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Flight from Clark - Pampanga (CRK) to Nanjing (NKG)

Flight from Clark - Pampanga (CRK) to Nanjing (NKG)

Nanjing, located in the east part of China, is one of the four great ancient capitals of China, is a city rich in history and culture. Nanjing city is surrounded by some of the most impressive relics from imperial times. At the same town, it is a developing metropolitan city and tourists can make use of the fantastic public transportations to soak up the city's modern history. Aside from the rich history that this city offers and the modern architectures, Nanjing also has some great local foods that you should not miss out on. The city offers local cuisines in all types of dining experiences from street food stalls to high-end restaurants with a nice ambience.

Best time to fly from Clark Pampanga to Nanjing

The ideal time to travel to this ancient capital city of China is in the months of February to May. The climate is pleasant and it is the season where the city's flowers and maple trees are in full blossom mode. During this period, the locals take full advantage of the blossoming trees and celebrate it as Nanjing International Plum Festival which occurs in annually in February and March. This festival celebrates the spring season and the blossoming of the flowers by showcasing performances, cultural exhibitions and bazaars.

Main airports available in Clark Pampanga and Nanjing

Clark International Airport – Serving to the general area of Pampanga with daily domestic and international flights to various cities of the world, is the Clark International Airport. The airport terminal is located approximately 98 kilometres south of Manila in Luzon Island. Being one of the major airports in the Philippines, there are quite a number of airline carriers that choose to operate from the Clark International Airport. This includes Asiana Airlines, Cathay Dragon, Emirates, Jeju Air, Jetstar Asia Airways, Philippine Air, Scoot and Qatar Airways.

Nanjing Lukou International Airport – The city of Nanjing and the nearby areas of Yangtze River Delta is served by the Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Located approximately 35 kilometres out of the city centre in the Jiangning District, the airport terminal acts as a major city airport. The airport is also China Eastern Airlines' main hub and a focus city for various local airlines like Shenzhen Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Air.

Climate Pattern in Clark Pampanga and Nanjing

Experiencing a humid subtropical climate, the city of Nanjing is one of the four hottest cities in the country. The four distinct seasons which the city experiences are consists of scorching hot summers, and cold winters. In spring, the climate stays warm and humid but then promises plenty of rainfalls during the rainy season.

Highlights attractions in Nanjing

  • Nanjing City Wall and Zhonghua Gate – The Nanjing City Wall is one of the oldest medieval attractions in the world. It is definitely one of the best highlights in Nanjing city and a must-visit. The wall is situated along the famous Qinhuai River, giving it a picturesque landscape for many photo opportunities. Exploring this area will eventually lead you to the southern gate of Nanjing City Wall that is known as the Zhonghua Gate. It is the largest and best-preserved castle-like gate in China and the most complex structure in the world.
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum – Being an ancient capital city, Nanjing is overwhelmed with many historical sites. Another historical site that you should include in your travel itinerary is the Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. Dr Sun Yat-sen is the great forerunner of the democratic revolution of China and is considered to be the Father of Modern China. This site is not only a tomb, but it also acts as a place of various other memorials such as the Memorial Archway of Universal Fraternity, the Sacrificial Hall, Depository of Buddhist Texts, Music Stage and Sun Yat-sen’s Academy. Plus, the view at the top of the 329 steps stairway is unlike something that you have never witness.
  • Qinhuai River – The Qinhuai River is where you can see the modern attractions of Nanjing that is blended in with the traditional. Some of the attractions to see here includes the Qinhuai Confucius Temple scenic area, Egret Islet, Zhonghua Gate and Zhanyuan Garden. During night time, Qinhuai River comes to life with vibrant sceneries and a lively nightlife atmosphere. You can get on a boat tour, or relax at a nearby riverside restaurant whilst enjoying Nanjing, the Qinhuai River and its fantastic ambience.

Airport in Nanjing

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