellow XL users. 

The “Bagi Pulsa” feature is absolutely a breath of fresh air. There are several benefits of using it. The benefits can be felt by both the giver and the recipient of the credit. 

For the credit recipient, you’re able to obtain the necessary credit without spending any money. This is a great help to those who really need credit, but have limited funding. Therefore, the feature allows you to have credit, even if you currently have limited budget

The second benefit is, you can get credit without the need of going to a top-up counter. If you’re in need of credit while in remote areas, away from the crowds, these counters can certainly be rare to find. It’s  difficult to find credit, but you also really need to make an important phone call. 

Therefore, if you have a little credit, you can use it to request more credit from other users. This is certainly going to be helpful for those who need it in circumstances of great urgency. 

As the provider of credit, you will also see the benefits. You’ll be able to help those in need, i.e. fellow users. In addition, the transfer of this credit could also strengthen the feeling of friendship or kinship because you’re helping each other.

How to Transfer Balance to XL Users

XL has three methods for sending your balance to other users. You can use a call, SMS or XL features. To send it through the call, dial *123# and call. Select “mPulsa”, select “Bagi Pulsa” and enter the destination number, then the amount of credit that you want to send. Finally press “submit”. 

Secondly, you can send an SMS. Simply type Bagi (space) destination number (space) amount . Then send it to the number 168. After sending the SMS, you receive a request of approval. Type the letter ‘Y’ as a sign of approval. 

Finally, for credit through XL features. Go to XL Features, select Share Credit, enter the destination number, then enter the amount you wish to send and press OK. 

XL Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

To make XL credit balance transfer transactions, there are some requirements that must be met. First of all, you must have a minimum of IDR 5,000 after the transaction. Make sure you have this credit after you have sent it to the necessary recipients. If not the transaction will fail.  

The second condition is that there is an administrative fee of IDR 500 for each transaction. So IDR 500 will be taken from you when you share credit to the recipient. Iff your friend has an immediate need, but has no credit, you’ll have to anticipate a cost of IDR 50,500 to activate a package worth IDR 50,000.

If you don’t, the transfer will be in vain, because the recipient will not be able to activate the data package. The reason is, the IDR 500 will be cut from the IDR 50,000 credit you’re sending out. If that happens, the recipient will only receive IDR 49,500 and  they won’t be able to  purchase the data package. 

Finally, you’re only able to perform 5 credit transfer transactions per day. It is therefore good advice to transfer as much as needed each time. This avoids reduced amounts received at the recipient, because of repeated transaction fees.  

NominalActive PeriodShare Credit
On Net
XL to XL
Axis to Axis
Off Net / Cross Net
XL to Axis
Axis to XL
1 - 2.9991 DayRp 1.000Rp 1.500Sender
3.000 - 9.9993 Days
10.000 - 24.9995 Days
25.000 - 49.99910 Days
50.000 - 99.99915 DaysRp 1.500Rp 2.000
100.000 - 200.00030 DaysRp 2.000Rp 3.000
200.001 - 300.00030 DaysRp 3.000Rp 4.000
300.001 - 500.00060 DaysRp 4.000Rp 5.000
500.001 - 1.000.00060 DaysRp 5.000Rp 6.000

How to Check XL Credit

Smartphones enable you to connect with anyone without having to worry about the distance. You can make the call to maintain your relations. 

However, often, when you are engrossed in conversation, your XL credit can easily run out without you realising it. This will result in your telephone call  being instantly disconnected, and you’ll be cut off midway. There may be a lot information which hasn’t been made during the call. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is recommended that before you place any call, you should check your credit first. This way you can estimate the length of your call before you place it. When your credit is limited, you’ll naturally be unable to talk for a long  time. If your credit is still sufficient enough, naturally you’ll be able to talk longer. 

In order to check your XL credit, there are a number of ways for you to do it. New XL users don’t need to be confused. This is because when you first get your XL SIM card, in your contact list “Credit Check” or “Cek Pulsa” will be listed. So to check your remaining credit balance, simply use the contact.

This is certainly useful for new customers, Through this, XL ensures that its customers are never confused about their remaining credit. 

The second way, you can check by typing the number * 123 #. Type * 123 # on the smartphone screen, then immediately press the phone call. By doing so, you will be connected to XL. There, you can check your remaining credit.

