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Cheap flights to Kaohsiung (KHH)

Flights to Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung is the coastal city in southern Taiwan. It is a special municipality with an area of almost 3,000 kilometers square. It can be said that Kaohsiung is a dense city with a population of 2.77 million, hence the third most populous division and second largest metropolis in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is well known for their uprising industries such as the steel-making industries, oil refining, and shipbuilding industries.Airports in Kaohsiung.Kaohsiung International AirportKaohsiung International Airport is a medium-sized airport located in Xiagang District in Taiwan. Some locals might call the airport as Xiaogang Airport. Getting to the airport is not a hustle since you can get here by taking a bus, taxi or rented a car. The airport is facilitated with basic facilities such as the ATM machines, and restaurants. The airport has a single east-west runway and two terminals.How to get a cheap flight to Kaohsiung?Traveloka is a search engine that will help you travel easily. You can find the cheapest flight by just key in information in the search box. Traveloka will compare the cheapest ticket flight available to Kaohsiung and you can choose according to your budget. The search engine will compare numerous aviation company and provide the best result. The price range can also notify you of the flight tickets by Traveloka's price alert feature.When is the best time to fly to Kaohsiung?Kaohsiung has a tropical savanna climate which makes it has a warm and cold temperature. Kaohsiung's warm climate is very much dictated by its low latitude and its exposure to warm sea temperatures year-round, with the Kuroshio Current passing by the coast of southern Taiwan. Winter season can be from December to March and the temperature usually drops as low as 15 degrees. October and December can be a great time to visit Kaohsiung. During these months, the temperature is low as well as the rainfall. Hence, more activities can be done during these months.People also can visit Kaohsiung during festivals. There are many festivals celebrated in Kaohsiung such as the Chinese New Year Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Lantern Festival, Moon festival, Sanyi International Woodcarving Art Festival, and Taroko George Marathon. In shorts, there are more than 20 festivals celebrated in Kaohsiung. Be sure to hire a local trip advisor or keep updating from the internet to get the exact date of the festivals. It is advisable to do booking months earlier before the festival to avoid high rates and price markup by the locals.What are the top 3 things to do in Kaohsiung?Kaohsiung offers you a beautiful city with lots of interesting places that can be visited. Here are some places you can visit while you are Kaohsiung.Lotus Pond -is placed with beautiful ponds and lots of temples. It is located in Zuoying District in the Kaohsiung city. This is the most popular attraction place in the city. It is said, there are almost 20 temples that been scattered around the ponds. Along the pond and temples, there is a walkaway that can be used by pedestrian and people who would like to wander using a bicycle. It is a bit unusual and interesting structures of a dragon and tiger pagodas. This is one experience that you cannot get at other places other than the Lotus Pond.The Old British Consulate - is the first foreign consulate that has was built in Taiwan back in 1865. The British Consulate consist of residence, and a hiking trail. People often go here to visit the old consulate and to enjoy their morning hiking on the trail. The scenic view from the up there will make all your sweats worthy.Love Pier - is a historical landmark. It is also known as the Kaohsiung harbor. Many people come to the harbor to enjoy the day with a loved one. It has been identified as the popular dates spot because there are lots of bars and cafes with beautiful scenery. You can take a walk along the river and if you do not feel like walking, a cruise is one of the options that you have to enjoy the scenery.

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