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Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Qingdao (TAO)

Flight from Cebu (CEB) to Qingdao (TAO)

China as a country, needs no further introduction, being the world's potential superpower owing to its rapid economic progression. However, that is not the only thing that defines China since it too has so many places of attractions to offer to the visitors all around the world. Qingdao, for instance, is an important city in Shandong province, being a nodal point of the One Belt, One Road initiative as well as home to former world’s largest sea bridge, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.

Best time to fly from Cebu to Qingdao

Generally, the climate in Qingdao can be said to be humid all year-round with the average temperature between -0.2 degree Celsius in January to 25.4 degree Celsius in August, having affected by the monsoon. The peak time to visit Qingdao is usually around March to May during the spring season when the weather is comfortable with warm temperatures. Therefore you can expect prices to go up around this time. The off-peak season to visit Qingdao is usually around November to February during winter, which is the coldest period in the city with temperatures going over -3 to 0 degree Celsius. Hence, it will make it less comfortable to go out to explore the city if you are not familiar with the weather. Visitors should check the weather reports before going to this town. However, if you do not mind the weather, this period is great for deals and discounts since the hotel and flight prices will undoubtedly drop.

Main airports available in Cebu and Qingdao

Mactan–Cebu International Airport – The Mactan–Cebu International Airport is an international airport that connects the city of Cebu with the outside world. The airport is located in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island, a part of Metro Cebu. It is the second busiest international airport in the Philippines. The airlines that operate in this airport is AirAsia Philippines, Cebgo, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, and Philippine Airlines. This airport consists of two different terminals. The Mactan–Cebu International Airport has many interesting shops and eateries within the airport so you can shop or dine in while waiting for the plane to arrive or depart. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of transportation available in The Mactan–Cebu International Airport for the visitors.

Qingdao Liuting International Airport – The Qingdao Liuting International Airport is the main international airport that is currently serving the city of Qingdao as well as other nearby areas within the Shandong Province, connecting it with the outside world. The airport is located in the Chengyang district, which is about 32 kilometres away from the city centre. As the 15th busiest airport in China, it is the central hub of Qingdao Airlines and Shandong Airlines in addition to being the focus city of Beijing Capital Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. This airport has an expanded terminal capable of handling 5.2 million passengers annually that is also catering to the cargo services. Access and transport to the airport are not too hard since the airport is not too far off from the city and is connected via airport shuttle bus lines, tourism bus lines as well as intercity bus lines, with metro coming soon.

Climate pattern in Cebu and Qingdao

Qingdao is majorly influenced by the monsoon, typically bordering between humid subtropical and humid continental climate according to the Köppen climate classification with four seasons. Winters are generally cold, dry and windy, whereas summer is hot and humid, but not too hot. The average temperature usually could reach an average high of 28.4 degree Celsius whereas the average low could go down to -2.9 degree Celsius. The precipitation is about 664.1 millimetres annually, which will vary between the months with the wettest months typically beginning from June to August. If you plan to visit Qingdao, do take into account the climate pattern mentioned above and make sure you book your flight and hotel early during the peak season as the bookings will get finished faster around that time.

Highlights attractions in Qingdao

  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge – Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a 26.707-kilometre bridge connecting Qingdao city and Hungdao district. Designed by Shandong Gaosu Group with a shape of T and resilient enough against severe disasters, the construction started at 2007. It finished four years later at a cost between 10 billion to 55 billion CNY. Upon coursing through the bridge, visitors will be able to enjoy the view of Jiazhou Bay.
  • Tsingtao Brewery Museum – Tsingtao Brewery Museum is a must-visit when you are coming over to Qingdao. Opens since 1903, the museum comprises of History and Culture District, Produce Technique District and Multi-function District. It doubles as a brewery with drinks to serve to customers who want a taste of it, which is fitting given that it is the birthplace of the renowned Qingdao beer. Upon coming over here, one can partake in the Tsingtao Brewery tour in which they can oversee the long history of beer production in Tsingtao while observing the oldest brewery in town at work.
  • Golden Sandy Beach – Qingdao is lucky to be located near the sea, which allows it to own some of the magnificent beaches and other seaside attractions, among them, being the Golden Sandy Beach. It is a popular attraction for locals or tourist to gather and have a picnic or barbecue, which is a given considering it is the largest beach of its kind in the entire city. The main attractions for the beach are the crystal clear water which is very beautiful and golden sandy beaches that offer breathtaking scenery you can get in the city.

Airport in Qingdao

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