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Cheap flights to Bucharest (OTP)

Flights to Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. Bucharest is also the largest city in Romania with a total area of 285 square kilometers. It is inhabited by approximately 2.27 million people making it the sixth most populous city in Europe. Bucharest serves as a cultural, industrial and financial hub for Romanian. The city of Bucharest is no stranger to the tourism world. It is listed in the most popular destinations in Europe. Its main attractions are the beauty and uniqueness of the architectural buildings of Bucharest. Its architecture features a mix of neo-classical history, antebellum, communist and modern era. Bucharest has a good economy that makes this city a prosperous city in Romania. The city is one of the transportation hub in the east and the middle of Europe. The city has very extensive facilities in terms of education, culture, business, tradition and many recreational areas.

Airports in Bucharest1. Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport (OTP)Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport is Romania's busiest international airport. It is located in the Otopeni area, which is about 16.5 km north of Bucharest city center. It is one of the two airports serving in the Romanian capital. It is also known as the Otopeni International Airport, Bucharest. The airport serves as the headquarters of TAROM. It also serves as an operating base for low-cost airlines such as Blue Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air.

2. Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Aurel VlaicuThe Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is located in the Baneasa district, which is about 8.5 kilometers north of Bucharest city center. It is named after Aurel Vlaicu, a Romanian engineer, inventor, aircraft builder and earliest pilot. It is the main public use airport until the opening of Henri Coanda Airport. However, in March 2012, the airport was dedicated to business use. Around 2017 and 2018, this airport management company has proposed to re-open this airport for civil aviation. The preparatory period for re-opening the airport for public use may take up to 2 years from the proposal period

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Bucharest?According to locals, spring which is from March to May is the best time to visit Bucharest. The gardens and trees along the road look green and full of flowers, with warm, dry weather. However, avoid visiting Bucharest on May 1 for it has become the tradition of most Romans to go on vacation to the countryside. At that time, the lively city of Bucharest will be deserted and empty. Besides the spring season, other seasons are also no less fun. During the summer, from June to August, you can see the lives of residents of Bucharest where on the weekdays, restaurants, bars, shops are open until late at night and the city becomes genuinely festive. Meanwhile, on weekends, their lives become very relaxed where most of them will leave the city and spend time either relaxing in the sea or camping in the mountains. Day and night temperatures often reach 30 degrees Celsius. When the day gets shorter, the temperature is cooling down and the atmosphere turns calm, the fall comes. That is between September to November. Other than spring season, the number of tourists to Bucharest also increases in the autumn season, as the atmosphere of Bucharest is calm and very romantic.

Enjoying the architectural beauty of the city's buildings, with a moderately cool temperature, tranquil atmosphere, definitely making your vacation to Bucharest unforgettable. For your information, Bucharest was once known as 'little Paris' because of the beauty and atmosphere of the city. The winter takes place from December to February where the temperature can reach over -15 degrees Celsius. If you plan to visit Bucharest in the winter, make sure to carry enough clothes for your comfort in touring the city. The whole city is decorated with trees and lights to celebrate Christmas.

Among the popular festivals or celebrations in Bucharest is during the summer where the locals, especially the youngster celebrate music festivals known as TimeShift and Summer Well. Also, in autumn, the city of Bucharest is often filled with cultural exhibitions and concerts. In the winter there is also a Romanian National Day celebration. It is celebrated on December 1st every year where most of the people there celebrate with a glass of wine.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Bucharest?The name Bucharest is no stranger to the tourism sector. Therefore, there are many places to visit. Among them are;

1. Palace of Parliament - The Palace of Parliament is a parliament building where Romanian lawmakers are sitting. But, with its magnificent building beauty makes it one of the main attractions of pictorial travelers. It is located at Dealul Arsenalului, Bucharest. Its beauty and splendor is the result of works of about 700 architects and it took 13 years to complete the construction.

2. The Village Museum - The Village Museum is an outdoor concept of an ethnographic museum. It is located in King Michael I Park in Bucharest. It showcases Romanian farmers and traditional life. In other words, it has 272 farmer houses and farms from all over Romania. Travelers will spend a lot of time visiting each home while photographing memories.

3. Old Town - To explore the city of Bucharest more, tourists are encouraged to visit Old Town. It is a national history museum displaying national treasures. It is surrounded by an old 19th-century building that houses shops selling local wines, jewelry beads and elegant restaurants serving traditional dishes.

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