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Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Pekanbaru (PKU)

Flight from Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) to Pekanbaru (PKU)

Indonesia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. There are many beautiful cities in Indonesia and one of them is Pekan Baru. It is a developing city, also the capital of Riau, Indonesia. The city also acts as a major economic centre for the entire eastern part of Sumatra Island. This is because of its strategic location. It is located on the banks of the Siak River where the water flows and heads to the Straits of Malacca. Once upon a time, Pekanbaru is known as a port trade hub. Pekanbaru is recorded to cover 632.26 square kilometres of land area.

Best time to fly from Kalibo Boracay to Pekan Baru

The best time to visit Pekanbaru would be between December to February when the weather is warmer with the occasional showers. During this season, the sun shines bright, resulting in clear skies with the winds blow gently, making it suitable for outdoor activities. The off-peak season is between July to September where the climate during that season is unpredictable and typhoons can sometimes occur at any point in time. Visitors should check the weather reports before going to this town. During this season, you will find better flight tickets and hotel deals, so this is perfect for those who wanted to travel with a limited budget.

Main airports available in Kalibo Boracay and Pekan Baru

Kalibo International Airport – Kalibo International Airport is an international airport that serves the general area of Kalibo, the capital of the province of Aklan in the Philippines. It is the fastest-growing airport in the Philippines in terms of passenger traffic with more than 50% growth in 2010, and second fastest for seats offered for June 2014 over the corresponding month of the previous year. The airport is located 2 kilometres east of the main area of Kalibo. Kalibo International Airport services international destinations such as Taipei, Seoul–Incheon, Busan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Kalibo International Airport has many interesting shops and eateries within the airport so you can shop or dine in while waiting for the plane to arrive or depart. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of transportation available in Kalibo International Airport for the visitors.

Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport – The Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport is an airport that connects the city of Pekanbaru with the outside world. The airport is located quite near to the city of Pekanbaru. The airlines that operate in this airport are AirAsia, Batik Air, Citilink, Eastindo, Malindo Airlines and many others. This airport consists of one main terminal. Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport has many interesting shops and eateries within the airport so you can shop or dine in while waiting for your plane to arrive or depart. For your convenience, it is easy for you to go in and out of the airport due to many types of transportation available in the Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport for the visitors.

Climate pattern in Kalibo Boracay and Pekan Baru

Pekanbaru is a region affected by tropical rainforests where such areas do not have significant temperature variations. The average temperature recorded throughout the year is not too varied. Therefore, there is no winter or summer season for this tropical rain forest area. The highest average temperature recorded is 34 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature is 23.6 degrees Celsius. However, tropical rainforest areas are often marked to receive high precipitation. For Pekanbaru, the month recorded to receive the heaviest rainfall is in November. The month with least rainfall recorded in June. If you are planning to travel to Pekanbaru and you want to make the most of the sightseeing around the city, choose the dry months of June, July and August.

Highlights attractions in Pekan Baru

  • Great Mosque An-Nur - This mosque is a reasonably popular mosque in Pekanbaru city. It is also known as the Taj Mahal twins as the architecture of this mosque is seen as similar to Taj Mahal. The mosque can accommodate up to 4500 people at a time. The mosque was built around 1963 and it took five years to complete. As a result, it is not only an attraction for Muslims to perform the prayer, but also attract the non-Muslims to photograph memories with this beautiful mosque.
  • Soeman HS Library - Soeman HS Library is a state library and also acts as national archives building in Riau, Indonesia. It is named after the famous local writer, Soeman HS. This library is governed by the state council. The unique six-storey building is always filled with students regardless of their age and became a home for the bookworms. It is also listed as tourist attraction spots in the city.
  • Wasati Mayang Park – Wasati Mayang Park or shortly known as lake garden is located on Jl. Imam Munandar, Tengkerang Timur, Tenayan Raya, Pekanbaru. The lake garden has an area of ​​24 hectares. It provides a variety of attractions such as fishing ponds, lakes for kayaking, rafting and various water recreation activities, cycling paths circulating the lake and many more. It is ideal for the family recreation centre. In fact, during weekends, this lake garden is crowded with the locals.

Airport in Kalibo - Boracay

Airport in Pekanbaru

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