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Cheap flights to Jinghong (JHG)

Flights to Jinghong.

Jinghong is the capital of Xishuangbanna located in southern Yunnan, a province in China. Famous among backpackers and travelers passing between China and Laos. Jinghong is known for their tropical forest that local people call as the magical paradise which refers to the natural landscape and variety of birds and the Asian elephant. Not only rare species of animals but Jinghong also home to many rare species of plant such as the Yunnan nutmeg, Four Tau Wood, Meiden Wood and many more. Blessed with a tropical climate, Jinghong surely will be the right spot for nature lovers as plants and forest there grow wells and beautiful.

Airport in Jinghong.

1. Xishuangbanna Gasa International AirportXishuangbanna Gasa International Airport or also known as the Jinghong Airport is the airport located in the southwest of Jinghong city. Operating since 1990 and has been renovated for almost three times, Jinghong Airport surely will give you the best experience in therm of the facilities. The airport provides numerous routes domestic and few numbers of international routes.

How to get a cheap flight to Jinghong?

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When is the best time to fly to Jinghong?

Jinghong is blessed with tropical rain forest climate, which makes summer there have no excessive heat and the pleasant cold in the winter. As the city only has wet and dry seasons, it is best to visit Jinghong from October to June where it is the rain season. For rain lovers who would like to experience rain with the beauty of nature, it is advisable to go during July to August where these months serve a lot of rains. The coldest season will be during January, but there is no severe cold as wearing a sweater is enough to cover from the cold. November to April will be the dry season where the average temperature is 21 ℃. Although the weather is sunny and dry, however the pleasant warm will not disturb you.

It is also advisable to go in April where Jinghong will hold a water-sprinkling festival. The festival starts on 13th April and ends on 15th April every year celebrating the Lunar New Year. The water-sprinkling festival has attracted thousands of tourists as the zing from the people, especially during the second-day sprinkling water crazily all over the Jinghong city, even in almost city in Xishuangbanna. People will go out and bring a water gun and start to crazily shoot and sprinkling water. The excitement has become the traditions that keep the city live in harmony. There are several activities that people of Jinghong been celebrating, including cultural performance and exchanging goods.

What are the top 3 things to do in Jing Hong?

1. Jinghong Primitive Forest Park - Jinghong Primitive Forest Park is the largest ecotourism spot in Xishuangbanna where tourist usually enjoys the scenic view of Jinghong forest and enjoy several sports such as jungle trekking. Jinghong Primitive Forest Park also home for the research base of the peacock, minority villages, Buddhism pagoda, and the big granite sculpture. The park is famous for their three main valley – The Primitive Forest, Wild Creature and Minority culture. The whole park which covers the area of 16.5 square kilometers has six different areas which are Reception Area, Outdoor Area, Recreational Lounge, Sightseeing Area, Forest Reserve Area, and Fruit Trees Area and the Recreational Centre. Tourist also can have a lifetime experience wherein Jinghong Primitive Forest Park, visitors can join hunting with the primitive people. Hunter can choose either crossbow, archery or bare-handed to hunt down the farm raised animals.

2. Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park - Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park is the home for Wild Asian Elephant to grow safely. The park is specially built for people to sightseeing and observing the wildlife of an animal. It locates about 45 kilometers from the center of Jinghong city. This is the only place where you can find China's wild elephant, while the other place such as the Wild Elephant Valley only has wild Asian Elephant. There is approximately 130 wild Asian Elephant in this park.

3. Manting Park - Manting Park is the oldest park in Jinghong that has been since the past 1,300 years. Located in the southeast of Jinghong City, about two kilometers from the center of the city. The park is well known for the historical value and the beauty that remains although it has stood for more than a thousand years. Manting Park is said can make people's stress go away as the local named it ‘Chunhuan Park' which means the place for people to have their soul relax.

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