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Cheap flights to Lanzhou (LHW)

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Flights to Lanzhou

Lanzhou is the capital city and the biggest city for the Gansu Province in Northwest China. The town is located at the banks of the famous Yellow river and has become a prefecture-level town. This town holds a history record where it used to be on a major link on the Northern Silk Road. Nowadays, the city has been widely known as the center for heavy industry and petrochemical industry. Lanzhou has a quite populous number of citizens wherein 2018 it records there are almost 2, 890, 000 people living in the city itself.

Airports in Lanzhou

Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport

Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport is the airport that serves the people in Lanzhou. It is located 42 kilometers north of Lanzhou's downtown. The airport has been operating since 1970 and now it has a second terminal situated in the south. The first terminal has eight aerobridges while the second terminal had another nine aerobridges. Lanzhou airport is a focus city which only serves the Hainan Airlines. This is a decent airport where you can get necessary facilities such as restaurants, information counter, ATM machines and many more. Getting there would not be a hustle, you can go by bus or public transport or even by taxi.

How to get a cheap flight to Lanzhou?

Traveloka is a search engine that will help you travel easily. You can find the cheapest flight by just key in information in the search box. Traveloka will compare the cheapest ticket flight available to Lanzhou and you can choose according to your budget. The search engine will compare numerous aviation company and provide the best result. The price range can also notify you of the flight tickets by Traveloka's price alert feature.

When is the best time to fly to Lanzhou?

Lanzhou has a semi-arid climate, which means it enjoys a hot summer while the winter is cold and dry. The winter can be considered as quite dry, even the snowfall sometimes restricted to fall and spring. Lanzhou also has long autumn and winter, while the spring and summer are short. Hence, the best time to visit Lanzhou is from May to October, where the weather is pleasant and not extreme.

There are many festivals celebrated by the people of Lanzhou city. Most of them a bit of religious and cultural celebration. For example, the Xiahe Labrang Monastery Grand Buddhism Gathering, Langshan Festival, Lanzhou' silk road' festival, Fuxi Cultural Festival, Zhangye Mati temple Tourism Festival and many more. All you have to do is to check with your local trip advisor and make sure you come in the right time to experience the beauty and colorful culture of the people. Be sure to make an early booking, a few months before, to avoid the high rates from locals.

What are the top 3 things to do in Lanzhou?

Lanzhou is an old city with modern facilities. Hence it offers many tourist attractions that worth your visit. Here are some places you can visit while in Lanzhou.

Zhongshan Bridge - Zhongshan Bridge is the iconic bridge that has become proud of Lanzhou. It is the first bridge ever built to cross the yellow river. From the bridge, there are a few important scenes that you should not miss. Firstly, the sculpture of Mother Yellow River. The second view is a waterwheel that has been operating since 1952 and still operating up until now.

The White Pagoda Hill - Zhongshan Bridge is one of the most visited places by the tourist. This hill got its name from an old pagoda which believed has been around since 1405. At the hills, there are halls and pavilions and also two museums; the strange stone museum and the minor guard carving museum. Here, it also famous for their lovely San Pao Tai or the eight-auspicious tea which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Zhangye Road Pedestrian - Zhangye Road Pedestrian is the oldest commercial road ever been recorded in history. With almost 100 years of history. Here, you can get to buy stuff such as the local foods, clothes, handicrafts and many more. The place is undoubtedly a heaven on earth for a shopaholic. As the oldest road, the road has served many people ever since the Song Dynasty that dated back in 960. For those who have been to Beijing, this road is similar to Wangfujing Street.

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