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Can Tho
Cheap flights to Can Tho (VCA)

Flights to Can Tho, Vietnam.

Can Tho is located on the south of Hau River, one of the branches of Mekong River. Can Tho is famous for their floating market, delicious fruits and foods. With almost 1.5 million people live in Chan Tho, it makes Can Tho as the fourth largest city in Vietnam. Can Tho is a big city which has becomes the attraction of tourist for the scenic view of Mekong Delta and the life of the city after the sunset, a tremendous number of hotels, restaurant and unique culture has made tourist Can Tho as their destination for a vacation.

Airports in Can Tho

1. Can Tho International AirportCan Tho International Airport or formerly known as the Tra Noc Airport is the only airport that visitor can get in Can Tho. With the capacity of holding more than 5 million passengers at one time, the Tra Noc Airport has been operating since 1965 and serve as the important facilities during The Vietnam War and now it has been through few times renovation that surely has made the airport is comfortable and convenient enough for travelers.

How to get a Cheap Flight to Can Tho?

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When is the Best Time to fly to Can Tho?

Can Tho is located in the south of Vietnam. Thus, the climate there is tropical with three seasons, wet, dry and cool. In general, although Can Tho is blessed with three seasons, the normal climate is warm through the year. It is important to plan your trip well if you want to avoid the excessive heat that usually will be from March to June. The suitable time for you to visit Can Tho will be from December to February, during this time the climate is pleasing as Can Tho will be showered with rain and pleasantly warm. However, it is best to avoid to visit Can Tho during their monsoon season which in June, July and August.

Early April will be an excellent time to visit Cha Tho because the temple there will be celebrating a religious and cultural festival called Ha Dien Festival. During the 12th,13th, and 14th of April, it is the date of the Ha Dien Festival or the Crop Beginning Festival. This festival is celebrated to worship the god and ask for prosperity throughout the year, especially in agricultural activities. During this time, there will be many interesting ceremonies including the offering ceremony to the mountain god, the inviting ceremony and the opera ceremony where actors will present stories from ancient times. All ceremonies will be held at Binh Thuy Temple which is located 5km from the center of Can Tho.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Can Tho?

1. Cai Rang Floating Market - As unique as the name, this market is floating in the Hau River. As early as 6 in the morning, tourist has already started to come and experience the Cai Rang floating market. The journey of 30 minutes by boat will surely catch your attention as the scenic view of sunrise from the viewpoint of Mekong River. The market sells all sorts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and foods. It is truly a unique experience to buy things from the boat and seeing the beauty of Vietnamese people running the business through a different platform and medium.

2. Can Tho - Can Tho grand prison is one of the most important historical building in the history of Vietnam. It was built during the colonial era by the French and then being used by the Vietnamese and Americans during the Vietnam war. Now, the prison serves as the memorial historical site that shows life at the prison.

3. Ninh Kieu Wharf - Ninh Kieu Wharf is a popular tourist visit where people often go there after the sunset to enjoy the lively life of Vietnam. With colorful boats, statute and hawkers selling foods by the fresh air of the river, Ninh Kieu Wharf has been the most famous tourist spot in Can Tho. It has also been facilitated with numerous amount of restaurants, hotels, and pubs that will make your visit to Ninh Kieu Wharf will be extraordinary.

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