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Cheap flights to Virac (VRC)

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Manila (MNL) → Virac (VRC)
Cebu Pacific
Tuesday, 09 Jan 2024
₱ 2,888.54
Cebu (CEB) → Virac (VRC)
Cebu Pacific
Saturday, 16 Dec 2023
₱ 6,207.49

Flight to Virac

Virac is the capital city of Catanduanes which is located in the Bicol Region, Philippines. It has the largest population in Catanduanes with 73650 people based on the 2015 census. Situated in the province of “The Land of the Howling Winds”, Virac is well-known for its beautiful beaches. The beaches had gained a lot of attention from surfer lovers. Besides that, this city is surrounded by natural wonders such as mountains, caves and waterfalls. There are also a few old architectures like churches from the Spanish era.

Airport in Virac

Virac Airport

Virac Airport is the only airport that operates for Catanduanes province, Philippines. It handles for domestic and international flights including Philippine Airlines, Emirates and Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific launched the first Airbus flight at this airport in 2003. Apart from that, visitors can reach the city of Virac for only about 3 minutes by taking a taxi from the airport. The taxi fare will be around PHP 84.58.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Virac?

Traveloka is a travel website and an application that makes it convenient for travellers to search for the most affordable flights to Virac. All you need to do is key in the information in the search box, and the application will recommend the best trip according to your budget. It compares flight costs across some trustworthy airlines to assist you to urge the simplest doable deal. Use Traveloka’s price alert feature to be notified of flights in your desired price range to get the best flight cost to Virac.

When is The Best Time to Fly to Virac?

Virac has a tropical climate. The highest average temperature is 32 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 22 degrees Celsius. From November to March, the period is considered as the peak season in the city. Whereas, the low season is from April to October. There are two types of seasons in Virac: the dry season and wet season. To avoid the wet season, many visitors come to the city during the dry season which is from November to March. The visitors can enjoy surfing and playing beach activities while experiencing hot and humid weather. However, the visitors will encounter a lot of people, especially at tourist areas like museum and heritage sites. Besides that, the visitors have to book rooms and purchase flight tickets since they visit on the peak season. Meanwhile, the wet season is not an ideal choice to travel to Virac. Virac is known for the best beaches and beautiful nature. The visitors are unable to explore the city due to heavy rainfall. Therefore, the best time to visit Virac is during the dry season.
Several festivals are happening in Virac. One of the largest celebrations in this town is Catandungan Festival. It was an anniversary celebration when Catanduanes was founded and the provinces’ independence from Albay. The visitors can witness a street dance competition which features the famous Pantomina Dance. This festival also features beauty pageant, art exhibition, surfing cup and many more. It held annually, which is on October 24 to 26. The following festival is Abaka Festival. It is a cultural celebration to recognize the importance of Abaca and its major source of livelihood in the city. The visitors can watch concerts and drop by to exhibits events during the festival. It also features dance and sports competition as well as Pinukpok fashion show.

What are the 3 Things to Do in Virac?

Virac is famous for the best beaches and beautiful nature. Here are some of the attraction places in Virac.
Museo de Catanduanes - Museo de Catanduanes is the first museum established in the province of Catanduanes. It is situated at the Old Capitol Building, Sta. Elena, Virac. The visitors can learn about the history and culture of the province. This museum has displayed collections of photographs and historical events happening in the city. The visitors can also see traditional dresses and old historical objects in this museum.
Soboc Cove - Soboc Cove is one of the beautiful destinations in Virac. The beach is white and the visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole stretch of Soboc Cove. The visitors can take some great pictures of the beautiful scenery as a part of their memories of vacation in Virac.
Hicming Falls - Located in Barangay Hicming, Hicming Falls is a perfect spot for those who want to avoid any visitors at once. The visitors can find a small trail that leads to the waterfall. Along the way, the visitors need to experience a bit of hiking through forest terrain. Once the visitors have arrived, the visitors can enjoy swimming and laying in the streaming water to chill themselves.

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