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Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Camiguin-Mambajao (CGM)

Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Camiguin-Mambajao (CGM)

Mambajao is one of the smallest islands in the Philippines. It is located in the province of Camiguin. It is a small island with a population of 41,094 people based on the census in 2020. It is one of the most visited islands in the Philippines because it is packed with lots of attractions, from crystal blue seas to beautiful waterfalls. It is the best place to relax and unwind from the bustling big city. There are many interesting attractions that you can explore on this island. In addition, the foods in Camiguin Mambajao is delicious and affordable. Camiguin Mambajao provides various accommodations, including Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort, Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club, and GV Hotel Camiguin. Throughout your trip to Camiguin Mambajao, you could not miss many attractions this city has to offer, including but not limited to Mantigue Island, Katibawasan Falls, and Kabila Giant Clam Sanctuary. Travelling from Cebu to Camiguin Mambajao will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes via flight. However, the travel time may differ depending on the routes available.

When is the best time to fly from Cebu to Camiguin Mambajao?

The ideal time to visit Camiguin Mambajao is from January to April. If you want to avoid bad weather, you can visit Camiguin Mambajao from June to November. Heavy rainfall will make most outdoor attractions and activities unavailable. Hence, check the weather forecast and plan your trip on a hot sunny day. Avoid peak season as the rate for flight and accommodation will rise. However, it will not be an issue if you make an early reservation.

Camiguin Mambajao’s climate is tropical. The weather is a balance which is never too hot and not too cold. The temperatures in Basco Batanes range from a mild 26.5°C to 35°C average during the year. Make sure you bring suitable attire to match the current weather.

Operating airlines available in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp including both domestic and international carriers. Such airlines include Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Qatar Airways,China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and many more. For further information in regards to travel safety during the pandemic can be referred to Traveloka’s travel requirements and guidelines during COVID-19.

What are the main airports available in Cebu to Camiguin Mambajao?

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Mactan-Cebu International Airport is an international airport that always welcomes visitors to Cebu. It is located in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island, Cebu. It is the top two most bustling airports in the Philippines. It consists of two different terminals and has many facilities. It is also easily accessible by public transports. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, airport security has been tighter. Hence, you need to follow all the rules and regulations implemented in that airport. There are many public transportations available in Bacolod Airport for the visitors to use. The airport is the main international gateway for travellers to the Philippines. There are many operating airlines here, like AirAsia Philippines, Cebgo, PAL Express, and Philippine Airlines.

Camiguin Airport

Camiguin Airport is a domestic airport located in Mambajao City on Camiguin Island. It is the only airport in the general area of Mambajao. It has many facilities and is easily accessible by public transports. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, airport security has been tighter. Hence, you need to follow all the rules and regulations implemented in that airport. There are many operating airlines here, including Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and many more.

Places to stay in Camiguin Mambajao.

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort - Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort is a great choice when you are visiting Camiguin Mambajao. It is a beautiful resort and easy to find since it is strategically situated close to public facilities. It is only located 6.94 kilometres from Camiguin Airport and 1.94 kilometres from Camiguin Volcano. There are many rooms that you can choose from in this resort. There are many facilities in this resort. The 24-hours front desk is available to assist you and make your stay in this resort memorable. If you plan to visit Camiguin Mambajao, you can choose to stay in Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort.

Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club - Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club is a beautiful two stars resort. It is located in Yumbing, Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin, Philippines, 9100. It is easy to find because it is strategically located in the city of Camiguin Mambajao. It is only located 6 kilometres from the Camiguin Airport. There are many shops located near this resort too. The room in this resort is clean and comfortable. You can choose a package that suits your budget and preferences. Many facilities in this resort will make your visit to this city become a trip to remember.

GV Hotel Camiguin - GV Hotel Camiguin is located in Burgos Street, Mambajo, Poblacion, Mambajao, Camiguin, Philippines, 9100. It is a small hotel located in the strategic location in Camiguin Mambajao. It is only located 1.10 kilometres from Camiguin Airport and less than 100 meters from San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish. The hotel is clean and affordable. Hence, if you are travelling alone or in a small group, GV Hotel Camiguin is the best accommodation for you.

Highlights in Camiguin Mambajao.

Mantigue Island - If you want to explore the beauty of Camiguin Mambajao, you must visit Mantigue Island. It is the most visited island in Camiguin Mambajao. Many visitors visit this island because it is surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Mantigue Island is also home to more than 100 species of fish, including turtles. It has gorgeous multi-coloured corals and has become a popular spot for scuba diving.

Katibawasan Falls - Camiguin Mambajao is blessed with beautiful nature. If you want to explore nature, you can come and visit Katibawasan Falls. It is one of the popular attractions in Camiguin Mambajao. If you like trekking activities, you cannot miss this beautiful attraction. It is a beautiful waterfall and the best place to relax and be with nature. If you want to rejuvenate your body during the hot day, you can swim in the stream there.

Kabila Giant Clam Sanctuary - Kabila Beach is one of the popular attractions in Camiguin Mambajao. Many people come to Kabila Beach for a picnic with friends and family. One of the popular attractions on this beach is Kabila Giant Clam Sanctuary. It has a collection of 2500 giant clams from various species and sizes. It is the biggest clam sanctuary in the Philippines. There are many activities that you can do in Kabila Beach. There are also a lot of restaurants along the beach that serve delicious food.

Travel tips to Camiguin Mambajao.

To have the best experience while travelling, you need to plan your trip well. However, sometimes things are not happening according to plan. Hence, it would be best if you thought of a backup plan. There are many tips that you can follow while travelling.

Bring extra snacks and drinks

When you are travelling, make sure you pack extra snacks and drinks. It will help you feel hungry, especially when travelling in a remote area or waiting for your next flight. It will provide you with energy so you won't feel tired easily, especially when you have low blood pressure. Besides that, packing extra snacks will help you fulfil your hunger in the middle of the night.

Avoid taxis

Taxis might be one of the most accessible transportation that can carry you to the designated destination. However, the fare can be too expensive. To save your budget, you can try public transportation like bus or train. If you still want to travel by car, you can choose e hailing service as the rates are fixed without any hidden or extra charges.

How to Book with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp

Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp is the leading lifestyle SuperApp in Southeast Asia with over 100,000 flight routes offered and more than 100,000 hotels across the map. Traveloka gives you the best of both services, right from your fingertips. Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp gives you the convenience you need when you are doing your flight search and flight booking. We always keep our user experience in mind when we build the mobile application system to ensure every user has a great experience using it.

Booking might be hard on certain online travel agency platforms, but Traveloka has its ways of making it easy for customers to book their flights.

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From either the mobile app or the desktop, you will be able to easily search for your flights by filtering the necessary information such as travel date, trip type for either one-way or return, etc.

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You will be given information about the airline name, flight schedule, and ticket price once you arrived at the flight search results page. You can further refine your searches based on the filters you set.

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