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Flight from Roxas City (RXS) to Tacloban (TAC)

Flight from Roxas City (RXS) to Tacloban (TAC)

The Philippines is one of the fantastic holiday destinations among the traveler. One of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines is Tacloban. Tacloban is also well known as Tacloban City and it is a very urbanization metropolitan and first-class in the Philippines. It functions as a regional center of the Eastern Visayas region. The city is independent of the Leyte region, although it serves as the provincial capital. Tacloban has a population of 252,089 and makes it the most crowded city in Eastern Visayas according to the census in 2015. The city is located 579 kilometers southeast of Manila. Tacloban was once the capital city of the Philippines under the Commonwealth Government from 20 October 1944 until 27 February 1945. Tacloban is famous for the Pintados Festival, which is an event that celebrates the life and culture of the early colonizers of the region.

Best time to fly from Roxas City to Tacloban

The weather in Tacloban is tropical year-round with an average temperature of 27-34 degrees Celsius. Tacloban or Philippines has only two main seasons, which is dry and wet seasons where rainfall can be heavy during the raining or monsoon season and humidity during the hotter months can be highest. The suitable time to visit Tacloban would in between December until February when the weather is warmer with occasional showers. During this period, the sun shines bright, resulting in clear open skies with the winds blow moderately suitable for outdoor activities. The off-peak season is in between July until September where the climate during that season cannot be predictable and typhoons may sometimes occur anytime. Visitors should check the weather reports as a safety precaution before going to this town. During this season you will find cheaper flight tickets and hotel deals.

Main airports available in Roxas City Airport to Tacloban

Roxas Airport The airport is a domestic airport serving the public area of Roxas City, the capital of the province of Capiz, in the Philippines. The airport is classified as type Class 1 principal airport, by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), an independent the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the operations of not only this airport but also of all other airports in the Philippines except the main international airports. Roxas Airport has many interesting shops and diners within the airport so you can shop or eat while waiting for the aircraft to arrive or depart. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of public transportation available in Roxas Airport for the visitors to go in and out from the airport to the selected location.

Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport -mDaniel Z. Romualdez Airport is also well known as Tacloban City Airport. The airport gets its name from the previous chief of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, Daniel Z. Romualdez. It is an airport serving the Tacloban and nearest surrounding cities. The airport is the main entrance of Manila and Cebu to the Eastern Region of the Visayas in the Middle East of the Philippines. Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport is ranked as the eighth busiest airport in the Philippines. The airlines that operate in this airport is Cebgo Air, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, AirAsia Philippines, and Philippine Airlines. Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport has many interesting shops and eateries within the airport so you can shop or eat in while waiting for the plane to arrive or depart. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of public transportation available in Francisco Bangoy International Airport for the visitors. There are many daily flights from Roxas City to Tacloban, which is from Philippine Airlines.

Climate pattern in Roxas City to Tacloban

Tacloban’s climate is sunny for most of the time. Usually, it will be warm and sunny throughout the years with little rains except for unpredictable typhoon season which the weather can be dangerous with heavy rains and thunderstorm. The average maximum temperature in Tacloban is around 26 and 32 degree Celsius, while the average minimum is about 19 and 22 degree Celsius. While around December until February will be the peak of seasons because it will be the warm and enjoyable season of the year. If you plan to visit Tacloban during this season, make sure you book your hotels and flights early as both fill up quickly.

Highlights attractions in Tacloban

  • Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum - Situated inside a former vacation house of the greed Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum preserved artifacts, antiques, arts and other precious items that were collected during the Marcos era. The museum shows the luxury lifestyle by the unrespectful president while his people struggled for food when he was in power.
  • Tulaan Fall - This is a beautiful waterfall in Tacloban. Surrounded in a deep forest, with the pure and cleanest air one could ever experience in Tacloban, Tulaan Fall is an overwhelming place for relaxation and be close to nature. Tulaan Fall has a great pool with a slow stream that is perfect for swimming. For those who are a bit adventurous, climb up the rocks that lead to a ledge, 2 meters above the water and do a bit of cliff diving stunt.
  • Madonna of Japan - Madonna of Japan or well known as Maria Kannon, it is a gift from Japan. The monument is to honor the newly forged friendship between the Philippines and Japan after World War II that had taken thousands of local lives in the hand of the Japanese soldiers. The Madonna of Japan was established at the former camping ground of the Japanese army. This important historical landmark situated in the Madonna of Japan Memorial Park sideways Magsaysay Boulevard.

Airport in Roxas City

Airport in Tacloban

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