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Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Tuguegarao (TUG)

Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Tuguegarao (TUG)

The best time to visit Tuguegarao would be between January to April. Just like any other parts of the Philippines, the weather in Tuguegarao does not vary much. The temperature feels hot most of the time with little rain except during the typhoon season. June to July are the hottest months in Tuguegarao with an average temperature of 36 degrees Celcius during the day. The peak season of the city would be in April, November and March. During these months the tourism industry would spike. Therefore, tourists may need to do advanced planning if they would like to come here as the accommodations and other fees might be higher. The flight tickets may be more expensive too.

Main airports available in Kalibo – Boracay and Tuguegarao

Kalibo International Airport - Kalibo International Airport is an international airport. Therefore, tourists from outside of the Philippines may fly directly to Boracay. This is the airport for the Kalibo, Aklan and also happens to be one of the airports in Boracay. More passengers opt to land at this airport every day making it the fastest-growing airport in the whole of the Philippines. The airport is located only 2 kilometers away from the center of Kalibo. Some of the airlines that operate here are Cebu Pacific, Tigerair Taiwan, Air Busan and several other airlines. Up to 2017, there is more extension to the runway that has been done to accommodate the number of aircraft landing at this airport.

Tuguegarao Airport - Tuguegarao Airport is an airport that serves the area of Tuguegarao which is also the capital city of Cagayan in the Philippines. The airport is very accessible from the municipalities of Cagayan and northern Isabela as it is located along the Maharlika Highway. Tuguegarao Airport is considered as a major commercial, domestic airport. The airport is currently served by PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Sky Pasada and charter airline Royal Air Charter Service. Cebu Pacific also operates here. Some of the destinations from this airport would be Manila, Basco, Itbayat, Palanan and also charter to Kalibo and Macau. The airport is 1100 square meter. They are undergoing some expansion as the airport does expect more passengers as well as aircraft movement in the future years.

Climate pattern in Kalibo – Boracay and Tuguegarao

The climate pattern of Tuguegarao is hot all year round as it has a tropical climate. March and April experience the warmest months in a year and the temperature can go up to 38 degrees Celcius. The weather will only be cooler from November to February. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celcius only. However, it is between these months also that the city is prone to be hit by the typhoon season. Therefore there will be more rainfall, rougher winds and even thunderstorms. It is best to avoid going to the city during these months as it may temper with your travel plans.

Highlights attractions in Tuguegarao

  • Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral - Philippines used to be colonized for three centuries. So Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral are one of the few attractions left by their colonies. This cathedral has a gorgeous design with arch windows, molded bricks, stained glass windows and many more influences from the colonizers. All the architecture has given the cathedral a very rustic theme.
  • Callao Cave - Callao Cave is located in the lands of Cagayan. The cave managed to bring in natural light that emphasizes the most beautiful stones, which have been carved by nature. There are a hundred and eighty steps to get to the main entrance. There are several ways to get to the cave either via van, tricycle and also longboats.
  • Buntun Bridge - Buntun Bridge connects the city of Tuguegarao to the city of Solano and Cagayan. It is made above the Cagayan River, which is the largest river in the Philippines. The bridge is for automobiles, but there is also a path for pedestrians. It is an excellent way to admire the bridge at a closer look.

Airport in Kalibo - Boracay

Airport in Tuguegarao

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