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Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Pekanbaru (PKU)

Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Pekanbaru (PKU)

Pekan Baru is the capital of the Riau Province of Indonesia and a major economic hub on Sumatra Island's eastern part. The name derives from the words "new market" in Malaysia ("pekan" is market and "Baru" is new). It has an area of 632,26 kilometres square with a population of 1,093,416. Located on the banks of the Siak River that drains into the Malacca Strait, Pekan Baru has direct access to the busy Strait and has long been known as a commercial port. Pekan Baru was originally built during the 18th century as a market by Minangkabau merchants.

Best time to fly from Cebu to Pekan Baru

The average temperatures in Pekan Baru vary barely at all. The temperatures feel hot all year with a chance of rain throughout most of the year. Pekan Baru has some very humid months and above-average humidity throughout the year. The least humid month is June, and the most humid month is December. Wind in Pekan Baru is usually extremely calm. The windiest month is August, followed by July and September. The busiest month for tourism in Pekan Baru, Indonesia is in December, followed by November and January. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Pekan Baru in February. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month. The best time to visit for the ideal weather is are 16 July till 19 August.

Main airports available in Cebu and Pekan Baru

Mactan–Cebu International Airport – The Mactan–Cebu International Airport is an international airport that connects the city of Cebu with the outside world. The airport is located in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island, a part of Metro Cebu. It is the second busiest international airport in the Philippines. The airlines that operate in this airport is AirAsia Philippines, Cebgo, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, and Philippine Airlines. This airport consists of two different terminals. The Mactan–Cebu International Airport has many interesting shops and eateries within the airport so you can shop or dine in while waiting for the plane to arrive or depart. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of transportation available in The Mactan–Cebu International Airport for the visitors.

Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport – Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport (PKU) is a mid-sized airport based in Pekan Baru, Indonesia. You can fly to 17 destinations with 14 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic. The route with the most departures is the route to Jakarta (CGK) with an average of 105 flights from Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii every week which is 37% of all weekly departures. The top international destinations from here are Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Malacca (MKZ). Lion Air is the largest airline here by counting the number of departures with around 84 scheduled take-offs every week. The second-largest operator from Sultan Syarif Kasim II is Citilink. The route with the longest flight time from Pekan Baru (PKU) is to Surabaya (SUB) and takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Climate pattern in Cebu and Pekan Baru

The climate here is tropical. Pekanbaru has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. The driest month is July, with 123 millimetres of rain. With an average of 312 millimetres, the most precipitation falls in November. May is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in May averages 27.6 Celsius. January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 26.4 Celsius. There is a difference of 189 millimetres of precipitation between the driest and wettest months. During the year, the average temperatures vary by 1.2 Celsius.

Highlights attractions in Pekan Baru

  • Great Mosque - Also known as Masjid Raya Senapelan and a must-visit for lovers of Malay history and culture, the Grand Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Riau, dating back to the 18th century and housing the tombs of the fourth and fifth princes of the Siak Sri Indrapura Kingdom. Although the mosque has been renovated, the original structure still contains six columns. Other attractions are located nearby, namely the Siak River and Pasar Bawah.
  • Muara Takus - While Riau has a rich history of Islam, there were also Buddhist civilizations. The temple complex of Muara Takus is evidence of a once flourishing Buddhist culture in Riau. Built during the Srivijaya Empire, there is not much else known about the temple's origins except that it was built with the villagers and built ingenuously. Locals, however, believe it was built as a condition for her migration to Riau at the request of a princess who came from India. As such, the temple is said to bear some similarity to India's Asoka Temple.
  • Mall Ciputra Seraya - Ciputra Siraya Mall may not be as large as other malls in Pekan Baru, one of the most crowded malls in Pekan Baru. Still, it has many outlets and shops frequented by many locals and travellers. Even because it has a great cinema, one of the few in Pekan Baru, is one of the reasons why it is so famous. If you are there, try the fried bananas and churros!

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