Through these services, you can also check your SIM card active period. This way you’ll never have to worry about your number becoming void. You can simply check through *123#. In addition, through this service you’re able to sign up for an internet package, or check remaining quotas. 

Buying XL Credit in Traveloka

To buy XL credit through Traveloka, you’ll naturally need to download the application. The top-up and data packages are only available via Traveloka App (both Android and iOS). After you download the application, you’ll be able to top up anywhere. This means you won’t have to take the trouble to go to a counter to top up your phone credits, especially when you’re in a remote location.  

Emergency XL Credit

When you’re running out of credit, you are still able to enjoy the XL service. The method is to sign up for emergency credit. Using the emergency credit service, you can still enjoy the provider’s service, despite not having the ability to top up. 

To get the emergency credit, there are a few requirements. You must be a prepaid customer, and have been actively using XL for 60 days. Furthermore, you must have completed 3 top-ups worth a minimum amount of IDR 5,000 within those 60 days. 

Secondly, you must have emergency credit, which has yet to have been paid off. If you’ve already used the service, but not yet repaid it, you must do so before you can use it again. Finally, customers can receive it if they have been declared suitable by the specified systems. 

If the requirements have been met, you are able to get the emergency XL credit. The way to do this is by calling *123*9110# or sending an SMS to the number 911. Type either “istimewa” or “darurat”. 

After this, you will receive information regarding the credit obtained, and the administrative costs, either via SMS or UMB. The amount of credit acquired by each user can vary, this depends on the profile of each customer. XL will assess your profile before adding the emergency credit. 

Furthermore, you’ll be required to confirm that you want the amount of credit to be provided. After the confirmation is complete, you will get the emergency XL credit. 

Remember that the emergency credit sent to you, must still be replaced. Replacement of the emergency credit is done when you top up. For example when you get emergency credit of IDR 20,000, you can replace it when topping up that amount or more. 

However, should the amount you top up not be enough to replace the credit, your credit will be reduced to just IDR 2,000. For example, if you borrow IDR 20,000 from XL emergency credit, but your top up is just IDR 10,000; your balance will be just IDR 2,000. Later, the rest of the credit will be repaid with the contents of your next top-up.  

Brief information about XL

XL cannot be regarded as a new player in the world of mobile services. The company was originally formed in 1989. At that time, the company was known as PT Grahametropolitan Lestari, which was engaged in public services and trade. 

IN 1996 XL launched into the world of telecommunications and GSM service to the public. It made XL the first player to provide mobile phone services over other operators. 

As the first provider of mobile phone services, naturally XL has a long history. Beginning as PT Grahametropolitan Lestari in 1989, it was changed to PT Excelcomindo Primary, until it later became TM International. Nowadays the company name has been changed to PT XL Axiata since 2009. 

Since it made its first appearance, until now, XL has had a lot of customers. They are spread across the land. There is certainly many reasons that people maintain loyalty to XL network operator. 

This is because the many services offered by XL are very attractive. The operator certainly knows the needs to its customers. For example, to support customers’ needs for the internet, XL Xtra Combo packs provide the service. The presence of this package is absolutely the answer to the need for rapid and efficient internet access. 

You can enjoy XL packages, such as Xtra Combo Package for internet with satisfaction. By signing up for the package, you can get quotas ranging from as low as 1 GB up to 16 GB. With these quotas, customers can be content doing their activities;  streaming videos, exploring through a browser, chatting or being active in social media. Not only this, but the Xtra Combo package allows you to get a free phone, either with the same provider, or a different one. 

In addition to this, XL is also increasingly improving itself by offering super-fast internet access. XL 4G networks can be enjoyed by many people in various regions. 

This really demonstrates XL’s commitment to providing the best services, just one way is by providing 4G network capabilities. This 4G network certainly spoils their customers, so they can really satisfy their need for internet. 

XL Credit

XL users are now able to top-up their credit via the Traveloka application. Having been known as Indonesia’s leading travel booking app for domestic and international destinations especially for flight tickets and hotel room reservations, Traveloka now also provides top-up and data package services. Therefore, XL users, you’re now able to top-up your credit in Traveloka. 

Topping up in Traveloka is much easier for you. This is because you can top up without having to leave home. At a push of a smartphone button, the credit can be on your phone immediately.