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Puerto Princesa - Palawan
Cheap flights to Puerto Princesa - Palawan (PPS)

Flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Princesa is the capital city in the province of Palawan. It is the most western city in the country. Throughout the entire Philippines, Puerto Princesa is the least populated city. It is also the cleanest and greenest city in the country. Puerto Princesa is the second largest city, geographically, with an area of around 2.3 thousand kilometers-squared with only 255 thousand people. Puerto Princesa is an emerging eco-tourism destination in the Philippines.

Airport in Puerto Princesa, Palawan1. Puerto Princesa International AirportThis is the only airport that serves Puerto Princesa. It is located within the city limit, just around seven kilometers from the city hall. The airport got its new passenger terminal in 2017 to accommodate the increasing number of passengers. In 2018, the Perto Princesa International Airport handled more than 2 million passengers. There are several local and international airlines providing services at Puerto Princesa International Airport, connecting the city to other cities in the Philippines and Taipei and South Korea. Transportations from the airport are plenty such as taxis, buses and car rentals together with the unique Philippines vehicle, the Jeepneys.

How to Get Cheap Tickets to Puerto Princesa, PalawanGetting an inexpensive flight ticket can be quite a hassle. However, by using Traveloka, a search engine for hotels, accommodations and flight tickets, the search can be a lot easier. Traveloka has a friendly user interface, making it easy to use. It is also available by using a web browser or download its mobile application. Just key in the related keywords, set the date and the price range before clicking the search button. In seconds, Traveloka will show the best deals available on the internet. Still not satisfied with the prices of those deals? Use the price alert feature which will alert the user when the deals prices drop into the desired range. The price alert feature is available on both web browser and mobile application.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Puerto Princesa, PalawanPuerto Princesa, Palawan is suitable to go at any time of the year. It has a warm and humid climate all year round. There are only two weathers in Puerto Princesa; hot and dry from January until April and raining season from May to December. The best time to visit Puerto Princesa is from April until June. These months are during the dry season. Thus, there is only a small chance of rain. The temperature is also at a comfortable 28°C during the day. Crowds are bigger during these months. For those who are looking for a smaller crowd, go and visit Puerto Princesa during the raining months. There are a lot fewer tourists and the weather is cooler. September is the wettest month, with plenty of rain. Do note that the oceans can be significantly choppy during the raining months.

Puerto Princesa celebrates plenty of festivals throughout the year. Most of these festivals are to celebrate the mother nature, including lots of tree-planting events. Love Affair with Nature and Balayong Festival that are celebrated in February 14th and March 4th respectively have tree-planting as their main event. In April and May, the city celebrates the seafood and the oceans that are important to Puerto Princesa. There is also an art festival celebrated for the whole month of April.

What Are 3 Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan1. Firefly Watching – One should never miss watching thousands of fireflies while in Puerto Princesa. For one hour, enjoy the mesmerizing views of those fireflies lit the mangroves where they live. A ticket for one person is only P 1000 and this includes the boat ride to get closer to the mangroves.

2. Dolphin Watching – These beautiful mammals are aplenty in Puerto Princesa Bay. Dolphin watching is another interesting and mesmerizing activity to catch while visiting the city.

3. Underground River – Dubbed as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, the Underground River in Puerto Princesa city is a great tourist destination. There are tours available for exploring the Underground River and it is recommended to join one of them. Tour is a great way to know the histories and anecdotes of the Underground River better.

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