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TV Cable and Internet

Apparently, the rapid development of technology has also influenced the entertainment industry in Indonesia. Back in the days, people watch TV or listen to the radio to spend their leisure time. But today the option expands to TV cable and the internet. Data shows that back in 2010, the number of TV cable users only reached 1.1 million, which has increased to 7.1 million users in 2017.

The number of internet users is quite high, too. In 2018, the number of internet users in Indonesia has reached 171 million. With this, many providers emerge to offer TV cable options and various internet plans with different price. For TV cable, the price starts from IDR20,000 to IDR2.9 million per month. Meanwhile, the price of internet plan starts from IDR300,000 to IDR2.9 million per month.

Some of the providers also offer a combined service of TV cable and the internet. The price of the offered service is quite varied, starting from IDR200,000 to IDR2.9 million per month.

If you’re interested in installing TV cable and internet modem at your house, don’t just blindly pick a provider based on the cheap price. There are indeed a lot of TV cable and internet providers that offer service at such a low price. But don’t be tempted. Find out the company’s reputation beforehand, you can read their customer reviews on the internet. You also need to specify your needs in using TV cable and the internet.

For the TV cable, select a bundle of channels that you will watch. If you have kids at home, make sure the bundle has educative channels for kids. Meanwhile, for the internet, consider the number of people living at your home and estimate the internet usage. If it looks like you need to use the internet a lot, it will be wise to choose an internet provider that offers an unlimited plan.

Additionally, it’s better to consider the technical support offered by the TV cable and internet provider. Make sure they offer top-notch service. So, should you encounter some troubles on your TV cable and the internet in the future, the provider’s technical support can fix it immediately.

More About TV Cable and Internet

Check bills and pay bills using Traveloka

In order to enjoy various entertainment through TV cable and the internet continuously, make sure to pay its bills regularly. The good news is that these days you can easily check bills and pay bills using Traveloka. With only one app, Traveloka can save all of your account bills. This allows you to make hassle-free payments every month. Not to mention that you can also easily check your bills using the same app.

As long as you have a proper internet connection, you can take advantage of Traveloka’s feature of checking and paying bills. So, even though you are currently on the road or going on a trip, you still can pay your bills without any hassle. Traveloka helps you pay your bills on time.

Besides TV cable and internet bills, Traveloka also provides other household bills and daily necessities. This includes electrical bills, BPJS Kesehatan, Telkom, PDAM, postpaid bills, and game voucher. No need to worry about that bills payment since Traveloka offers various payment methods. You can finish your transaction from ATM, using a credit card, internet bank, or going the appointed supermarket.

However, before you enjoy the convenience of checking and paying bills through Traveloka, make sure to make an account on Traveloka. With this one account, Traveloka will save each of your bill transaction, which provides convenience if you want to check your previous bills.

Purchase TV voucher

There are many options for TV cable service providers out there. But if you want to make a subscription to TV cable K-Vision or Topas TV, you can purchase their vouchers through Traveloka. K-Vision and Topas TV are subscription TV service providers with a prepaid system. Each of which offers a subscription TV package with a wide selection of channels. The price is quite affordable, starting from IDR50,000 per month.

Each month, the user needs to top-up the TV cable’s voucher to be able to keep enjoying various shows on K-Vision and Topas TV. Don’t worry, you can purchase both K-Vision and Topas TV vouchers on Traveloka.

So, if you’re interested to make a purchase, open the Traveloka app from your mobile device. Select the Bills & Top-up menu, touch the Cable TV & Internet icon, and go into the Prepaid Vouchers category. After that, select either the K-Vision or Topas TV icon. Submit your customer ID, then specify the number of vouchers you want to purchase. Make sure the information is right, and touch the Continue button to make a payment.

No worries, Traveloka provides various options of payment to help you top-up the K-Vision and Topas Tv vouchers. From ATM transfer to internet banking, you can choose one that suits your preference.

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