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Flight from Manila (MNL) to Macau (MFM)

Flight from Manila (MNL) to Macau (MFM)

Known as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau is the place to go to test your luck and double your money. But the small city of Macau isn't just about gambling and fun times, Macau is filled with history and beautiful architecture, and don't forget an endless array of delicious food.

Best time to fly from Manila to Macau

Macau is not affected by the changes in season much. However, the best time to visit Macau would be from October to December, which is just after summer yet before the coldness of winter hits in. During these months, the days are cool and clear, making it the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors and explore Macau at its best. Even later into winter, Macau’s temperature doesn't drop so low, giving it comfortable weather to enjoy the city, even at night. March to April is spring in Macau and this is also when it gets wetter in the city, which you might want to try and avoid. If you have Victoria Peak in your itinerary, be sure to avoid spring as the clouds will cover up the peak and block the beautiful view of the city.

Main airports available in Manila and Macau

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) – The Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA is more commonly known as Manila International Airport and is the main airport serving Manila and its surrounding metropolitan area. Located on the border between Pasay City and Paranaque City, the airport is approximately 7 kilometres south of Manila. The most common mode of transportations used to get to the airport are the bus, rail, taxi and rental car. Though not that far from the city, the best way to get to and from the airport is by taxi. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to downtown Manila by taxi and fares are around PHP 300 to PHP 450. The airport bus to downtown Manila and costs approximately PHP100. NAIA offers all the amenities of a modern airport such as ATM's, currency exchange, duty-free shops, lounges and restaurants. If you're heading out, don't forget to stop by the Philippines most famous fast-food chain, Jollibee and fill yourself up before your trip.

Macau International Airport (MFM) – Macau International Airport is an international airport located in the special administrative region of Macau. The airport is located on the end of Taipa Island and is equipped with amenities such as duty-free shops, banks, airport lounges, smoking rooms, restaurants and other facilities. There are various ways of getting to the airport, including by land, which can take you directly to mainland China and by sea, which can take you directly to Hong Kong. If you are staying within Macau, most hotels will provide shuttle buses to pick their guest from the airport direct to the hotel. So do check ahead, and you might be given a free comfortable ride from the airport to your hotel.

Climate pattern in Manila and Macau

Compared to Manila which has a tropical climate, Macau experiences a maritime subtropical climate with cool winters and warm rainy summers. The average temperature in Macau during winter is 15 degrees Celsius whilst during summer the average will reach to about 26 degrees Celsius compared to Macau’s average temperature of 27.3 degrees Celsius. The annual rain amount in Macau is approximately 1800mm a lot lesser than Manila’s average of 2047 mm rain per year.

Highlights attractions in Macau

  • Ruins of St. Paul – The Ruins of St. Paul can be said to be the most iconic historical building in Macau, and also the most visited place in the city. The Ruins of St. Paul are the remains of a 17th-century catholic religious complex, dedicated to St Paul the Apostle. The Ruins of St. Paul is amongst one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese around the world and has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Sanado Square – If you've seen black and white streets on pictures and postcards of Macau, then that is none other than the Sanado Square. Sanado Square is lined by Portuguese architectural buildings and is graced by a majestic fountain in the middle. Beautiful to visit during the day as it is during the night, the Sanado Square is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Macau. Be sure to step into the old post office at Sanado Square. You will surely be amazed.
  • The Venetian – Not all of us go to Macau to gamble, but going to Macau without stepping into one of its casino's would be incomplete. Amongst one of the most lavish casinos in Macau, the Venetian has a link of connecting canals within the complex. Visitors can even enjoy a gondola ride through the canals of the Venetian. The Venetian is not just a casino but is also a shopping mall and is mostly known for its life-like the painting of the sky which decorates the ceiling of the building.

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