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Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Da Nang (DAD)

Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Da Nang (DAD)

Known as the fifth-largest city in Vietnam in terms of population, Da Nang is located on the east coast of the East Sea at the mouth of Han River. It is one of Vietnam's most important port cities as it is under the administration of the central government. Because of its well – sheltered and easily accessible port, Da Nang has become the commercial and educational centre for Vietnam. With a lot of landmarks to be visited, Da Nang promised fun and an entertaining trip for travellers.

Best time to fly from Kalibo, Boracay to Da Nang

The best time to visit Da Nang is usually around February to May. Because of the low rainfall level, it makes it comfortable for travellers to enjoy outdoor activities. It has a tropical monsoon climate. Just be aware not going there during the typhoon season which might occur from September and December.

Main airports available in Kalibo, Boracay and Da Nang

Kalibo International Airport – Situated only 2 kilometres away from the main city of Kalibo, the Kalibo International Airport is the main terminal operating international and domestic flights to the city, its surrounding area and Boracay. Being one of two airports serving the well-known tourist destination, Boracay, the Kalibo International Airport caters flights to and from various major cities in the country and also internationally such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Da Nang International Airport – Located in the largest city in central Vietnam, it is the third international airport in the country. Da Nang International Airport served around 5 million passengers in 2014 and is expected to increase its capacity to 10 million by the year 2020. Da Nang International Airport can be located just 1.3 km from the city centre.

Climate Pattern in Kalibo, Boracay and Da Nang

Da Nang features a tropical monsoon climate. From September until December is usually the typhoon and wet season. It would be wise to take some precaution. The dry season is from January to August. Rainfall is heavy from September until November. The lowest rainfall is between February until April. The best time should be during the less rainfall and typhoon, which is from February until April.

Highlights attractions in Da Nang

  • Marble Mountain – Marble Mountain is a pilgrimage site peaks, caves and tunnels. It is good for travellers who love adventure. Marble Mountain is a cluster of five hills made from limestone and Mable. Located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, its most popular activity is climbing up the Marble Mountain. At the top of the mountains, travellers will get to see spectacular views across My Khe Beach. There is a good resting spot nearby known as Van Nguyet Grotto where travellers can sit back and drink a fresh coconut. For more advance travellers looking for more adventure, there is the Lantern Cave, filled with lava but heads down to a satisfying scenery at the end.
  • The Golden Bridge Hands – One of the most visit places in Da Nang is, of course, the Golden Bridge Hands. The Golden Bridge Hands is a bridge designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens. The view from the bride is ultimately spectacular. It has two giant stone hands to support the bridge and stands 1,400 above the sea levels. This bridge extends 150m curving around with a neat design. The structure of the bridge is unique and have brought over 1.5 million visitors annually. It is truly a wonder for travellers who want to make unforgettable memories.
  • Museum of Cham Sculpture – The Museum of Cham Sculpture is located in Hải Châu District, in Da Nang. It is known as one of the ideal attractions in Da Nang as it housed the largest exhibition of Cham Sculpture. All of the sculptures, including icon, pedestals and fragments, are considered masterpieces. Ranging from the 7th to the 15th centuries, Museum of Cham Sculpture exhibits around 300 terracotta and stone works of art. This museum is a tribute to the Vietnam indigenous Cham people that lived an Indian way of life. The rich history of this museum is what attracts visitors to gain more information about the variety of cultures in Da Nang.

Airport in Kalibo - Boracay

Airport in Da Nang

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