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Cheap flights to Kagoshima (KOJ)

Flights to Kagoshima

Kagoshima is the capital city of Kagoshima Prefecture at the southwestern tip of the island of Kyushu in Japan, and it is the largest city in the. Kagoshima has been dubbed as the "Naples of the Eastern world" because of its bay location hot climate, and emblematic stratovolcano, Sakurajima. Kagoshima is also home of near-mythical samurai hero Saigo Takamori and it is also related to the Satsuma Rebellion.

Airports available in Kagoshima

1. Kagoshima AiportKagoshima airport has an international and domestic terminal. The international terminal serves four flight routes that operate between Kagoshima and Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The domestic airport serves direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and other metropolitan cities, as well as the islands of Kagoshima including Yakushima Island, Tanegashima Island, Amami Oshima Island, Yoron Island, and many more. This airport is equipped with souvenir shops, restaurants, convenience store, post office and a money changer. These facilities can be found in the domestic terminal. The airlines that operate in this airport include JAL and ANA that offer flights into Kagoshima from several major cities in Japan. Besides, low-cost carriers such as Fuji Dream, Jetstar, Peach, Skymark and Solaseed also fly into Kagoshima. This airport is located one hour away from Kagoshima's main train station. It can be reached by Bus that will cost you ¥1200. Bus companies such as Iwasaki and Nangoku-Kotsu offer bus services every 10 minutes going from and to the city centre, that stops at the main train station and the Tenmonkan shopping street.

How to get Cheap Flights to Kagoshima?

It is easy to find cheap flights to Kagoshima with the help of Traveloka. Traveloka is a search engine that will help you compare prices of flights between airlines and provides you with the best option. To find the best deal, search for the destination in the Traveloka website or the Traveloka mobile app, and it will show you the available options. You can also use the price alert feature to notify you of future price changes.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Kagoshima?

The temperature in Kagoshima can vary greatly. The temperature can be pleasant in some parts of the year. However, it is really hot in the summer and cold in the winter with a possibility of rain or snow throughout most of the year. The warmest time to visit Kagoshima is in August, July and September. The temperature in August can reach 33.3°C with temperatures dropping to 26.2°C at night. If you don’t want to be drenched in the rain, it is best to visit Kagoshima in January, October or May because these are the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation. It is important to note that Kagoshima has four seasons which means that Kagoshima will have different weather conditions and temperatures throughout the year. In Kagoshima, the busiest month for tourism in February, followed by March and July. You can expect prices for hotels and flights to be slightly more expensive during these months. Tourists are unlikely to visit Kagoshima in October. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Kagoshima?

1. Sogadon-no-Kasayaki – This festival is a must-see if you are traveling to Kagoshima in July. Sogado-no-Kasayaki, or also known as the Umbrella Burning Festival is an event where male residents walk down the Kotsuki-gawa River and set umbrellas on fire. This ritual is related to a legend which says that two brothers used umbrellas as flaming torches in the days of old which is also an engaging tale of rivalry and deceit.

2. Sakurajima – This is an active volcano located in Kagoshima and it can be reached by ferry. There are three main peaks in Sakurajima which are, Kita-dake (north peak), Naka-dake (middle peak) and Minami-dake (southern peak). Currently, Minami-dake peak is the most active. Tare many observation points around Sakurajima where eruptions can be observed from about three kilometres away. There are also a few attractions around the Ferry Terminal, including an onsen, foot baths, short hiking trails and an information centre. To explore the volcano, travelers should travel by rental car, which can be transported from Kagoshima by ferries. However, sightseeing buses, regular buses and rental bicycles are other possible methods of travel.

3. Tsurumaru Castle – According to history, this castle is owned by the Shimazu family. However, the castle was destroyed in the past and now the remainings of the castle that's left are the moat and the outer wall. To reach this castle by public transport, take the Kagoshima City View Bus from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station and get off at the Saigodozo-mae. It is not recommended to drive there as there is no parking nearby.

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