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Cheap flights to Kochi (COK)

Flights to Kochi, India

Plays a role as the major port city of India, Kochi or also known as Cochin, is a cosmopolitan city that is located in Kerala. With a total population of more than 2.1 million inhabitants, it also happens to be the largest and most populated area in Kerala. Kochi is the capital of finance in Kerala as it is a city with a bustling commercial port. About 60 decades ago, the merchants of Kochi traded all kinds of spices with the Arabs, Dutch, Chinese and more; this helps Kochi to prosper well and boost the economy of India. Most of the people there are believers of Christianity, but other religions are preached there as well.Airport in Kochi, IndiaCochin International Airport (COK)The Cochin International Airport is an airport serving the metropolitan area of Kochin, situated in Kerala state of India with a distance of 25 km from the city centre. The yearly passenger movement of the airport could get to around 10 million, making this airport be Kerala’s busiest and largest airport in the state. The airport began its operation on 10th June 1999, and it has been the hub for Air India Express. Cochin International Airport is the world's very first airport that is solar-powered and it had received the highest environmental honour by the United Nations (UN).How to Get Cheap Flights to Kochi?Traveloka is another travel search engine that provides services for travelers all around the globe to get the cheapest flights to Kochi. Simply by just inserting the information in the search box, the application will display the recommended trip that fits your budget. Traveloka also helps you to compare flight prices across many of the trusted airlines in the world to get the best possible deal. This application features a price alert to notify its user on the flights of the desired price range to get the best flight price to Kochi.When is the Best Time to Fly to Kochi?Kochi is a city that owns a typical tropical monsoon climate where most time throughout the year, the city will be wet or very dry. The average temperature in the daytime ranges from 30℃ to 35℃ while during the night it is around 24℃. Heavy rainfalls often hit Kochi between mid-May to the first week of September. The highest temperature recorded would be 36.5℃ and the lowest temperature was around 16.3℃. Kochi also has its own annual rainfall with an average of about 125 rainy days.The best time to visit Kochi city would be any time throughout the year this is because the weather there is most delightful and welcoming. From October to February, the weather in Kochi could get quite cool and pleasant and the temperature would range from 17℃ to 33℃. To the adventure seekers and those that fancy some outdoor activities, this time of the year would be a great time to visit the city. From March to June, the temperature is between 20℃ to 37℃ and this period could get very hot but hotel deals are quite affordable and the city would be less crowded.Do prepare and carry along an umbrella or even a raincoat as July to December are the months of the monsoon season. Even though this time of the year is not a peak season for tourists, the city comes alive when there is rainfall, the grass would look greener and the hotel deals are pretty cheap. Inhabitants of Kochi; called the Kochiites, are very devoted to upholding their traditional culture although the city is evolving deeper into being a cosmopolitan city. One of the festivals celebrated in Kochin would be the Cochin Festival. It is dedicated to ushering into the New Year and it lasts about ten days and there are several events held such as musical and dance concerts to entertain the visitors.What are the Top 2 Things to Do in Kochi?There are plenty of beautiful places to visit while being in Kochi and to name a few are:Mattancherry Palace -The palace is also known as the Dutch Palace; a Portuguese palace located in another State of Kochi called Mattancherry. This palace too displays a lot of portraits along with an exhibition of the royal rulers of Kochi and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site's tentative list. The palace also depicts many murals of great Indian epic tales and even the gods of the Hindu faith. The palace is open daily except for Fridays from 10 AM to 5 PM and it takes about 42 km from the Kochin Airport to get palace.Kerala backwaters -The Kerala backwaters is a peaceful place with picturesque view situated in Kerala state in the southern part of India. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem where the freshwater of the river meets the seawater of the Arabian Sea and the people of Kochi would make use of the backwaters for transport, fishing and also agriculture. The distance of this location from the Kochi Airport is approximately 2 hours via taxi ride and it would cost around PSP 1712.50. Visitors usually would enjoy their times here by going on cruises, fishing or chilling on houseboats.

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